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Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

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   Council,  Canon
1 1 | and rose again the third day, ascended into heaven and 2 2 | Church, and even to this day they accept and recognize 3 2”,7 | Accordingly, on the first day we make (Note of Translator. — 4 2”,7 | Christians; on the second day, catechumens; then, on the 5 2”,7 | catechumens; then, on the third day, we exorcize them with the 6 2”,7 | Accordingly, on the first day (of their reception) we 7 2”,7 | Spain;[66] on the second day we make them catechumens, 8 2”,7 | catechumens; on the third day we read to them the usual 9 4”,1 | beginning down to the present day, whether serving the purpose 10 7”,3 | therefrom, as of the fifteenth day of the month of January 11 7”,3 | as of the said fifteenth day of the month of January, 12 7”,19| deans of churches., on every day, but more especially on 13 7”,19| Clergy and the laity every day in the week, and especially 14 7”,28| celebrated at all, except on one day of the year on which the 15 7”,51| likewise also on Annunciation Day, as being the commencement 16 7”,51| consequently as a feast day and festival, it allows 17 7”,60| born on a lucky or unlucky day and other such delusive 18 7”,61| celebrated on the first day of March. Furthermore, the 19 7”,61| celebrated on the first day of March, for the pretended 20 7”,65| is reckoned as a single day devoted to the name of the 21 7”,69| the church on the great day of Easter whom one would 22 7”,78| knowledge, on the second day after Christmas boiled fine 23 7”,87| order to allow the slave a day of rest, and likewise the 24 7”,88| forced to spend the entire day without any nourishment 25 7”,88| sepulcher revealed that the day of the Sabbath had past 26 7”,89| Resurrection for a whole day and a whole night.~ ~Interpretation.~ 27 7”,89| it up until the light of day of Sunday, when we end it, 28 7”,89| masse for a whole night and day. See also c. XX of the 1st.[ 29 7”,94| Accordingly, on the first day, we make them Christians; 30 7”,94| Christians; on the second day, catechumens; after this, 31 7”,94| after this, on the third day we exorcise them by breathing 32 8”,2 | chant and promise every day with the prophet, this is 33 8”,23| days, and on the eighth day they were baptized by the 34 8”,23| on Easter Sunday, on the day of Pentecost, and on Christmas, 35 8”,23| seven days, on the eighth day he is bathed, and is anointed 36 8”,23| days, and listening every day to the sacred liturgies 37 8”,23| recovering a little on the fourth day, called his nephew and told 38 8”,23| old and even down to this day being in force. As for the 39 8”,23| Sunday, but on whatever day the moon happened to be 40 8”,23| Holy Trinity to this very day.” Even the Pope himself, 41 8”,23| beginning and down to this day the Fathers of the Church 42 8”,23| Christ was ignorant of the day of judgment (i.e., that 43 8”,23| women (it was) for the third day yesterday” (1 Sam. 21:5), 44 8”,23| other carnally on the same day after divine Communion. 45 8”,23| their wives and on the same day to conduct sacred services, 46 8”,23| result of which is that every day gentle Jesus Christ, who 47 8”,23| to be abolished on that day; whereas all these other 48 8”,23| are to be eaten on that day. For this reason and on 49 8”,23| opinions, decreed that on that day the fast might be abolished, 50 8”,23| the first instance on that day of the week. Nevertheless, 51 8”,23| anger was kindled in that day, and he swore, saying, Surely 52 8”,23| monastically twenty-four hours a day. For that is what the black 53 8”,23| celebrating it on every day in Lent, as some insist ( 54 8”,23| over, in the evening of the day it ends, partake of food 55 8”,23| fight the enemy the next day, and so in a similar manner 56 8”,23| during the evening of the day, which have been presanctified 57 8”,23| during the evening of the day, according to the rituals 58 8”,23| Christ rose on the third day, while the ennata serve 59 8”,23| Christians who on this first day of January participate in 60 8”,23| spirituals, as ought also the May Day celebration, or, in other 61 8”,23| their doors on tlie first day of May, since this too is 62 8”,23| themselves on the first day of each and every month, 63 8”,23| every month, instead of May Day celebrations and auguries 64 8”,23| with a litany of the first day of August for the purpose 65 8”,23| Thessalonica (Homily on the first day of August), and by the manuscript 66 8”,23| carried out on the first day of every month, and not 67 8”,23| which coincides with the day proper to the Lights, which 68 8”,23| church to another on every day in this week and hold litanies, 69 8”,23| week is counted as a single day of Easter devoted to the 70 8”,23| shall come to pass in that day, that . . . his resting-place ( 71 8”,23| the Menaea on the second day after Christmas, but only 72 8”,23| in the course of a single day it came to pass that a child 73 8”,23| Accordingly, even to this day the Latins in the litany 74 8”,23| Hence, when the thirtieth day arrived, the Bishop, who 75 8”,23| they are to awake on the day of resurrection. This exceedingly 76 8”,23| custom prevails even to this day in Moldavia-Walachia, in 77 8”,23| Jerusalem (in his Geography) the day commences, among ecclesiastics, 78 8”,23| occur in that (perhaps one) day. But note here that in the 79 8”,23| But note here that in the day of resurrection it used 80 8”,23| in churches, while the “Day of Resurrection” was being 81 8”,23| will tell the person in the day of judgment; ‘you ought 82 8”,23| three things as plainly as day, to wit: 1) that the erection

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