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presaiictified 1
presanctified 13
presanetified 2
presbyter 91
presbyter-abbot 1
presbyter-monk 1
presbyteresses 2
Frequency    [«  »]
92 days
92 deacons
92 remain
91 presbyter
91 regard
90 act
90 done

Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

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   Council,  Canon
1 1”,3 | generally any Bishop or Presbyter or Deacon, and anyone else 2 1”,3 | forbidden any bishop or presbyter or deacon or any other clergyman 3 1”,8 | shall have the honor of a Presbyter, unless it should seem better 4 1”,8 | a chorepiscopus or of a presbyter, with the object of having 5 1”,8 | man Novatian himself was a presbyter in the Church of the Romans 6 1”,8 | shall remain a bishop; a presbyter, a presbyter; and a deacon, 7 1”,8 | a bishop; a presbyter, a presbyter; and a deacon, a deacon. 8 1”,8 | have only the honor of a presbyter, and the nominal title of 9 1”,8 | chorepiscopus,[16] or as a presbyter, in order that he too may 10 1”,9 | hereto, by saying: If any presbyter before his ordination committed 11 1”,9 | anyone has been ordained a presbyter through ignorance without 12 1”,15| allow either a Bishop or a Presbyter or a Deacon to go from one 13 1”,15| church in which the Bishop or Presbyter[30] in question was ordained.~( 14 1”,15| not to allow a Bishop or Presbyter or Deacon to go from one 15 1”,15| fail; and the Bishop or Presbyter or Deacon shall be restored 16 1”,18| administered to them by a presbyter (in case the Bishop is not 17 1”,18| must not sit in front of a presbyter. Canon LVI of the same Council 18 2”,6 | says that any bishop or presbyter or deacon or clergyman shall 19 2”,6 | expressly decrees that if a presbyter or deacon deposed by his 20 3 | bishops, and Philipp the presbyter, and Juvenal of Jerusalem, 21 3”,7 | presented by Charisius the Presbyter concerning the inhomination ( 22 3”,7 | and which Charisius the presbyter of Philadelphia brought 23 3”,7 | brought to this Council by the presbyter named Charisius, these persons 24 4”,2 | a Bishop, Chorepiscopus, Presbyter, Deacon, or any one on the 25 4”,6 | ordained at large either a Presbyter or a Deacon, nor anything 26 4”,6 | grace ordaineth so-and-so a Presbyter or Deacon of such or such 27 4”,6 | ordination of a deacon or presbyter today the name of a particular 28 4”,9 | deacons are accused, the presbyter shall choose six, and the 29 4”,9 | the case of any bishop or presbyter or deacon, according to 30 4”,9 | if the one accused is a presbyter, or a deacon, or a clergyman, 31 4”,29| Bishop to bear the rank of Presbyter is sacrilege. If, however, 32 4”,29| to occupy the position of Presbyter. But if for any cause than 33 4”,29| degraded them to the rank of presbyter. The Senate of the rulers 34 4”,29| the rank and position of a presbyter; for if he is deposed on 35 4”,29| unjustly reduced to the rank of presbyter; for, says he, it is not 36 4”,29| reduces to the position of presbyter any bishop that goes teaching 37 6 | of Alexandria, George the presbyter representing the Archbishop 38 7”,3 | cannot become a Bishop, or a Presbyter, or a Deacon, or anything 39 7”,3 | cannot be a Bishop, or a Presbyter, or a Deacon, or anything 40 7”,4 | 4.~ If any Bishop, or Presbyter, or Deacon, or Subdeacon, 41 7”,6 | Subdeacon, or Deacon, or Presbyter at all, after the ordination 42 7”,6 | Subdeacon, or a Deacon, or Presbyter previous to ordination, 43 7”,6 | Subdeacon, or Deacon, or Presbyter, after being ordained shall 44 7”,6 | a subdeacon, deacon, or presbyter.~ ~ ~ 45 7”,7 | not sit down before the presbyter does so, unless he is acting 46 7”,7 | take his seat ahead of the Presbyter, except only in case he 47 7”,7 | and sits down before the Presbyter does, shall, if so be he 48 7”,10| 10.~ Let any Bishop, or Presbyter, or Deacon who takes interest, 49 7”,10| the present Canon), or any presbyter, or any deacon, that charges 50 7”,13| Subdeacon, or a Deacon, or a Presbyter, let him nowise be prevented 51 7”,13| is in sacred orders — any Presbyter, we mean, or Deacon, or 52 7”,13| office. Likewise, if any Presbyter or Deacon expel his own 53 7”,13| a Subdeacon, Deacon, or Presbyter, let him become one; and 54 7”,14| respect to this, that a Presbyter may not be ordained before 55 7”,14| no one must be ordained a presbyter until he has reached the 56 7”,14| allow a man to become a presbyter below the age of thirty, 57 7”,20| perform the functions of a Presbyter.~(Ap. c. XXXV; c. II of 58 7”,20| or sacred duties, of a presbyter. The Canon states definitely 59 7”,22| whether a Bishop, or a Presbyter, or a Deacon, that imparts 60 7”,22| decrees that no bishop, or presbyter, or deacon[150] shall demand 61 7”,25| 26.~ As for a Presbyter who has unwittingly entangled 62 7”,31| therefore, any Bishop, or Presbyter, fail to follow the procedure 63 7”,39| in his absence, by the presbyter.~ ~ 64 7”,57| himself, when a Bishop, or a Presbyter, or a Deacon is present. 65 7”,57| doing so (when a Bishop, or Presbyter, or Deacon, that is to say, 66 7”,77| to the Bishop or to the Presbyter.~ ~Interpretation.~This 67 7”,79| In case any Bishop, or Presbyter, or Deacon, or anyone else 68 7”,79| decrees that any bishop, presbyter, or deacon, or any clergyman 69 7”,93| to Canon and binding the Presbyter Kyriakos by an oath contravening 70 8 | and Peter, he too another presbyter and the abbot of the monastery 71 8”,3 | appointment of a bishop, or of a presbyter, or of a deacon made by ( 72 8”,3 | election of a bishop, or of a presbyter, or of a deacon that is 73 8”,5 | says: “If any bishop, or presbyter, or deacon gain possession ( 74 8”,5 | Bishop, Auxiliary Bishop, Presbyter, Deacon, or anyone on the 75 8”,9 | these, if he be a Bishop, a Presbyter, or a Deacon, let him be 76 8”,9 | read, if he be a bishop, a presbyter, or a deacon, let him be 77 8”,14| plainly speaking, if he is a Presbyter (or Priest). Likewise also 78 8”,19| who lacks ordination as a Presbyter. As regards property of 79 8”,23| work as servants, as was presbyter Gregory against whom Basil 80 8”,23| by Tyrannius Rufinus the presbyter of Aquileia. So, inasmuch 81 8”,23| there is need of but one presbyter, to enthrone a bishop, lest 82 8”,23| deposed if he dare to ordain a presbyter or deacon without the consent 83 8”,23| priest. The boy went to the presbyter. It was night-time. But 84 8”,23| commence any ceremony without a presbyter, how can they have any right 85 8”,23| apparently ordained later by a Presbyter and Deacon, according to 86 8”,23| Christian, and was ordained a presbyter by Marcianus the bishop 87 8”,23| set forth by Theodore the presbyter of Raithos and included 88 8”,23| do not tell me that the presbyter sinned, nor that the deacon 89 8”,23| sacred martyr Lucian, a presbyter of Antioch, when in prison, 90 8”,23| his c. XIII says that a presbyter must not conduct the liturgy 91 8”,23| of this Canon Ellas, the Presbyter of the Church of the Blachernae,

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