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Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

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   Council,  Canon
1 Intro | meaning and applicability. Given their respect for tradition 2 Intro | subsequent periods to be given great weight. Consequently 3 Intro | concrete expressions on a given subject of the Church's 4 1 | us: the creed, or symbol, given above; the canons; the synodal 5 1”,2 | soon as baptized have been given an episcopate or a presbytery, 6 1”,4 | same as the explanation given by the Seventh Ecum. C. 7 1”,5 | more philanthropic vote be given in their behalf. As for 8 1”,5 | meantime, permission is given to the synod to release 9 1”,6 | Patriarch of Antioch is given authority over the bishops 10 1”,9 | due examination, or when given a hearing confessed their 11 1”,10| with the interpretation given by Balsamon — this fact, 12 1”,11| a historical account is given by Sozomen, who says (Book 13 1”,13| has fled, and he has been given communion, he again comes 14 3 | word meaning “she who has given birth to God or to a God,” 15 3”,8 | according to information given in libelli and by oral statements 16 3”,8 | Liberator of all men, has given us as a free gift by His 17 3”,8 | Jesus Christ has graciously given us with His own blood; it 18 4”,11| recommendatory are to be given for the most part to those 19 4”,17| treated in regard thereto are given permission to have their 20 4”,19| meeting, they are to be given a brotherly reprimand. Read 21 4”,20| officiating in a church to be given a church in another city; 22 4”,24| back things which he has given to his monastery if he departs 23 7”,2 | instead thereof that have been given false titles. If, nevertheless, 24 7”,7 | case as that he will be given the preference and precedence 25 7”,16| comparing the interpretation given by the Fathers with the 26 7”,16| common dinners then being given their widows who had need 27 7”,29| says this Canon, we have given them this permission, not 28 7”,31| mystical hierurgy, have given out that the sacred chalice ( 29 7”,42| monachal habit, it must be given to him at once without postponing 30 7”,86| penance. The pardon shall be given to him so that he may have 31 7”,94| according to the interpretation given by Balsamon. Nestorians,[ 32 8”,6 | of them a great reward is given, according to David; and 33 8”,11| Bishop of Constantinople is given permission to appoint a 34 8”,11| officio. Like permission is given also to Metropolitans if 35 8”,12| villainy they should first have given them to the latter with 36 8”,14| of hands, each Abbot is given permission to do this but 37 8”,19| regards property of any kind given by parents to their children 38 8”,23| of the honor, should be given the choice of remaining 39 8”,23| obligatory on all Christians was given to this person as a canon 40 8”,23| willful murder, and who had given him a written document attesting 41 8”,23| that though permission was given, true enough, to prelates 42 8”,23| however, I (sc. Dionysius) had given orders to the priests to 43 8”,23| the namecanonic” is also given to monks, as may be seen 44 8”,23| with Emperor Julian, was given lessons in philosophy.” ( 45 8”,23| diocese, this Council has given us to understand that an 46 8”,23| burial now he shall not be given, but, after joining those 47 8”,23| mythologically asserted to have given birth to their inexistent 48 8”,23| Theotoke as having truly given birth to God, the accent 49 8”,23| the God Logos which was given birth out of Her and which 50 8”,23| that “once having been given the care of an episcopate, 51 8”,23| the Council should have given Eustathius the honor and 52 8”,23| position which had been given to him, and will be turned 53 8”,23| Church, to whom God has given the privilege of binding 54 8”,23| Patriarchs, nor has he been given by this Canon to grant a 55 8”,23| one place that the letters given to the indigent were of 56 8”,23| his life when he is being given the last rites of unction ( 57 8”,23| and this amount shall be given to the divine house and 58 8”,23| seized by other men shall be given to their fiances even though 59 8”,23| Bishop of Constantinople was given the appellation by way of 60 8”,23| although the Bishop of Rome was given by many the appellation 61 8”,23| inhabited world and to whom was given all authority in heaven 62 8”,23| Fathers of the Church, but given by custom to the Bishop 63 8”,23| their property is to be given to the Church to which they 64 8”,23| orders) says that they were given the work of getting ready 65 8”,23| according to the interpretation given by St. Germain in his dissertation 66 8”,23| Frequenting theaters has given birth to fornication, licentiousness, 67 8”,23| with water, was wont to be given to the brethren for the 68 8”,23| sufficiently large piece must be given to each brother, and similarly 69 8”,23| asserts that an order was given by Emperor Alexius for prelates 70 8”,23| megaloscheme, because they too have given identically the same promises 71 8”,23| that are sacred must be given to priests, and not to laymen. 72 8”,23| Hecantonarchs was the name given to the wisest and oldest 73 8”,23| cloud-chasers could also have been given to those who with the collaboration 74 8”,23| severe punishment and be given the penalty received by 75 8”,23| which sanctification is given in the type of the baptism 76 8”,23| which sanctification is given in the type of the baptism 77 8”,23| thoughts, even though he be given permission by his bishop, 78 8”,23| account, too, that these are given freely wherever there is 79 8”,23| sacred, they ought to be given to priests and men consecrated 80 8”,23| churchly, they ought to be given to “churchly,’’ or poor, 81 8”,23| contrary, were they to be given to civil rulers, the transfer 82 8”,23| completely alienated and given to another. What is called “ 83 8”,23| out” is when anything is given, not completely and forever,

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