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Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

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   Council,  Canon
1 Intro | where the purely limited nature of the canon evidently stands 2 Intro | although “economyexcludes by nature an automatic application 3 Intro | first of all due to the nature of the subject. As P.P. 4 2”,3 | of honor. For in the very nature of things it is impossible 5 2”,6 | be of an ecclesiastical nature, then the personality of 6 2”,6 | accusation of an ecclesiastical nature against a Bishop, the holy 7 2”,6 | accusations are of a criminal nature, such, that is to say, as 8 3 | since it was not that the nature of the Logos was transformed 9 3 | not as the origin of the nature of the Logos, or, more specifically 10 3”,1 | ecclesiastical or of corporeal nature, are absent from the holy 11 4 | conflated them into one single nature, the fools failing to understand 12 4 | Christ was not of the same nature as the Father and of the 13 4 | the Father and of the same nature as human beings, but of 14 4 | some other and different nature.[81] Hence this holy Council, 15 4 | the peculiarity of each nature being preserved, and concurring 16 4”,14| of all heretics !s in the nature of a pollution, and not 17 4”,21| of a financial or private nature, but of an ecclesiastical 18 4”,21| ecclesiastical and criminal nature, are not to be allowed to 19 6 | along therewith. For every nature consists of and is indentical 20 7”,1 | hypostases of the thearchic nature are of the same essence, 21 7”,1 | of the same essence and nature), and by the Fathers of 22 7”,5 | involuntarily, that is to say, or by nature made eunuchs), let them 23 7”,26| forbids women, who are by nature a race of beings that love 24 7”,53| prohibited as illicit led nature to get confused, we have 25 7”,53| result of this silence men’s nature was confused by consanguinity, 26 7”,69| are inconsistent with the nature and destiny of a Christian 27 7”,74| disorderly cries and to force nature to cry out aloud, nor to 28 7”,74| done in churches is in the nature of begging God to be appeased 29 7”,74| refrain from forcing their nature to yell, but also from saying 30 8 | which befits only the divine nature (worship is defined by St. 31 8”,23| spiritual and immaterial nature of the soul; and this is 32 8”,23| anything else of such a nature, but is, in fact, a conceited 33 8”,23| to the passions of human nature. Well, then, how can it 34 8”,23| to the world. It is the nature of the patriarch to be didactic, 35 8”,23| chorepiscopi, being in the nature of types of the seventy 36 8”,23| piety blossomed, the very nature of the fact of the matter 37 8”,23| means something of the same nature and proceeding out of the 38 8”,23| note that the Lord’s human nature (i.e., His humanity as distinguished 39 8”,23| ways is on account of the nature and the substance of the 40 8”,23| Since Christ is of our nature, while God wishes all men 41 8”,23| piety and salvation, but the nature of the human being himself 42 8”,23| an addition that is of a nature contrary to the faith, in 43 8”,23| For, were there but one nature in Christ, it would have 44 8”,23| reformed of a different nature than the nature of the Father; 45 8”,23| different nature than the nature of the Father; and of a 46 8”,23| Father; and of a different nature than the nature of human 47 8”,23| different nature than the nature of human beings? Than which 48 8”,23| to corrupt His own divine nature and assume the human nature? 49 8”,23| nature and assume the human nature? These things are what Photius 50 8”,23| not let go and give up the nature of our human genus. For 51 8”,23| a union with respect to nature or a natural union, they 52 8”,23| of the humanity, or human nature, in connection with Christ 53 8”,23| with Christ took place in nature, or in accordance with nature. 54 8”,23| nature, or in accordance with nature. God forbid! For if this 55 8”,23| natures a single composite nature, which was the recusant 56 8”,23| not in accordance with nature, or in nature, but, on the 57 8”,23| accordance with nature, or in nature, but, on the contrary, with 58 8”,23| the phrase according to nature or with respect to nature, 59 8”,23| nature or with respect to nature, the Fathers make it clear 60 8”,23| saying that “and (we) were by nature children of wrath” (Eph. 61 8”,23| defined to denote essence, and nature together with permanent 62 8”,23| since Godhood was but of one nature. That is why the bemused 63 8”,23| them, there was but one nature in Christ, it followed as 64 8”,23| course that this single nature had but a single will too. 65 8”,23| assert a common essence and nature, individualized as in the 66 8”,23| they maintained that the nature therein described and depicted 67 8”,23| mingled and converted into the nature His divinity. But the criticism 68 8”,23| energy, since It has but one nature, so and in like manner may 69 8”,23| the human acts, being by nature capable of willing and energizing 70 8”,23| and teaching that a single nature inhered in Christ after 71 8”,23| piety came to flourish, nature of herself would prefer 72 8”,23| child baptized. For just as nature had milk ready for the nourishment 73 8”,23| being of an acuter and finer nature, acquire more rapidly than 74 8”,23| denser and more sluggish nature, acquire the discernment 75 8”,23| it does an intermediate nature partaking of the crassness 76 8”,23| ground that it is inherent in nature and unartificial, whereas 77 8”,23| believe that He had but one nature. For if according to the 78 8”,23| the former He had but one nature, He necessarily had according 79 8”,23| of a somewhat more pious nature which has prevailed among 80 8”,23| to and in respect of its nature, seeing that they are but 81 8”,23| in so far as respects the nature of humanity. An artistic 82 8”,23| hypostasis, and not the nature, that is depicted or portrayed 83 8”,23| inscribed, not the name of the nature of the hypostasis, or, for 84 8”,23| the Holy Spirit, the one nature in the Trinity; and whoever 85 8”,23| which befits only the divine nature.” And God Himself has said: “ 86 8”,23| accordance with the divine nature; since it is impossible, 87 8”,23| to blazon or paint God’s nature. That is what the present 88 8”,23| only the statement that the nature of the Holy Trinity cannot

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