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83 creed
83 given
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83 written
82 day
82 good
82 here

Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

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   Council,  Canon
1 Intro | of the Eastern Church's written law. Although it was not 2 Intro | at Nicea to substitute a written, universal law for the already 3 Intro | turned the scales in favor of written law. In the first place, 4 Intro | favored the predominance of written law. During the first centuries 5 Intro | legitimate. To the extent that written law (canons and imperial 6 Intro | singular place. This work, written in Thessalonica around 1335, 7 1 | of the Council of Nicaea written in Greek in the fifth century 8 1”,18| thing which neither any written Canon nor any custom has 9 2”,6 | Title XXVI, ch. 6, it is written that whosoever turns out 10 2”,6 | unless he first gives a written promise to accept the same 11 2”,7 | give us libelli, or issue a written document (libellus is a 12 3”,8 | episcopate, he tendered a written resignation. Hence the Synod 13 4”,29| present Fourth Council it is written (on p. 150 of the second 14 4”,30| Interpretation.~It has been written in Act 4 of the present 15 5 | contained in eight Acts written in Latin, and, according 16 5 | 261 of vol. ii), in five written in Greek. It was attended 17 5 | sanctioned the Council later in a written publication; Apolinarius 18 5 | Council anathematized the written works of Diodorus of Tarsoupolis ( 19 5 | anathematized what had been written by blissful Theodoret against 20 7 | respective signatures as written by their own hands. For 21 7 | same Act 4 of the 7th it is written that this very same identical 22 7”,1 | as well as what had been written by Theodoret against the 23 7”,13| that is to say, both the written traditions and the unwritten 24 7”,17| permission, unless furnished by a written dimissory of his own Bishop, 25 7”,19| the Church in their own written works have presented it; 26 7”,19| explained them in their written works; and they must endeavour 27 7”,26| according to what has been written: “A human being will look 28 7”,39| the divine Apostle it is written: “Let not a widow be taken 29 7”,64| excommunicated. For it is written in the Fourth Book of Kings: “ 30 7”,64| to the moon; just as is written in Jeremiah: “to burn incense 31 7”,67| for many books have been written, but have been rejected 32 7”,75| the Jews (19:46): “It is written, ‘My house shall be called 33 7”,82| of the dying. For it is written, “Take, eat” (Matt. 26:26); 34 8”,7 | accordance with both the written and the unwritten law they 35 8”,7 | in order that both the written legislation and the unwritten 36 8”,16| and that which has been written has been fulfilled in them, 37 8”,23| decrees that without the written authorization of a real 38 8”,23| chorepiscopus has to get written permission from his bishop 39 8”,23| and who had given him a written document attesting the remission 40 8”,23| other codices it is found written thus: “of the perfect last 41 8”,23| For this reason, then, the written order of Emperor Alexius 42 8”,23| respecting which there is no written law and in regard to those 43 8”,23| does not conflict with a written law, or a Canon: and this 44 8”,23| dogmatic Panoply, wherein it is written that the Paulicians are 45 8”,23| propriety, wherein it is written that “A Deaconess can neither 46 8”,23| in old books it was found written that the women in question 47 8”,23| enemies.~ ~ [59] It is written also in the ecclesiastical 48 8”,23| ought to be received, it is written thus: “those calling themselves 49 8”,23| asked Macedonians for a written documentary confession, 50 8”,23| him a book in which was written the Symbol of Faith (usually 51 8”,23| repentance), let them show a written repentance, and an anathematization 52 8”,23| Cyril wanted to have this written into the holy Creed of the 53 8”,23| matters are to be found written in Dositheus from page 279 54 8”,23| comment on the present Canon written by Nicholas of Hydrous and 55 8”,23| Celestius with an n, as it is written in some manuscripts owing 56 8”,23| one,” which is one word as written in Greek, is a general and 57 8”,23| convention held in Florence it is written as follows: “These expositions 58 8”,23| according to St. Matthew written in Greek by Barnabas himself 59 8”,23| Council when it saw the written resignation of Eustathius. 60 8”,23| say, for prelates to offer written resignations. For, if they 61 8”,23| Macedonian it was quite rightly written in regard to this circumstance, 62 8”,23| must become Orthodox. It is written, at any rate, in Book I 63 8”,23| Council only as evulgations written into its Act 4; but later 64 8”,23| Note that what had been written by Theodoret against St. 65 8”,23| toto), like what had been written by Theodore of Mopsuestia 66 8”,23| it was said to have been written from Ibas, but nevertheless 67 8”,23| not true that it was also written by him. That is why the 68 8”,23| to follow. For it is thus written in them: “We partake of 69 8”,23| most of them it is found written in the following fashion, 70 8”,23| Gregory Palamas in a letter written to a monk by the name of 71 8”,23| liturgy is not found in his written works. On the contrary, 72 8”,23| books, even though what is written is for the purpose of correcting 73 8”,23| illegible as a result the written characters in them becoming 74 8”,23| which are of paper, the written or printed characters will 75 8”,23| printed in books or even written upon letters and written 76 8”,23| written upon letters and written documents of any kind, together 77 8”,23| of the Saints, which are written in letters, by avoiding 78 8”,23| instead of “dying” it is written “who have died.” For even 79 8”,23| it would not have been written, nor would it have been 80 8”,23| eyes of men, just as is written: “And when Jehu was come 81 8”,23| because neither the letters written by patriarchs in their correspondence 82 8”,23| contrary, they would have been written against with a view to imputing 83 8”,23| ten chapters which he has written about the holy icons, extant

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