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Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

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   Council,  Canon
1 Intro | precedents. We could, it is true, quote the statement of 2 Intro | second series.42 It is true that this volume is not 3 Intro | manuscript tradition. This is true first of all due to the 4 1 | of God, light of light, true God of true God, begotten 5 1 | light of light, true God of true God, begotten not made, 6 1”,6 | Patriarchs in existence is also true of the independent Patriarchs, 7 1”,7 | of a patriarch, Caesarea, true enough, retained its own 8 1”,19| habit of deaconesses, but no true appointment impartitive 9 2”,3 | their names. Some, it is true, assert that the present 10 4”,12| therefrom. The right of a true metropolis, it may be observed, 11 4”,16| further tried and found true to their promise, they would 12 4”,29| is more likely to be the true one) detached from Tyre 13 7”,1 | our one Lord Jesus, the true God; and which Council by 14 7”,1 | sounds plausible and may be true, although the Greek text 15 7”,26| looks into the heart, it is true, but human beings look at 16 7”,26| with perfumes. Though it is true that c. XII of Gangra anathematizes 17 7”,28| Bishop Kyriakos: “If it is true that I did this, may my 18 7”,31| Fathers are making known the true meaning of the saint’s words, 19 7”,62| any attention upon them as true, we anathematize such persons.~ ~ 20 7”,62| hand, who accept them as true are anathematized.[197] 21 7”,69| ignorant” (1 Cor. 14:3738). A true prophet or teacher or spiritual 22 7”,79| one of two things must be true: either such a person is 23 7”,81| beforehand through the law the true lamb to us, Christ our God. 24 7”,81| the image of Christ, the true Lamb which taketh away the 25 8 | they are imbued with the true faith which is reflected 26 8”,2 | God, or, at any rate, the true science of the divine Scriptures, 27 8”,2 | precisely speaking, the true comprehension and exact 28 8”,16| 28) I’m not sure what the true citation for this verse 29 8”,20| first opinion to be most true and incontestable. But whether 30 8”,23| Nevertheless, we can ascertain the true meaning of this Council 31 8”,23| ordination. That my words are true is attested by the Seventh 32 8”,23| unworthily, are nevertheless true priests until they are deposed 33 8”,23| though permission was given, true enough, to prelates to augment 34 8”,23| in general, genuine and true repentance. Accordingly, 35 8”,23| suffices to characterize true repentance, but rather the 36 8”,23| sacred offices. Though it is true that Balsmon says, in reply 37 8”,23| spite of this fact, it is true that deaconesses were recruited 38 8”,23| Fathers. The Easterners, it is true, when going to the Council, 39 8”,23| occur, in order that the true notion concerning the procession 40 8”,23| Theodoret said in refuting him: “True enough, the Spirit is something 41 8”,23| admitted that what he said was true, and merely explained in 42 8”,23| reply that it was condemned, true enough, but only as pertaining 43 8”,23| syllable. And that this is true, we have the testimony again 44 8”,23| that the latter affiims the true humanity of Christ, and 45 8”,23| but it is not conversely true that whoever is not worthy 46 8”,23| had spoken of denotes the true and actual and real union: 47 8”,23| say that before the union, true enough, there were two natures 48 8”,23| of the soul. Though it is true that Basil the Great does 49 8”,23| Lord liveth, He liveth! The true explanation of the Canon 50 8”,23| see his Ethic 30) is as true as it is fearful. For he 51 8”,23| wedding, it is never-the-less true that they have been compelled 52 8”,23| that what we said above is true as the solution of the puzzling 53 8”,23| of argument, that it is true, yet, in view of the fact 54 8”,23| these ideas. But it is not true that the Council also anathematized 55 8”,23| but nevertheless it is not true that it was also written 56 8”,23| in its Canon XXX it is true that it did allow this, 57 8”,23| still being kept even now by true Christians who really wish 58 8”,23| regards the orarion it is not true). For only deacons could 59 8”,23| the Mysteries.~ ~ [147] True, Sozomen says (in book VII, 60 8”,23| if these assertions are true, it is obvious that they 61 8”,23| which they lost. If this is true, it is plain that such men 62 8”,23| or openly. But if this is true, it follows as a matter 63 8”,23| the wordsChrist is the true one,” or to partake of the 64 8”,23| it in accordance with its true intent, which is also consonant 65 8”,23| themselves. But even though it is true that Novel 79 of Leo the 66 8”,23| Cor. 7:4). But if it is true that they have not the control 67 8”,23| deceased one. And the same is true of the tessaracosta, as 68 8”,23| say the name of Christ, true enough, but they themselves 69 8”,23| Injunctions. Yet, whether this be true or what was said before, 70 8”,23| oaths, but also the good and true oaths. But, you tell me, 71 8”,23| lawful thing for good and true oaths to be taken, for one 72 8”,23| that in the Old Testament true and lawful oaths were permitted ( 73 8”,23| three talents by taking a true oath, did not, however, 74 8”,23| Campanias, ch. 57. Though it is true that Nicetas the chartophylax 75 8”,23| icon is a likeness of a true thing and its original, 76 8”,23| the words of David coming true, wherein he says: ‘Lord, 77 8”,23| ch. 45, concerning the true religion) and implies faith 78 8”,23| they are imbued with the true faith which is rejected 79 8”,23| single act of adoration, true enough, yet homonymically

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