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Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

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   Council,  Canon
1 Intro | his church. Structures of common and coordinated action were 2 1”,5 | in each province and in a common discussion held by all the 3 1”,5 | communion until such time as by common consent of the bishops it 4 1”,5 | the bishops together in a common meeting for the express 5 1”,5 | appear reasonable to the common assembly of the bishops 6 1”,6 | Bishop. If, however, to the common vote of all, though reasonable 7 1”,6 | Yet if all the bishops in common elect a candidate to an 8 1”,7 | Catholics, as they are called in common parlance) and Calvinists 9 1”,13| lay down a catholic and common canon, let the Bishop, or 10 1”,20| ought all to be observed in common by all the churches, and 11 3”,8 | freedom of all. Hence, since common ailments require more drastic 12 3”,8 | and deeming his tears a common ground of sympathy, we hastened 13 4 | 82] left unaltered the common Creed of the First Ec. Council, 14 4”,24| more to be converted into common and mundane haunts of vice 15 4”,24| have converted them into common resorts and refuse to return 16 4”,24| to be permitted to become common and mundane habitations, 17 7”,1 | while preserving intact the common body of Christ our God, 18 7”,12| calculated to contribute to the common benefit of the Christians 19 7”,12| setting aside so much the common Canon of the Apostles, their 20 7”,12| and continence, yet the common people are scandalized and 21 7”,13| according to Zonaras, or for the common interest of the laity (according 22 7”,16| were selected to serve the common need of the Christians then 23 7”,16| or ministration) of the common dinners then being given 24 7”,16| the Mysteries, but of the common need and of the mess tables 25 7”,28| Great Thursday first ate a common supper and thereafter delivered 26 7”,30| of anyone, and not in the common church; and it excommunicates 27 7”,40| and unless it be for the common advantage and benefit, or 28 7”,40| only if this be for the common benefit of the people and 29 7”,47| bishop must first divorce by common consent of both her and 30 7”,70| themselves in robes not in common use, either at the time 31 7”,73| forbid their being held at common houses. Hence c. XXVII of 32 7”,75| were making the temple a common house, he drove them away 33 7”,78| and reason of man, from common knowledge and our own experience 34 7”,78| of the Ever-Virgin to the common and humble birth of us human 35 7”,79| believer, he scorns the common offering of hymns and prayers 36 7”,95| that all the Apostles in common in their Injunctions, Book 37 7”,98| Anonymous Expositor all in common explain that the Armenians 38 7”,98| parts of the meat, not in common and on a universal basis, 39 8”,13| and have been made into common resorts; if those who now 40 8”,23| suffering. But to scandalize the common run of men, without any 41 8”,23| provinces and dioceses by a common synod, as this was done 42 8”,23| care taken in correcting common matters depends upon having 43 8”,23| decisons of ecumenical and common councils ought to be respected 44 8”,23| after the second advent and common judgment take place, the 45 8”,23| removed anything from the common Creed, notwithstanding that 46 8”,23| the need of adding to the common Creed the doctrine concerning 47 8”,23| instead, they preserved the common Creed free from every innovation. 48 8”,23| which command that the common Creed be preserved intact 49 8”,23| this with reference to the common Symbol of Faith called the 50 8”,23| must not diverge from the common confession. 2) They must 51 8”,23| must not conflict with the common Creed. 3) No one must be 52 8”,23| not be presented as the common faith in private lessons. 53 8”,23| subtract anything from the common Creed and represent it as 54 8”,23| Trinity were wont to assert a common essence and nature, individualized 55 8”,23| Rome is the ultimate and common judge over all the Patriarchs, 56 8”,23| first and the last and the common judge of all the Patriarchs 57 8”,23| is the ultimate and most common judge of all Patriarchs, 58 8”,23| them as though they were common and unsacred vessels. Nevertheless 59 8”,23| in the middle between two common and unsacred localities 60 8”,23| institution, itself; though in common parlance no such distinction 61 8”,23| fact, all Patriarchs in common were calledAll-Holiest” 62 8”,23| private place (meaning a common place, and not a prayerhouse, 63 8”,23| Christians assembled in common churches may stand as witnesses 64 8”,23| identify the caloyers (the common name for monks in the Greek 65 8”,23| separated without their common and mutual agreement. And 66 8”,23| worldlings and being turned into common resorts, why should the 67 8”,23| had nothing to eat at such common banquets. Premising these 68 8”,23| that one must not eat the common supper in a church. This 69 8”,23| mentions in speaking of these common suppers of the Corinthians 70 8”,23| thought them to be the one common to all and held in imitation 71 8”,23| called agapae, and these common banquets were called in 72 8”,23| of consciousness that is common to all men, that man by 73 8”,23| not being turned into a common and plain house. The imperial 74 8”,23| order that from what is common it might be transferred 75 8”,23| sc. the picture) remains common and dishonorable (i.e., 76 8”,23| vessels are dishonorable and common because of their not having 77 8”,23| relics of martyrs, either common relics or other holy relics,

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