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Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

IntraText - Concordances


   Council,  Canon
1 1”,6 | accorded to the bishop of Rome. Likewise with reference to Antioch, 2 1”,6 | bishops and metropolitans. Likewise the Patriarch of Antioch 3 1”,9 | in holy orders no more. Likewise if even a deacon has thus 4 1”,9 | ousted from holy orders. Likewise in the case of a deacon 5 1”,11| Bishop running and he too likewise falls to the ground weeping 6 1”,14| baptized, and these persons are likewise mentioned in c. VI of Timothy.[ 7 1”,19| unfitted, let them be deposed. Likewise as concerning deaconesses, 8 2”,2 | any other such matters; likewise, as regarding the affairs 9 2”,6 | of their own indictment. Likewise as regarding those who are 10 2”,7 | and baptize themselves likewise as do the Orthodox. But 11 3”,6 | 6.~ Likewise in regard to any persons 12 3”,7 | office, while the Clergyman likewise forfeit his Clericate. If, 13 4”,4 | Canon XVII of the 7th Ee. C. likewise commands that the bishop 14 4”,12| enjoy only the honor, and likewise the Bishop who is administering 15 4”,16| the Lord God, or any men likewise have become monks, let them 16 4”,24| property belonging to them must likewise be kept inalienable and 17 4”,28| Constantinople aforesaid, and likewise the Bishops of the aforesaid 18 7”,1 | opposition to Orthodoxy. Likewise it is to be noted that we 19 7”,2 | who met in Neocaesarea, likewise those who attended the meeting 20 7”,2 | Fathers who met in Chalcedon. Likewise those who convened in Sardica; 21 7”,3 | woman that was a widow, and likewise as for those who after ordination 22 7”,3 | roll of the priesthood. Likewise in regard to anyone that 23 7”,3 | being ordained, married likewise too, after being suspended 24 7”,5 | be deposed from office. Likewise eunuchs, too, must keep 25 7”,13| helpmates, in order that we may likewise keep the injunction handed 26 7”,13| be deposed from office. Likewise, if any Presbyter or Deacon 27 7”,13| in order that we may keep likewise ourselves the tradition 28 7”,14| then He began teaching. Likewise, let no Deacon be ordained 29 7”,14| teachers of the faithful.[144] Likewise neither can anyone be ordained 30 7”,26| fail to correct matters; likewise on those who anoint themselves 31 7”,51| not devoted to fasting, likewise also on Annunciation Day, 32 7”,52| sponsorship, ought to apply likewise to adoption solemnized by 33 7”,53| any father and his son who likewise take a mother and her daughter, 34 7”,53| mother and her daughter likewise take two brothers; or two 35 7”,55| 56.~ Likewise we have learned that in 36 7”,60| such delusive sayings. It likewise canonizes also those persons 37 7”,60| of Basil also in dealing likewise with those Christians who 38 7”,67| excommunicated for a year. Likewise anyone buying such books, 39 7”,67| excommunicated for a year. Likewise let him be excommunicated 40 7”,73| of churches.~ ~Concord.~Likewise c. XLIX of Carthage prohibits 41 7”,77| Interpretation.~This Canon too is likewise word for word c. XLVI of 42 7”,79| of the faithful therein. Likewise also c. XX of the same Council 43 7”,83| Interpretation.~This Canon too is likewise word for word c. LXXX of 44 7”,87| slave a day of rest, and likewise the beast of burden in the 45 7”,92| is committing adultery. Likewise the wives of soldiers, who, 46 7”,92| as c. XXXVI of St. Basil. Likewise if the wives of soldiers 47 8”,1 | excommunication; and we likewise subject to a penance anyone 48 8”,2 | they may learn them too. Likewise any such person must be 49 8”,5 | was Simon by me Peter.” Likewise also in accordance with 50 8”,8 | which he has been accused. Likewise ch. 47 of the same Title 51 8”,11| to him, that is to say. Likewise in case bishops fail to 52 8”,14| a Presbyter (or Priest). Likewise also in accordance with 53 8”,14| monastery, and not elsewhere. Likewise even Auxiliary Bishops ( 54 8”,16| condemned to a penance. Likewise as regards those who anoint 55 8”,19| Nunnery for subordination. Likewise, too, in the case of an 56 8”,23| to those requesting them. Likewise c. XIII of Ancyra decrees 57 8”,23| too, for all of them have likewise accepted and recognized 58 8”,23| heretics who were doing likewise, as is explained in the 59 8”,23| yet it did not do this. Likewise even the Fifth Council felt 60 8”,23| energies). And the Seventh was likewise hard pressed to add to the 61 8”,23| to have been respected likewise by the Church of the Westerners, 62 8”,23| have to be held to account likewise, all those, in fact, who 63 8”,23| Photius, Title IX, ch. 30). Likewise anyone that abducts or tries 64 8”,23| sold; and the purchaser likewise shall lose also the price 65 8”,23| 111] The Council and likewise the civil laws mete out 66 8”,23| Bishop of Constantinople. Likewise the appellation of “Ecumenical” 67 8”,23| XXIX; and other canons likewise by other of its Canons. 68 8”,23| answer to Nicholas, have likewise been recognized and accepted 69 8”,23| and Balsamon interpret it. Likewise the expression saying “have 70 8”,23| I wish I had your halo”; likewise St. Augustine wrote to Bishop 71 8”,23| LXXXIV of the present Council likewise, and in order that the sponsor ( 72 8”,23| and consequently the trial likewise, and in order to preclude 73 8”,23| her husband has it; and likewise also a husband hath not 74 8”,23| chaste in general, and so on likewise, on Saturday and Sunday 75 8”,23| Cynops in Patmus and Simon. Likewise those shepherds who put 76 8”,23| and augment their flock. Likewise those who pass their children 77 8”,23| again, the second chapter likewise punishes whoremongers, if 78 8”,23| man who takes her shall likewise be punished as an adulterer; 79 8”,23| and medallions. They, too, likewise are wrought in relief and 80 8”,23| adoration also to the King.” Likewise St. Chrysostom: “Knowest 81 8”,23| of its reference to Him. Likewise as for the Saints and their 82 8”,23| patriarchate of Nicholas decreed. Likewise, as for the Theotoke Herself, 83 8”,23| chasing away the demons. Likewise, in the same way that we 84 8”,23| are to be sewn together. Likewise portions of relics are to 85 8”,23| nuns, on the other hand, likewise the oldest and sagest of

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