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think 16
thinking 4
thinks 2
third 80
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81 human
81 ordination
80 baptized
80 third
79 footnote
79 laymen
79 true

Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

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   Council,  Canon
1 1 | suffered and rose again the third day, ascended into heaven 2 1”,7 | second, the bishop of Antioch third, so did this Canon sanction 3 2 | Footnote to c. VII of the Third. In addition to all these 4 2”,7 | catechumens; then, on the third day, we exorcize them with 5 2”,7 | called catechumens; on the third day we read to them the 6 3 | Third Ecumenical Council. ~Prolegomena.~ 7 3 | The holy and ecumenical Third Council was held in Ephesus, 8 3 | the other hand, which this Third Council made a definition 9 3”,8 | and XXXV.~ ~ ~Letter of Third Council addressed to the 10 4 | definition laid down by the Third Council, held in Ephesus, 11 4 | was held in Chalcedon. The third volume contains various 12 4”,15| the First Ec. C. and the third Footnote thereto.~ ~ ~ 13 6 | Sixth Council (which was the third one to be held in Constantinople) 14 7”,1 | and by the Fathers of the Third[131] and Fourth, and Fifth, 15 7”,35| Bishop of Alexandria is third, the one of Antioch fourth, 16 7”,36| say, or the second, the third, and so on; and anything 17 7”,38| Read also c. VIII of the Third Council.~ ~ ~ 18 7”,52| an obstacle only to the third degree of rank — but in 19 7”,69| bishops met in Antioch in the third century after Christ from 20 7”,94| catechumens; after this, on the third day we exorcise them by 21 8”,1 | Paul, who ascended into the third heaven and heard unspeakable 22 8”,23| as well as Mazaca; and a third Caesarea was Caesarea Philippi. ~ ~ [ 23 8”,23| the fourth decree of the third title of the first book 24 8”,23| opponents of the spirit). A third group called the Son neither 25 8”,23| being in force. As for the third sense it was in force of 26 8”,23| Cyril do so, nor did this Third Council. That is why Joseph 27 8”,23| Son, and the fact that the Third Council accepted this Creed 28 8”,23| would be a Nestorian, the Third Ecumenical Council would 29 8”,23| of fact, Cyril, and the Third Council, and the subsequent 30 8”,23| Nestorius was condemned in the Third and Fourth Councils, we 31 8”,23| Theotoke even before this Third Council. But this Council, 32 8”,23| round John of Antioch. The third part embraces St. Cyril’ 33 8”,23| anathematized both by this Third Council and by one held 34 8”,23| as has been said, in this Third Council was filled by Cyril, 35 8”,23| the present Canon. So this Third Council, foreseeing the 36 8”,23| forbidden even before the Third Ecumenical Council was held, 37 8”,23| effect, the whole Ecumenical Third Council. For he was its 38 8”,23| Ecumenical Councils following the Third added anything to or removed 39 8”,23| pressed to do so. For the Third Council, although urgently 40 8”,23| towards the definition of the Third Ec. C. which placed under 41 8”,23| this same definition of the Third Ec. C. ought, in emulation 42 8”,23| the First Ec. C.; for the Third Council in the present Canon 43 8”,23| an anathema, as did the Third Ecum. C. Hence by consequence 44 8”,23| to the definitions of the Third Council as well as those 45 8”,23| before this Pope John the Third Council held in Toledo during 46 8”,23| held in Florence from its third to its seventeenth session, 47 8”,23| the present Canon of the Third Ec. C., and the words of 48 8”,23| Justinian, that is to say; the third was Achris, because it was 49 8”,23| transactions adopted by the Third Council under the chairmanship 50 8”,23| Fourthly and lastly, that the Third Council made Cyril’s letter 51 8”,23| see in the Preface to the Third Ec. C. But the Fourth Council 52 8”,23| inconceivable union. For in his third Anathematization he said: “ 53 8”,23| Justinian Novel 67, and the third of the second Title, which 54 8”,23| thing in question was. The third Introduction, in Titles 55 8”,23| acted as the primate of the Third Ecum. Council) were ordained 56 8”,23| Patriarchs coming second, third, etc. He received these 57 8”,23| Justinian, as well as in its third Canon, it labels itself 58 8”,23| 691 after Christ, as its Third and Seventeenth Canons bear 59 8”,23| referring to the Fathers of the Third Council who convened in 60 8”,23| The reason is told in the third Novel of Leo the Wise, which 61 8”,23| from women (it was) for the third day yesterday” (1 Sam. 21: 62 8”,23| There is, however, also a third reason why baptism should 63 8”,23| Footnote to the Letter of the Third Council. Notwithstanding 64 8”,23| Jerusalem), adds also a third habit, saying thus: “The 65 8”,23| become a nun (which was the third) is something that is equally 66 8”,23| that Christ rose on the third day, while the ennata serve 67 8”,23| learned man, says in his third discourse concerning Christianity 68 8”,23| Pegas, at the end of his third book concerning Christianity 69 8”,23| conflicting with and violating the third commandment of the Decalogue, 70 8”,23| says with respect to the third commandment of the Decalogue: “ 71 8”,23| Basileides and of Marcion in the third century, according to St. 72 8”,23| creator of the world; and the third was the Devil. He was wont 73 8”,23| enough in the Preface to the Third Ecum. Council.~ ~ [243] 74 8”,23| Basilica, as well as the third Theme of ch. 12 and Title 75 8”,23| There is, however, also a third kind of picture (or icon), 76 8”,23| I, ch. 2, says that the third ordinance of Title II of 77 8”,23| Dionysius, taken from the third chapter of his Divine Names. 78 8”,23| paraphrases the contents of the third chapter concerning Divine 79 8”,23| this saying is found in the third chapter of the fourth book 80 8”,23| also the Footnote to the third chapter of instruction for

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