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Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

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   Council,  Canon
1 Intro | systematic work on this subject. Between 1118 and 1143, 2 Intro | compared canons on the same subject and proposed a reasoned 3 Intro | alphabetical order according to subject” by hieromonk Matthew Blastares 4 Intro | of the hierarchy on this subject were taken in the field 5 Intro | concrete expressions on a given subject of the Church's general 6 Intro | due to the nature of the subject. As P.P. Joannou pertinently 7 1 | created, or mutable, or subject to change, [them] the Catholic 8 1”,1 | necessary that it be made the subject of the present Canon, which 9 1”,6 | of all the other dioceses subject to his jurisdiction. The 10 1”,6 | provinces and churches that are subject to the metropolitans. What 11 1”,7 | they say, Jerusalem was subject. That is to say, just as 12 1”,7 | because it had provinces subject to it, and a diocese which 13 1”,7 | grant that Jerusalem was subject to Caesarea, what of it? 14 1”,7 | as Byzantium was formerly subject to Heraclea, but later, 15 1”,7 | patriarch, Heraclea was made subject to it; so and in like manner, 16 1”,7 | fact) that Jerusalem was subject to Caesarea, after Jerusalem 17 3”,8 | secular administration, was subject to the Duke of Antioch, 18 3”,8 | from the beginning been subject either to his authority 19 4”,4 | every city and country be subject to the Bishop, and embrace 20 4”,4 | city or village shall be subject to the authority of the 21 4”,8 | they must remain always subject to the bishop of the city 22 4”,9 | litigants in question are subject; and if the bishop decide 23 4”,9 | Archbishop to whom he is subject shall examine into the facts 24 4”,17| bishop shall not try to subject it to his own authority 25 4”,17| it, it shall no longer be subject to being reclaimed by him. 26 4”,17| catholic unity shall be subject to that throne to which 27 4”,17| situated therein had been subject of old. In addition, c. 28 4”,25| ordination of the bishops subject to them; but, on the contrary, 29 4”,28| that is to say, that are subject to the Metropolitans; for 30 7”,20| and on this account are subject to complete and permanent 31 7”,36| have as a result become subject to the iniquitous, so that 32 7”,38| slavery and have become subject to the ruling powers of 33 7”,38| of the Cyzicenians being subject to the president of the 34 7”,38| the Emperor, and became a subject of the Roman Empire. For 35 7”,38| Thracian provinces became subject to the Bishop of Constantinople, 36 7”,38| Hellespontian province, or eparchy, subject to Cyprus); and its Archbishop 37 7”,38| city of Cyzicus shall be subject to him, just as are also 38 7”,48| this hereafter shall be subject to the penances provided 39 7”,59| them by all means and to subject them to such hardships and 40 7”,86| the Lord’s decision, is subject to the judgment attached 41 7”,86| wife and takes another is subject to the penance attached 42 7”,90| foetus-killing poisons, they are made subject to the penalty prescribed 43 7”,92| get married (again), are subject to the same rule precisely 44 8”,1 | excommunication; and we likewise subject to a penance anyone whom 45 8”,4 | insentient, and will become subject to self-torture, and “his 46 8”,4 | clergymen, or monks that are subject to his jurisdiction, since 47 8”,11| other ones, too, which are subject to him, that is to say. 48 8”,23| and not to be slavishly subject to one’s own will, is undoubtedly 49 8”,23| tantalized)? You are a man subject to the passions of human 50 8”,23| maintained that the woman is not subject to the passions of the body. 51 8”,23| must ordain all the bishops subject to his jurisdiction. For 52 8”,23| Gregory of Nyssa, being subject to the Bishop of Caesarea. 53 8”,23| respect to the churches subject to their jurisdiction. These 54 8”,23| persons and territories subject to his jurisdiction. For 55 8”,23| that city to which he was subject and to which his territory 56 8”,23| the bishop to whom he is subject, whereas the bishop is appointed 57 8”,23| metropolitans of the diocese subject to his jurisdiction, as 58 8”,23| decisions of Patriarchs are not subject to appeal, or, in other 59 8”,23| great and venerable, on the subject of the Holy Spirit, since 60 8”,23| of Constantinople is not subject to appeal, but merely says 61 8”,23| of the Patriarch is not subject to appeal, while he is described 62 8”,23| excepting only the ones subject to him, according to Ap. 63 8”,23| together with the bishops subject to him. So the Exarch of 64 8”,23| in their dioceses are not subject to them. So it appears, 65 8”,23| clergymen and metropolitans subject to the throne of Constantinople 66 8”,23| those who are judicially subject to him (interpretation of 67 8”,23| appeals only of those who are subject to the Bishop of Constantinople, 68 8”,23| appeals only of those who are subject to the Bishop of Rome.” 69 8”,23| First made some dioceses subject to the Bishop of Rome, and 70 8”,23| Bishop of Rome, and others subject to the Bishop of Alexandria, 71 8”,23| powers of the soul were subject to the dominant mind of 72 8”,23| Council, not because they were subject to the Pope, by any reason 73 8”,23| eparchy of the Hellespont subject to Cyprus. But Zonaras says 74 8”,23| Bishop of Cyzicus was once subject to the Bishop of Cyprus 75 8”,23| know, but that it is not subject thereto now lie knows full 76 8”,23| Areopagite, in his work on the subject of monastic perfectionization, 77 8”,23| And that just as boots are subject and subordinate to the rest 78 8”,23| manner ought the body to be subject and subordinate to the soul, 79 8”,23| of monasteries shall be subject to the authority of the 80 8”,23| monasteries ought to be subject both to the bishop and to 81 8”,23| 178] Since we here on the subject of memorials, we note that 82 8”,23| Meletius the Confessor (subject 7, concerning unleavened 83 8”,23| whenever they mention the subject of dedication, specify a

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