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tafcepains 1
tainted 1
take 148
taken 82
takers 1
takes 34
taketh 3
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82 good
82 here
82 speaking
82 taken
81 human
81 ordination
80 baptized

Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

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   Council,  Canon
1 Intro | hierarchy on this subject were taken in the field of case law. 2 Intro | from them nothing is to be taken away.”45 Thus, changes are 3 Intro | legitimate in itself since, taken in their individual cases, 4 Intro | explains the great care taken to preserve the exactness 5 2”,7 | approximation they may be taken as signifying something 6 3”,8 | predecessors. But if anyone has taken possession of any and has 7 3”,8 | account, unless by any chance taken along or allowed to do so 8 4”,10| ordained, let one of them be taken to fill the place left vacant 9 4”,16| by the name of God being taken in the midst thereof, as 10 7”,1 | proclaiming the Lord to have been taken up in body without a mind 11 7”,2 | certain persons who have taken in hand to barter the truth. 12 7”,3 | those bigamists who have taken cognizance of their own 13 7”,3 | regard to anyone that has taken a widow, or a divorcee, 14 7”,3 | the other hand, who have taken a widow to wife, or who, 15 7”,7 | this man the seat you have taken so that he may sit down.” 16 7”,39| written: “Let not a widow be taken into the number under sixty 17 7”,47| the Bishop, and let her be taken care of by the Bishop. But 18 7”,64| children through fire” is taken by the Council here to mean 19 7”,73| particle “or” is not to be taken as explanatory, as Zonaras 20 7”,79| the present Council has taken it that bishops must not 21 7”,81| Precursor’s finger, which was taken to be a type of grace, suggesting 22 7”,81| the Passover (or Easter), taken in the image of Christ, 23 7”,87| made for man. This can be taken in two different senses: 24 7”,92| his protracted absence has taken another husband, he shall 25 7”,93| denied the faith but have taken oaths in accordance with 26 7”,93| nor indeed any other oath taken in the face of an unrecognized 27 7”,93| only are oaths that are taken in accordance with the custom 28 7”,93| more that oath which is taken with a view to injuring 29 7”,93| because of their having taken an oath all too rashly and 30 7”,93| 1) because that man had taken the oath as a result of 31 7”,93| and not there where he had taken the oath; and 3) he adds 32 7”,94| Paulianists who have afterwards taken refuge in the Catholic Church, 33 7”,94| Paulianists” to “without fail” is taken from c. XIX of the 1st verbatim. 34 8”,7 | the present Council has taken it more naively, since it 35 8”,12| object of letting them be taken from them later by a civil 36 8”,23| may be said that the care taken in correcting common matters 37 8”,23| two or three Patriarchs taken together, as is said in 38 8”,23| mistranslated that I have taken especial pains here to present 39 8”,23| divine Cyril possibly have taken him to task as concerning 40 8”,23| that any appeal must be taken from the four Patriarchs 41 8”,23| singular number is to be taken to have a plural meaning 42 8”,23| indefinitely that no appeal can be taken from the decision of any 43 8”,23| us that no appeal can be taken from the decisions rendered 44 8”,23| epitaph to St. Basil as having taken place in the metropolis 45 8”,23| wife, nor must a Jewess be taken to wife by a Christian man. 46 8”,23| the other hand, who has taken a heretodox and heretic, 47 8”,23| woman or a woman that has taken the veil, or, in other words, 48 8”,23| a mortgage on it or have taken it in pledge will lose it 49 8”,23| that marriages of daughters taken from their parents by force 50 8”,23| things: for it is either taken in general as applying to 51 8”,23| oneness of the hypostasis.” (Taken from the Libellus concerning 52 8”,23| this account it must be taken that what is meant here 53 8”,23| with their own rules” is taken by the Carthaginian Council 54 8”,23| Orthodox Christians to be taken captive and to be delivered 55 8”,23| theirs. But once we have taken in hand to interpret the 56 8”,23| orders who have not been duly taken to task and censured; and 57 8”,23| the bridegroom shall be taken from them, and then shall 58 8”,23| that the Lord was in fact taken from the Jews and crucified 59 8”,23| one of them denotes, when taken by itself. Thus, then, it 60 8”,23| apalabon,” meaning “who has taken up”) the Cross of the Lord 61 8”,23| too is to be “assumed” (or taken up into heaven) like the 62 8”,23| Note that some persons have taken the Thursday mentioned here 63 8”,23| painless childbed and be taken in the sense of being used 64 8”,23| Holy, Holy, Holy; it is taken from the Hymn of the Seraphim, 65 8”,23| God, Mighty, Immortal is taken from that Psalm of David 66 8”,23| those who want to have oaths taken, says (Hom. 8 on statues): “ 67 8”,23| who are supposed to have taken an oath are supposed to 68 8”,23| good and true oaths to be taken, for one thing because the 69 8”,23| laws permit oaths to be taken, and for another thing because 70 8”,23| mind, too, that an oath taken on the holy Gospel is taken 71 8”,23| taken on the holy Gospel is taken on the God Himself whom 72 8”,23| superfluity for an oath to be taken in any case. That explains 73 8”,23| authority any person that has taken refuge in the church should 74 8”,23| the word adoration may be taken in a broader sense, in which 75 8”,23| said of anyone else, it is taken in an accidental sense, 76 8”,23| precious wood (i.e., wood taken from the original cross 77 8”,23| gagged. For this passage is taken from the first chapter of 78 8”,23| phrase of the same Dionysius, taken from the third chapter of 79 8”,23| Theandric activity, having taken this word from the saint80 8”,23| just as this Canon has taken the terms letting out and 81 8”,23| not perversely.” I have taken pains to translate the Greek 82 8”,23| it does nothing in vain. Taken in a broader sense, however,

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