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Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

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   Council,  Canon
1 1”,1 | clergy. But whoever while in good health has made himself 2 1”,6 | his election, not for a good reason and justly, but cavilously 3 1”,10| their life has been fairly good, may be ordained clergymen, 4 1”,12| patience, and the doing of good to others have displayed 5 1”,12| endure hardships, and do good to others in a charitable 6 1”,18| Ecum. C.)~ ~Interpretation.~Good order must be observed everywhere, 7 2”,6 | confound the discipline and good order of the Church inimically 8 3”,8 | The same rule shall hold good also with regard to the 9 4”,17| many as thirty years in good faith and without coercion, 10 4”,19| lead their lives therein in good health and free from every 11 4”,19| spite of their being in good health and free from any 12 4”,28| throne of New Rome, with good reason deeming that the 13 7”,2 | contributions to the polity and good order of the Church, therefore 14 7”,3 | seen their way to return to good sense after later learning 15 7”,8 | leading their lives therein in good health and free from every 16 7”,8 | their bishoprics, and are in good health, and free from every 17 7”,16| among you seven men of a good reputation, full of Holy 18 7”,16| Holy Spirit, and held in good repute by all; and appointed 19 7”,18| for a long time without a good excuse. If anyone fails 20 7”,29| notion of what constitutes good order as respecting ecclesiastical 21 7”,39| choice and state of what is good.~(c. XIX of the 1st; c. 22 7”,39| but rather to choose the good portion so much the sooner. 23 7”,40| the sake of what is really good itself. When such a long 24 7”,40| out of a desire for the good of quietude that they have 25 7”,41| in a monastery, well and good; but if they are unwilling, 26 7”,61| pretended purpose of securing good weather in spring, be eliminated 27 7”,69| Eve, He said: “It is not good that man should be alone; 28 7”,71| of them having chosen the good start by running to the 29 7”,72| by remembering how many good things we have gained through 30 7”,86| from her husband without a good reason, the man deserves 31 7”,86| from her husband without a good reason and cause (which 32 7”,86| contradistinction that a wife may with good reason leave her husband: 33 7”,86| but no other occasion is a good reason except the reason 34 7”,95| sake of beautification and good looks, and a bad purpose, 35 7”,99| things that are fine and good and beautiful, and that 36 8”,5 | not in itself — for it was good at first and God-loving — 37 8”,8 | be actually converted in good and guileless faith and 38 8”,11| his church, it is well and good; but if not the Bishop of 39 8”,13| condition, it is well and good: but if not, in case those 40 8”,19| faith and with respect to good works. So the present Canon 41 8”,23| the present life with a good hope, the priest gave the 42 8”,23| inhabited earth, since the good things of virtue were then 43 8”,23| unindictable. Even a small good can be great in evils . . . 44 8”,23| own accord prefer what is good, and that there would result 45 8”,23| repleteness of discussion the good conclusion in fine that 46 8”,23| returning to the fold, for the good and sufficient reason that 47 8”,23| to be read every year on Good Friday (called in Greek “ 48 8”,23| in Pamphylia wrangled a good deal about the inactivity 49 8”,23| own conscience, he has a good excuse for resigning the 50 8”,23| absence of co-operative good will, or, in less ambiguous 51 8”,23| and not on account of any good; for every conspiracy, whether 52 8”,23| conspiracy, whether for good or for evil, is punishable.”~ ~ [ 53 8”,23| herself would prefer the good of celibacy and of virginity, 54 8”,23| invitation to emulate these good men and imitate their good 55 8”,23| good men and imitate their good works.” But that the Presbyters 56 8”,23| in itself can ever become good on account of the season 57 8”,23| to be praised and are not good even when held on non-festival 58 8”,23| even once; but if it is good, let it be done again and 59 8”,23| possess fear of God and a good conscience owe it to themselves 60 8”,23| and distinguishing what is good and what is bad, according 61 8”,23| the discernment of what is good and what is bad later and 62 8”,23| Israelites could discern good and evil when over twenty 63 8”,23| they do well enough what is good and what is evil” (Num. 64 8”,23| consequently the ability to discern good and evil, is to be judged 65 8”,23| able to discern what is good and especially what is evil. 66 8”,23| the acuter discernment of good and evil as a result of 67 8”,23| beginning to the exercise of all good things (or, in plainer English, 68 8”,23| says Jeremiah, “it is a good thing for a man when he 69 8”,23| the (enhancement of the) good report and decency of the 70 8”,23| she still persists in that good aim, then they may be tonsured, 71 8”,23| Discourse on the keeping of good order in discussions.~ ~ [ 72 8”,23| for themselves plenty of good luck, by having the priest 73 8”,23| who believe that there are good and bad coincidences (or 74 8”,23| circumstances), or interrogations good and bad, or good and bad 75 8”,23| interrogations good and bad, or good and bad omens, and other 76 8”,23| speaking, baths afford no other good besides carnal pleasures 77 8”,23| cease fasting and partake of good cheer.” Here you can see 78 8”,23| false oaths, but also the good and true oaths. But, you 79 8”,23| it is a lawful thing for good and true oaths to be taken, 80 8”,23| approve some of His laws as good, but to frown upon others 81 8”,23| further to become capable and good artists and painters, in 82 8”,23| This same rule is to hold good also in the case of the

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