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Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

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   Council,  Canon
1 1”,2 | III of Laodicea; c. IV of Cyril.)~ ~Interpretation.~The 2 1”,14| VI of Timothy; c. V. of Cyril.)~ ~Interpretation.~They 3 1”,14| applied to them also by St. Cyril in his catechism. Chapter 4 2 | Meletius the bishop of Antioch, Cyril the bishop of Jerusalem, 5 3 | actors) therein were St. Cyril, the bishop of Alexandria 6 3 | of this Council, I mean Cyril of Alexandria, proclaimed 7 3 | twaddle, as I learn. The same Cyril says the following: To become 8 4 | Bishop of Alexandria after Cyril. For these men, having fallen 9 4 | Council and the letter of Cyril of Alexandria, which is 10 4”,24| the lst-&-2nd; c. II of Cyril.)~ ~ ~Interpretation.~The 11 4”,24| own accord. And c. II of Cyril specifies that jewels and 12 4”,26| Theophilus; and c. II of Cyril.)~ ~Interpretation.~Since, 13 5 | or “chapters”) of St. Cyril[116] (of Alexandria), and 14 7”,1 | or chapters) of blissful Cyril; and also the so-called 15 7”,2 | of the Alexandrians, of Cyril an Archbishop of Alexandria, 16 7”,64| through the fire, whereas Cyril of Alexandria, in his Commentary 17 8”,11| of Theophilus; c. II of Cyril.)~ ~Interpretation.~Inasmuch 18 8”,12| of Theophilus; c. II of Cyril.)~ ~Interpretation.~By the 19 8”,13| the lst-&-2nd; c. II of Cyril.)~ ~Interpretation.~In the 20 8”,23| from the first catechism of Cyril of Jerusalem. But perhaps 21 8”,23| V of Basil, and c. V of Cyril. But the Burgundians, too, 22 8”,23| stated in the letter of Cyril addressed to the clergy 23 8”,23| theologians, how could divine Cyril possibly have taken him 24 8”,23| which arose between St. Cyril and blessed Theodoret, and 25 8”,23| manifested. For when St. Cyril wrote in his ninth anathematization 26 8”,23| the matter thus, divine Cyril offered no objection, but, 27 8”,23| something not alien to”? Divine Cyril himself undertook to elucidate 28 8”,23| in view of the fact that Cyril had capped this apology 29 8”,23| Spirit, therefore divine Cyril did not censure them, either 30 8”,23| did anyone else besides Cyril do so, nor did this Third 31 8”,23| on this account, divine Cyril would be a Nestorian, the 32 8”,23| But, as a matter of fact, Cyril, and the Third Council, 33 8”,23| Nestorian, as she agrees with Cyril and all the Church. But 34 8”,23| Holy Spirit. For divine Cyril wrote to Eulogius that we 35 8”,23| gave birth to a God), St. Cyril wanted to have this written 36 8”,23| property, according to the said Cyril, which is, that of not really 37 8”,23| be called the Theotoke. Cyril of Alexandria, in writing 38 8”,23| third part embraces St. Cyril’s interpretation in regard 39 8”,23| apology (or reply) of St. Cyril to their objections; it 40 8”,23| apology again of the same Cyril to these refutations; it 41 8”,23| and the pacification of Cyril with John by aid of the 42 8”,23| blasphemed the Holy Spirit, as Cyril wrote to Theodosius. For, 43 8”,23| Third Council was filled by Cyril, whereas Celestius was a 44 8”,23| this Council which divine Cyril makes in his letter to Acacius. 45 8”,23| the Council itself, divine Cyril, I mean, in his letter to 46 8”,23| of that very same divine Cyril himself as a witness. But 47 8”,23| But when I say the name Cyril, I am saying, in effect, 48 8”,23| spoke through the mouth of Cyril. For the latter in writing 49 8”,23| city of Nicaea. And divine Cyril says the same thing in his 50 8”,23| suspicion. That is why divine Cyril in his letter must have 51 8”,23| of Antioch, according to Cyril the monk and Theodore the 52 8”,23| the exarch of this Council Cyril (who appears, from the wording 53 8”,23| That is why c. I of St. Cyril says that Bishop Peter “ 54 8”,23| and especially c. Ill of Cyril, and the testimony of Chrysostom 55 8”,23| under the chairmanship of Cyril; and only after it was found 56 8”,23| we all believe.” And when Cyril’s letter was read aloud, 57 8”,23| ourselves believe thus. Cyril believes thus; blessed be 58 8”,23| blessed be the memory of Cyril.” And I have to add also 59 8”,23| Council also added this: “Cyril believed thus. The Pope 60 8”,23| And again: “Leo taught, Cyril taught thus. Leo and Cyril 61 8”,23| Cyril taught thus. Leo and Cyril taught the same things alike.” 62 8”,23| that the Third Council made Cyril’s letter to Nestorius a 63 8”,23| did superlatively divine Cyril of Alexandria, the clarion 64 8”,23| by Theodoret against St. Cyril was not anathematized in 65 8”,23| misunderstanding represented Cyril as a heretic. It does not 66 8”,23| objections offered by St. Cyril, the idea that “Theodoret 67 8”,23| the other points that St. Cyril controverts and deems blasphemous: 68 8”,23| That is why neither divine Cyril at any time in his life, 69 8”,23| or “chapters”) of St. Cyril, that it praised Nestor 70 8”,23| it in his letter 93, and Cyril of Alexandria refuted it 71 8”,23| would turn out to be another Cyril, of whom he had become the 72 8”,23| the Euchologion, Symeon, Cyril of Jerusalem, Dorotheus, 73 8”,23| Euchologion, Symeon, and Cyril of Jerusalem. These are 74 8”,23| according to Symeon and Cyril of Jerusalem, innocence 75 8”,23| behind denotes, according to Cyril of Jerusalem, that the world 76 8”,23| the angels, according to Cyril of Jerusalem. This is confirmed 77 8”,23| more clearly described by Cyril of Jerusalem (Catech. Mystag.

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