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Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

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   Council,  Canon
1 1”,2 | spiritual bath, and as soon as baptized have been given an episcopate 2 1”,2 | have almost immediately baptized persons that before had 3 1”,2 | time[1] even before being baptized to be properly catechized 4 1”,2 | the faith; and after being baptized he again needs to undergo 5 1”,2 | has been catechized and baptized and ordained, it should 6 1”,10| orders after they have been baptized, on the ground that they 7 1”,14| they were requesting to be baptized), and the other was known 8 1”,14| the list of persons to be baptized, who were designated the 9 1”,14| refers to them as being baptized, and these persons are likewise 10 1”,14| punishment after they have been baptized, since everything sinful 11 1”,19| respect to their not being baptized in identically the same 12 1”,19| anyone that has not been baptized in accordance with the Orthodox 13 2”,7 | Eunomians, however, who are baptized with a single immersion, 14 2”,7 | persons either have not been baptized at all or, though baptized, 15 2”,7 | baptized at all or, though baptized, have not been baptized 16 2”,7 | baptized, have not been baptized aright and in a strictly 17 2”,7 | regarded as not having been baptized at all). Accordingly, on 18 2”,7 | VIII of the same C. to be baptized. But it must be said also 19 2”,7 | and Marcionists must be baptized when they turn to Orthodoxy; 20 2”,7 | wants all Paulianists to get baptized in any case without fail, 21 2”,7 | XCV of the 6th) to get baptized when they become converted. 22 4”,14| already had their offspring baptized by heretics, let them bring 23 4”,14| Church. But if they have not baptized them, let them no longer 24 4”,14| Accordingly, if they have baptized a child with the baptism 25 4”,14| which the child has been baptized does not differ from the 26 4”,14| and safer for them to be baptized, seeing that the baptism 27 4”,14| hand, they have not yet baptized the children, they are not 28 4”,14| the one of them was later baptized by them, and they do not 29 7”,14| our Lord Jesus Christ was baptized when He was thirty years 30 7”,14| time. For even the Lord was baptized in His thirtieth year and 31 7”,28| them consider St. Paul, who baptized a whole household right 32 7”,77| in our religion, they be baptized, and lest, being without 33 7”,77| says that those who are baptized while ill must learn the 34 7”,83| that they have been duly baptized, and neither are they themselves 35 7”,83| administered to them, they must be baptized without putting any obstacle 36 7”,83| testify that infants have been baptized (perhaps because they were 37 7”,83| information that they have been baptized, owing to infancy, or, more 38 7”,83| infantile age at which they were baptized. Such infants, I say, ought 39 7”,83| infants, I say, ought to be baptized without any hindrance, lest 40 7”,83| to whether they have been baptized or not result in depriving 41 7”,94| join Orthodoxy, must be baptized, as also the Eunomians and 42 7”,94| Apotactites,[246] all have to be baptized, because their heresy too 43 7”,95| many of you as have been baptized in Christ, have put on Christ” ( 44 8”,8 | shall their children be baptized, nor shall they buy or acquire 45 8”,8 | and his children shall be baptized, and that the latter shall 46 8”,23| time catechumens used to be baptized during the night of Great 47 8”,23| danger of dying used to be baptized before the time fixed for 48 8”,23| the eighth day they were baptized by the bishop in one city 49 8”,23| illuminated, i.e., being baptized, whom, after the Bishop 50 8”,23| others the one about to be baptized was called Barbarus), wishing 51 8”,23| said: “So-and-so is being baptized in the name of the Father 52 8”,23| Constantinople, he was catechized and baptized by him, and indeed was even 53 8”,23| following: “And to those who are baptized by them they do not offer 54 8”,23| Latins too as having been baptized with no immersion at all. 55 8”,23| case of those who have been baptized with only a single immersion 56 8”,23| case of those who have been baptized with none at all? Sufficient 57 8”,23| Latins ought to ask to be baptized of their own accord, and 58 8”,23| Creed. 3) No one must be baptized in them. 4) They must not 59 8”,23| godfathers to children being baptized (except in cases of urgent 60 8”,23| the name and date of those baptized may be recorded in the archives 61 8”,23| of a person’s having been baptized twice over owing to the 62 8”,23| to the fact that he was baptized at any previous time, according 63 8”,23| or godfather) of the one baptized may be known to all, and 64 8”,23| it comes time for the one baptized to get married. Both the 65 8”,23| occur if a person were to be baptized in a prayerhouse when no 66 8”,23| administer communion to the child baptized. For just as nature had 67 8”,23| is in danger, it may be baptized at any time, and at any 68 8”,23| person who fails to get baptized is not a Christian, so too 69 8”,23| the Latin-minded person be baptized in a strictly Orthodox manner. 70 8”,23| cedar cross to everyone he baptized to wear upon his person. 71 8”,23| catechumens who were going to be baptized on the evening of Great 72 8”,23| of those who were being baptized on Great Saturday. To me, 73 8”,23| knowing whether they were ever baptized.~ ~ [223] That is why Book 74 8”,23| its own days ought to be baptized, this Council found it necessary 75 8”,23| that a person who has been baptized by heretics, but who has 76 8”,23| seen how the Orthodox are baptized, wept and could not be solaced, 77 8”,23| seek to have themselves baptized, and not have to be urged 78 8”,23| feigning piety had himself baptized many times as a trade, so 79 8”,23| the Jew entered it to be baptized, wonderful to relate! the 80 8”,23| capricious Jew had sought to be baptized, and consequently it teaches

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