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Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

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   Council,  Canon
1 1”,11| penance as succumbents. In addition, for two years they shall 2 1”,12| listening” (as audients). But in addition to all these requirements 3 1”,12| church (ahead of time). In addition to this concession, the 4 1”,14| matters) and some others, in addition to these two classes, enumerate 5 1”,18| has also been revealed in addition to this that some of the 6 2 | c. VII of the Third. In addition to all these things, it 7 2”,2 | Constantinople). It commands, in addition, that both patriarchs and 8 2”,6 | anathematized by us; and in addition to these those who, though 9 3 | violate this command. In addition, this Council confirmed 10 3”,8 | of the local bishop. In addition the Council says to the 11 4 | and only-begotten Son.” In addition he also anathematized Eutyches, 12 4”,2 | deposed from the prelacy. In addition, the one so ordained is 13 4”,4 | has seemed reasonable in addition that no slave be admitted 14 4”,4 | finish and furnish them. In addition thereto, c. I of the lst-&- 15 4”,14| to become Christians. In addition, c. X of Laodicea, i.e., 16 4”,17| been subject of old. In addition, c. CXXX says that in case 17 4”,28| to be second in order. In addition to these things we decree 18 7”,1 | teacher of Nestorius, and in addition Origen and Didymus and Evagrius, 19 7”,2 | meeting in Gangra, but in addition to these also those who 20 7”,2 | Carthage. Further and in addition to all these those now again 21 7”,3 | illicit marriages; and, in addition to this, seeing that the 22 7”,24| 25.~ In addition to all the others we renew 23 7”,31| full of wine and water. In addition, the Fathers in Carthage 24 7”,50| and laugh at it. But in addition to these spectacles, the 25 7”,61| the Greeks. It decrees in addition that neither must men wear 26 7”,69| than a bishop and who, in addition to other heresies, had introduced 27 7”,74| or other paper chant. In addition, c. XXIII of the same Council 28 7”,80| the Trisagion, by way of addition after the wordsHoly and 29 7”,80| mercy upon us,” but this addition was elided from that hymn 30 7”,80| therefore, together with such addition, were condemned by the Council 31 7”,80| together with this blasphemous addition, the present Council anathematizes 32 7”,80| or in private join this addition to the Trisagion. Accordingly, 33 8”,23| admonishing a monk, tells him in addition to these things to avoid 34 8”,23| Footnote 1 to Ap. c. II). In addition the namecanonic” is also 35 8”,23| presbyters and deacons do.” In addition Epiphanius (Haer. 9) says 36 8”,23| anathematized by the Council in addition. The Papists say, and indeed 37 8”,23| Arians held correct views in addition to their heretical views ( 38 8”,23| placed under anathema any addition to the Creed whether with 39 8”,23| added thereto that illegal addition of the expression Filioque ( 40 8”,23| Westerners sin by permitting this addition. But it must be said that 41 8”,23| explained it more clearly.” In addition, St. Gregory the Theologian 42 8”,23| thing had prohibited any addition whatsoever in the Creed 43 8”,23| consequence the Westernersaddition in the Creed is a gross 44 8”,23| not only because it is an addition that is of a nature contrary 45 8”,23| appear to be, and merely an addition of words, yet it ought not 46 8”,23| unchanged, and which place any addition thereinto under anathema. 47 8”,23| Antioch, too, called the addition the worst of all evils. 48 8”,23| It was on account of that addition, moreover, which is wrongly 49 8”,23| name a term, or to make an addition, or a subtraction, in this 50 8”,23| definition, condemned the addition in the Creed, by saying: “ 51 8”,23| Creed to read without the addition in Spain and France, in 52 8”,23| valiantly fighting against the addition in the Creed, upon being 53 8”,23| not only denounced the addition, but even went so far as 54 8”,23| stigmatized this execrable addition, while the Latins stood 55 8”,23| may commence. They say in addition that whoever begins to build 56 8”,23| Nomicon of Photius). In addition, Peter the chartophylax 57 8”,23| was ratified. Note that in addition to the equal privileges 58 8”,23| an Ecumenical Council. In addition, Adrian I, the Pope of Rome, 59 8”,23| after the one in Sardica. In addition to this, note that this 60 8”,23| indeed, to them was due the addition to the Creed that was the 61 8”,23| the Corpus Juris.) Note in addition to these facts that which 62 8”,23| and adding, or saying in addition thereto, the prayer of the 63 8”,23| we ought to note here in addition that it would in truth be 64 8”,23| the rigorous career. In addition, too, they ought not to 65 8”,23| Symeon of Thessalonica. In addition be it noted that Job says 66 8”,23| these three garments, but in addition thereto also a cocuoulion ( 67 8”,23| this expressly? For that addition would have been superfluous 68 8”,23| Definitions in Extenso, No. 40) in addition discountenances sales and 69 8”,23| The same Saint relates in addition to this story that since 70 8”,23| both life and death? In addition, take those women, or men, 71 8”,23| Footnote to Ap. c. LXXV. In addition to all that has been said, 72 8”,23| avouch the same truth. But in addition to all these authorities 73 8”,23| Resurrection itself. In addition, they ought not to paint 74 8”,23| following commitment: “In addition I accept the seven holy 75 8”,23| manuscripts there is included the addition “and let him depart quickly.”~ ~ [ 76 8”,23| other manuscripts it says in addition, “only let it be done with

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