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Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

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   Council,  Canon
1 Intro | decisions of the patriarchal synod in Constantinople are very 2 Intro | canon. Thus, canon 8 of the Synod in Trullo begins by recalling 3 Intro | invasions, the Fathers of the Synod in Trullo decided in favor 4 1”,5 | permission is given to the synod to release them from it 5 1”,5 | offered to God. Let the second synod be held in the time of autumn. 6 2”,2 | it is evident that the synod of each province will confine 7 2”,2 | invited to do so; and that the synod of each particular province 8 2”,2 | patriarchs, the diocesan synod shall govern such matters 9 2”,2 | says to the effect that the synod of each province (of the 10 2”,2 | enough bishops to make up a synod, or it was necessary for 11 2”,2 | what is missing for a local synod. Which, though contrary 12 2”,6 | they are to go to a greater synod of the Bishops of this diocese 13 2”,6 | accused bishop before the synod of all the bishops of that 14 2”,6 | particular province. But if the synod of the province cannot dispose 15 2”,6 | matter up to the greater synod of the bishops of the Diocese,[ 16 2”,6 | if a bishop deposed by a synod or council, does not resort 17 2”,6 | not resort to a greater synod or council of bishops, but, 18 2”,7 | with c. XXXIX of the local synod or regional council held 19 3”,8 | addressed to the sacred Synod in Pamphylia in favor of 20 3”,8 | written resignation. Hence the Synod there ordained another bishop 21 4 | the Latrocinium (or Robber Synod) which had previously been 22 4 | the Latrocinium (or Robber Synod). The second volume comprises 23 4”,1 | regional Council or any local Synod, should continue in full 24 4”,9 | let it be tried by the Synod of the province. But if 25 4”,9 | case be tried before the Synod of the province. When, again, 26 4”,17| permitted to complain to the Synod of the province. But if 27 4”,17| dispute considered by the Synod of the province. If, again, 28 4”,17| the wordscomplain to the Synod of the province,” while 29 4”,17| request of the Council or Synod, but by despotism and assault, 30 4”,28| must take the votes of the Synod under him into consideration 31 7”,8 | it has seemed best for a synod or council of the aforementioned 32 7”,8 | circumstances, they command that a synod of Bishops be held in any 33 7”,8 | matters that come up. This synod, or council, has to be held, 34 7”,8 | themselves at the meeting of the synod, they are to be reprimanded 35 7”,24| bring the matter before the Synod of the province.~(c. XVII 36 7”,69| of the Sixth Ecumenical Synod decrees the following with 37 7”,89| God-bearing Fathers of the First Synod, i.e., St. Peter and St. 38 8”,23| interpreted as meaning that the synod (or council) must vote for 39 8”,23| and dioceses by a common synod, as this was done also by 40 8”,23| was compelled by the first synod held in Lycos to continue 41 8”,23| called to account by the Synod for the excessively lenient 42 8”,23| was told, however, by the Synod that though permission was 43 8”,23| inconsiderate concession. Hence the Synod inflicted the penances of 44 8”,23| Father or decrees of a local synod or regional council (that 45 8”,23| outside the Council and Synod the Chartophylax of the 46 8”,23| held in Ephesus, “the holy Synod of the Eastern diocese.” 47 8”,23| stated, the phrase “The Synod of the Diocese” is never 48 8”,23| the Fourth Ec. C. such a synod ceased to be operative. 49 8”,23| alone or together with his synod tries the case of a bishop 50 8”,23| same as saying that if the synod of a province tries a case, 51 8”,23| the Canon here calls a “synod of the diocese” is called 52 8”,23| because he mentions only the Synod of the province the Synod 53 8”,23| Synod of the province the Synod of the diocese, and the 54 8”,23| diocese, and the ecumenical Synod (i.e., Council). But in 55 8”,23| clearer we must state that the Synod of a Diocese was the assembly, 56 8”,23| however, that this sort of Synod has fallen into desuetude, 57 8”,23| fallen into desuetude, the Synod of each particular Patriarch 58 8”,23| jurisdiction, as though this Synod had become a greater one 59 8”,23| become a greater one than the synod of the diocese, since the 60 8”,23| has been decided by the synod of the diocese, this Council 61 8”,23| him on behalf of the whole synod. If even this arrangement 62 8”,23| of the hand. This local synod, or regional council, was 63 8”,23| is why in Act 10 of the Synod held in the time of Basil 64 8”,23| Canon does say; whereas a Synod of the Diocese and an Exarch 65 8”,23| Now, however, that the Synod and the Exarch of the diocese 66 8”,23| the Latrocinium, or Robber Synod, held in Ephesus, placed 67 8”,23| before the Fifth Council by a Synod or Council held against 68 8”,23| by the local Council, or Synod, held in Toledo, and others. 69 8”,23| is decreed by the local Synod held in the city of Antisiodorus, 70 8”,23| anyone else, according to the Synod, or local Council, held 71 8”,23| them, just as the above Synod held during the patriarchate 72 8”,23| to be decided upon by the Synod as reasonable. John of Kitros

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