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Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

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   Council,  Canon
1 Intro | these commentaries are especially interesting in that they 2 Intro | that the ancient canons and especially those of the ecumenical 3 1 | nearly all the provinces, but especially to those of Asia, Syria, 4 1 | considered. The majority, especially those who were confessors 5 1”,15| namely, Ap. c. XIV, and most especially XV), because of numerous 6 1”,18| observed everywhere, and especially among those in holy orders; 7 2”,1 | heresy be anathematized, and especially and specifically that of 8 2”,3 | patriarchs as a group (and especially with those of Alexandria 9 2”,7 | are many heretics here, especially such as come from the country 10 2”,7 | were to be found there, and especially those who came from the 11 3 | and regional councils, and especially from the Council held in 12 3”,8 | they do greater damage, and especially in view of the fact that 13 4”,12| the Conciliar Canons, and especially to c. VIII of the 1st), 14 4”,14| permitted everywhere (and especially in Africa, according to 15 4”,17| bishops now holding them, and especially if they have held them in 16 4”,17| to whom they belong, and especially if they have belonged to 17 4”,28| divine Canons prescribe, especially c. VI of the First) shall 18 5 | writing upon their death (especially Theodore of Mopsuestia, 19 7”,2 | Since at every Council, and especially one that was Ecumenical, 20 7”,3 | impression of austerity; and especially in view of the fact that 21 7”,3 | mean, with leniency — (and especially in view of the fact that 22 7”,13| season for everything, and especially for fasting and praying. 23 7”,19| on every day, but more especially on Sundays, must teach all 24 7”,19| every day in the week, and especially and above all on Sundays[ 25 7”,24| Bishops holding them, and especially in the case of those who 26 7”,39| the divine Fathers (and especially St. Basil the Great), but 27 7”,39| asserts in his c. XVIII and especially in his Definition 15 in 28 7”,55| thing sacrificed, so and especially from eggs and cheese, which 29 7”,61| that such festivals, but especially the public one celebrated 30 7”,64| stars, that is to say (and especially to the moon; just as is 31 7”,66| of the Old Testament, and especially that of the New expressly 32 7”,88| exceptionally, however, and especially on Great Friday and Great 33 7”,90| as some note, and more especially Suidas, the destructive 34 7”,94| there are many hereabouts, especially those hailing from the country 35 7”,99| senses of the body, and especially the first and royalest one, 36 8 | anathematized them, and especially Anastasius, Constantine, 37 8”,10| going from city to city, and especially to Constantinople; and that 38 8”,12| that produce an income, and especially real estate: such as arable 39 8”,23| women, and of all others especially women that are leading a 40 8”,23| clergymen as well as laymen, and especially monks and nuns; since nuns 41 8”,23| but every other man, and especially every clergyman and monk, 42 8”,23| Beware of every male, but especially of having one as a subintroductus.” ~ 43 8”,23| point of death to commune, especially if they beggingly asked 44 8”,23| Canons themselves, and most especially to nuns, on the same assumption 45 8”,23| senses it has been used most especially, both of old and even down 46 8”,23| heresies) here, coming especially from the country of the 47 8”,23| Nestorians in the East, and especially in the land of the Persians 48 8”,23| personally believed, and especially those to Acacius the Bishop 49 8”,23| secondly, that those resigning (especially as a result of laziness 50 8”,23| c. II of St. Sohpia, and especially c. Ill of Cyril, and the 51 8”,23| in an exceptionally and especially apposite discourse so did 52 8”,23| philosophical questions, and especially by the Seventh Ec. C. in 53 8”,23| everlastingly sacred, and this is especially so if they happen to be 54 8”,23| was their neighbor, and especially because such a custom had 55 8”,23| other sources, but more especially from the Dodecabiblus of 56 8”,23| and page 347 ibid.), and especially because in Act 6 of the 57 8”,23| of so many Councils, and especially Popes Leo and Adrian and 58 8”,23| distributed provinces, and especially to improve upon Canons of 59 8”,23| connection with c. XII, and especially in order to prevent them 60 8”,23| c. XXIV of Laodicea, but especially c. XX of the same Council, 61 8”,23| not numerous (as happens especially on Great Thursday, during 62 8”,23| purpose of sanctification, and especially to those who had communed 63 8”,23| discern what is good and especially what is evil. On all these 64 8”,23| those living in cities, and especially those living in the imperial 65 8”,23| other reasons too, but more especially for the two following reasons: 66 8”,23| c. XLIX of Laodieea, and especially by the custom which obtained 67 8”,23| observe the shapes of clouds, especially about the time of sunset, 68 8”,23| which draughts women are especially wont to employ as a means 69 8”,23| and in many other regions, especially in the islands, where there 70 8”,23| learned writer states, and especially Theodoret (page 193 of the 71 8”,23| parts of the country, and especially in the islands, where men 72 8”,23| various cries of birds, and especially of ravens, from which (word) 73 8”,23| they were going to commune, especially on Sunday, the richer ones 74 8”,23| connection with the vigils, and especially those held in the Holy Mountain, 75 8”,23| abstain from the baths, and especially in the case of those who 76 8”,23| holy churches; and most especially those of you who reside 77 8”,23| ought to be annulled, and especially those which are opposed 78 8”,23| where they are lacking, and especially in the villages and in the 79 8”,23| administer them easily, and especially to infants.~ ~ [253] In 80 8”,23| Canons of the Fathers, and especially by c. XII of the 1st, q. 81 8”,23| held by the iconomachs, and especially that held in Blachernae 82 8”,23| too, in many places, and especially in his discourse concerning 83 8”,23| discourse concerning icons. Most especially to be noted is that fact 84 8”,23| them to Christians, and especially to His Prelates and Priests!

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