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Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

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   Council,  Canon
1 Intro | in equally high esteem. Pope Julius spoke of “divine 2 Intro | referring to canon 5.3 As for Pope Leo, he declared the legislation 3 1 | Vincentius, representing the pope. The assembly numbered among 4 1”,8 | held in Rome in the time of Pope Cornelius, according to 5 2 | West attended it; nor did Pope Damasus in person or by 6 2”,3 | prerogatives of honor after the Pope and Patriarch of Rome, since 7 4”,29| part of the legates of the Pope as well as the Bishop of 8 4”,30| the letter of St. Leo, the Pope of Rome, which he had sent 9 6 | Constantinople; Honorius the Pope of Rome,[120] Cyrus the 10 7 | acted as the legate of the Pope of Rome,[126] Peter the 11 7 | Gratian, by the legates of the Pope who were present at the 12 7 | and of the legates of the Pope of Rome, as well as those 13 7 | Collection of the Councils). Pope Gregory in his letter to 14 7”,1 | Alexandria, Honorius (the Pope) of Rome, Sergius, Pyrrhus, 15 7”,80| held in Rome A.D. 487 under Pope Felix before the Fifth Ecum. 16 8 | acting as representatives of Pope Adrian. Thomas the Syncellus 17 8”,23| mentioned (i.e., the so-called Pope of Rome) bolted the reins, 18 8”,23| this Canon correctly. Hence Pope Felix in a dispute with 19 8”,23| Paschasinus, the legate of Pope Leo, cited the same Canon 20 8”,23| never had two bishops. And (Pope) Cornelius, the bishop of 21 8”,23| ecumenical council is one which Pope Damasus neither convoked 22 8”,23| this Canon to the most holy Pope of Rome Leo, who accepted 23 8”,23| i.e., Cynic) visited the Pope and upon repenting was pardoned 24 8”,23| Athanasius together with Pope Julius did appeal to Constans 25 8”,23| vigil.~ ~ [64] That is why Pope Liberius asked Macedonians 26 8”,23| in the letter he sent to Pope Leo; page 912 of the second 27 8”,23| Celestinus was an Orthodox Pope, whose place, as has been 28 8”,23| away from it. That is why Pope Agatho at the time of the 29 8”,23| of Constantinople omitted Pope Sergius IV from the commemoration, 30 8”,23| say? Even John himself the Pope of Rome, who was also present 31 8”,23| this very day.” Even the Pope himself, I say, having accepted 32 8”,23| not all. Even before this Pope John the Third Council held 33 8”,23| East in the year 545. And Pope Leo III of Rome, in the 34 8”,23| told him, “Convey word to Pope Eulogius that the Pope of 35 8”,23| to Pope Eulogius that the Pope of Rome Leo has come in 36 8”,23| from this letter that the Pope is entitled to be the monarch 37 8”,23| Cyril believed thus. The Pope has thus interpreted it.” 38 8”,23| monarchical office of the Pope is demolished and refuted, 39 8”,23| and it is shown that the Pope, even when his beliefs are 40 8”,23| rule and authority of the Pope, and desirous to honor the 41 8”,23| against the principle of the Pope. The Papists, again, wish 42 8”,23| monarchal status of the Pope, follow our authorities 43 8”,23| Canons. So the Bishop, or Pope, of Rome is the ultimate 44 8”,23| Binius, and Belarminus. Pope Nicholas, again, in writing 45 8”,23| Patriarchs and even of the Pope himself. So, then, with 46 8”,23| quarreling oftentimes with the Pope, did not claim any such 47 8”,23| Bishop of Constantinople, as Pope Nicholas above garbles and 48 8”,23| Leo the Great, who was the Pope of Rome, and his legates 49 8”,23| that the legates of the Pope, though they had previously 50 8”,23| ecclesiastical affairs, lend the Pope a special privilege of authority 51 8”,23| Great upon Silvester, the Pope of Rome, as they allege — 52 8”,23| the Council of Carthage to Pope Celestinus. Ap. c. LXXXIII, 53 8”,23| Peter the legate of the Pope called Tarasius the Ecumenical 54 8”,23| Adrian (or Nicholas), the Pope of Rome.” The title of Ecumenical,” 55 8”,23| Paschasinus, the legate of the Pope, which is as much as to 56 8”,23| any time in his life, nor Pope Celestinus in writing against 57 8”,23| their great pontifex, the Pope of Rome named Honorius. 58 8”,23| joined hands in condemning Pope Honorius. Again, the one 59 8”,23| Honorius was anathematized. And Pope Agatho in writing to Pogonatus 60 8”,23| Catholicism who make much of the Pope. It may be restated here 61 8”,23| restated here as follows: Pope Honorius either was a heretic 62 8”,23| here, admittedly, we have a Pope who erred in regard to the 63 8”,23| legendary inerrability of the Pope as regarding matters of 64 8”,23| Accordingly I omit saying that Pope Marcellinus was an idolater; 65 8”,23| Marcellinus was an idolater; that Pope Liberius was an Arian; that 66 8”,23| Liberius was an Arian; that Pope Anastasius II collaborated 67 8”,23| addition, Adrian I, the Pope of Rome, in his letter to 68 8”,23| attended it, and so did the Pope of Rome through his legates ( 69 8”,23| Council. The legates of the Pope, too, confirmed it as the 70 8”,23| Ecumenical Council; and Pope Innocent III says in reference 71 8”,23| men were representing the Pope at this Council, and that 72 8”,23| acting as legates of the Pope, but even c. III of this 73 8”,23| and representatives of the Pope of Rome attending it (concerning 74 8”,23| Corinth acted in place of the Pope at this Council, not because 75 8”,23| they were subject to the Pope, by any reason of their 76 8”,23| everything, seeing that the Pope of Rome has decreed many 77 8”,23| Chrysostom in his first letter to Pope Innocence, and also by St. 78 8”,23| Canon let the two-horned Pope of Rome learn how antichristian 79 8”,23| has mentioned them. Even Pope Adrian accepts this one 80 8”,23| he himself is styled the Pope. Yet bearded Popes did not 81 8”,23| witness to this fact being Pope Gelasius growing a beard, 82 8”,23| wafers) states that a certain Pope by the name of Peter on 83 8”,23| emperors, nor the letters of Pope Gregory to Germanus and 84 8”,23| Gregory to Germanus and of Pope Adrian to the present Council, 85 8”,23| but of the old Law, as Pope Gregory II says in writing 86 8”,23| For they boast that the Pope manufactures pictures from 87 8”,23| reverenced it; and that Pope Urban sent another picture 88 8”,23| admitted as a fact that Pope Gregory in his letter to 89 8”,23| ch. 12, of Dogmatics; and Pope Agatho in his fifteenth

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