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gluttons 1
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go 73
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god 408
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74 patriarchs
73 allowed
73 following
73 go
72 chrysostom
72 metropolitan
72 mysteries

Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

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   Council,  Canon
1 1”,11| dismissed them and they go their way.”[22]~ ~ ~ 2 1”,12| of repentance for them to go to church ostensibly with “ 3 1”,15| Presbyter or a Deacon to go from one city to another. 4 1”,15| or Presbyter or Deacon to go from one city to another. 5 1”,15| such a thing as this, and go from one city to another, 6 1”,18| occupy;[34] except only if he go to another city as the personal 7 2”,2 | leave their own diocese and go over to churches beyond 8 2”,2 | diocese only. Let Bishops not go beyond their own province 9 2”,2 | some scholarly bishop to go there in order to bolster 10 2”,2 | and abler bishops ought to go to them, in order to supply 11 2”,6 | correction due, then they are to go to a greater synod of the 12 4”,5 | Bishops or Clergymen who go from city to city, it has 13 4”,9 | the Metropolitan, let him go to the Exarch of the diocese,[ 14 4”,20| strange clergyman decides to go back to his own church. 15 4”,23| been excommunicated by him, go to Constantinople and stay 16 4”,25| for this reason no one can go there). Any Metropolitan 17 7”,1 | anathematized. At the same time they go on to state this, that they 18 7”,17| leave their churches and go to others without the consent 19 7”,23| present Canon, is permitted to go to those places where men 20 7”,23| invited to a wedding, he may go, but when it comes to playing 21 7”,36| ordained have been unable to go to their thrones and eparchies,[ 22 7”,40| who wish to do this must go to a monastery, and after 23 7”,41| growth of hair on their head go about the cities and associate 24 7”,41| cities entirely, and let them go and dwell in the deserts, 25 7”,42| abjure the world, and to go to a monastery and get tonsured,[ 26 7”,45| Even then let them not go out all alone by themselves, 27 7”,45| Fathers do not want nuns to go away from their convents 28 7”,45| and unavoidable need, may go out from their monasteries 29 7”,45| Definitions, Def. 120) that a monk go to no place without permission 30 7”,45| for any monk that should go away from the monastery 31 7”,45| monks nor nuns ought to go away from their monastery 32 7”,59| possessed with a demon, and to go through the gesticulations 33 7”,60| Nyssa decrees that those who go to fascinators and soothsayers 34 7”,68| only a novice, he cannot go into the Holy Bema, according 35 7”,74| 281) that whoever does not go to chant in church eagerly 36 7”,82| themselves if they dare to go to wail.~ ~ 37 7”,92| who afterwards lets him go when his former wife returns 38 8”,18| Bishop, or an Abbot, wants to go to there, while the Bishop 39 8”,18| prelate or the abbot should go there to any part of them, 40 8”,20| case may be let the men go apart to monasteries for 41 8”,20| for men and let the women go to a nunnery, or monastery 42 8”,21| nunnery, respectively, and go away to another. But if 43 8”,21| has been tonsured, and go to another. But if anyone 44 8”,23| ill, so that he could not go. Since, however, I (sc. 45 8”,23| to be thrown away, and to go into non-being, according 46 8”,23| any calamitous reason, and go to other provinces where 47 8”,23| the flock of the Lord and go of their own accord to martyrdom, 48 8”,23| manner His body did not let go and give up the nature of 49 8”,23| cells and hermitages, and go into the world in order 50 8”,23| unconcern and refuse to go out (Ascetic Ordinance XXVI), 51 8”,23| rights whether they should go to the Exarch of the diocese 52 8”,23| were about to separate and go forth to preach in the year 53 8”,23| services, excepting only if he go to some place and therein 54 8”,23| agreement herewith for no one to go to Jewish Physicians to 55 8”,23| commanded the Hebrews not to go near their wives for three 56 8”,23| to all Christians not to go near any place where there 57 8”,23| improper it is for anyone to go near theaters, since these 58 8”,23| having any pious person go to church or to a gathering 59 8”,23| even though they cannot go there because of the incursions 60 8”,23| captured by barbarians cannot go to them for fear of exposing 61 8”,23| inconsistent. And I do not even go to the trouble of saying 62 8”,23| in the air by demons and go from region to region, like 63 8”,23| and all men and women who go to sorcerers and witches, 64 8”,23| am told. There Christians go from one church to another 65 8”,23| stepped outside, and did not go back in to commune, according 66 8”,23| man, that is to say) would go hungry, while another man 67 8”,23| watchman, and said to him: “Go and tell the Bishop to throw 68 8”,23| penanced) who refuse to go to that church where some 69 8”,23| those women, or men, who go to the tombs of their relatives 70 8”,23| let their second husband go and who do not insist on 71 8”,23| to eat his supper, but to go to sleep supperless, if 72 8”,23| feasts and festivals, and go about with them here and 73 8”,23| learn what they say, and not go ahead and paint one thing

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