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Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

IntraText - Concordances


   Council,  Canon
1 1”,10| partaking of the divine mysteries until he dies? On this account 2 1”,11| partaking of the divine mysteries (communion) until the two 3 1”,11| excluded from the divine mysteries for six years, according 4 1”,11| partake at all of the divine mysteries. In identically the same 5 1”,13| partaking of the divine mysteries.[26] If, however, the one 6 1”,13| already partaken of the mysteries of communion, again becomes 7 1”,13| trial, impart the divine Mysteries to any person that is in 8 1”,16| communion, not with the Mysteries, not with the laymen and 9 1”,19| excommunicates from the Mysteries any deaconess that commits 10 7”,13| they do with the sacred mysteries, according to their rules 11 7”,13| celebrating the divine and sacred mysteries.[141] So that whoever is 12 7”,13| contact with the divine mysteries must practice temperance 13 7”,16| serving as ministers to the mysteries, but to those attending 14 7”,16| selected to minister to the mysteries, according to what has been 15 7”,16| ministers (or deacons) of the Mysteries, but of the (dining) tables. 16 7”,16| deacons or presbyters of the Mysteries, since such offices had 17 7”,16| are not deacons of the Mysteries, but of the common need 18 7”,22| whom he imparts the divine mysteries, nor shall he ask for any 19 7”,22| communion. For the grace of the Mysteries cannot be sold, nor do we 20 7”,27| combine with the intemerate mysteries and then impart both together 21 7”,28| thereafter delivered the divine mysteries to the Apostles, in the 22 7”,28| to partake of the divine mysteries. So the present Council, 23 7”,31| some who used water in the Mysteries, He showed both when He 24 7”,31| both when He delivered the Mysteries and when He rose from the 25 7”,31| set a mere table without mysteries and used wine, derived, 26 7”,31| admixture of water in the Mysteries, therefore, owing to this 27 7”,31| bloodless sacrifice of the Mysteries water must be mixed with 28 7”,57| Laymen administer the divine Mysteries to himself, when a Bishop, 29 7”,57| to partake of the divine Mysteries by himself, i.e., by helping 30 7”,60| compelled to abstain from the Mysteries for six years who consult 31 7”,65| heart’s content in the Holy Mysteries. For thus shall we be jointly 32 7”,65| partaking of the divine Mysteries. For in this sort of way 33 7”,68| and to partake of the Holy Mysteries.[205]~ ~Concord.~That explains 34 7”,82| explicitly speaking, the divine Mysteries, to the bodies of dying 35 7”,86| to partake of the divine Mysteries. The rest of this Canon 36 7”,94| to partake of the divine Mysteries.~ ~Concord.~St. Basil the 37 8”,23| coming to church; and all the mysteries they celebrate are in very 38 8”,23| celebrate are in very truth mysteries. Woe, however, (says the 39 8”,23| contact and affusion of the Mysteries (p. 337 of the Juris Graecoromani).~ ~ [ 40 8”,23| asked to participate in the mysteries of communion while dying, 41 8”,23| to partake of the divine mysteries, and are consigned to that 42 8”,23| to partake of the divine Mysteries. After taking these views 43 8”,23| excommunication from the Mysteries and the faithful a second 44 8”,23| the liturgy of the divine Mysteries in the Bema, but only that 45 8”,23| however, to serve in the Mysteries, or to hold a fan, like 46 8”,23| to commune in the divine mysteries unless he first get divorced 47 8”,23| to partake of the divine mysteries; and let them beware of 48 8”,23| subdeacon does touch the sacred Mysteries, according to the said c. 49 8”,23| disquisition concerning the Mysteries, made a mistake where he 50 8”,23| painted as deacons of the Mysteries with a censer, sticharion, 51 8”,23| were also Deacons of the Mysteries, and consequently that it 52 8”,23| them also as Deacons of the Mysteries.~ ~ [147] True, Sozomen 53 8”,23| wont to impart the divine mysteries to lay persons. Hence in 54 8”,23| liturgy, the deacon takes the mysteries from them and imparts them 55 8”,23| to commune in the divine mysteries. This is exceedingly great 56 8”,23| becomes of that house wherein Mysteries were offered, when it comes 57 8”,23| reception to prayers and Mysteries in the time when Arianism 58 8”,23| to be done if the divine Mysteries should happen to be spilled 59 8”,23| in his discourse on the Mysteries (included in the Syntagmation 60 8”,23| which come from the holy Mysteries. For Blastaris, in chapter 61 8”,23| and partake of the divine Mysteries, and afterwards get married, 62 8”,23| partaking of the divine Mysteries, as Zonaras says, and as 63 8”,23| the divine Supper of the Mysteries (ibidem) and also by c. 64 8”,23| confided and consigned the Mysteries to all His disciples without 65 8”,23| his last gasps, the divine Mysteries ought to be administered, 66 8”,23| continuous communion of the mysteries as practiced by the Latins 67 8”,23| Theodoret. They celebrated the Mysteries with water alone, like the 68 8”,23| When yon approach the Mysteries, do not hold out the palms 69 8”,23| Thus, for instance, the mysteries of the grace of the Gospel 70 8”,23| whereof the pictures are the mysteries of the grace of the Gospel. 71 8”,23| which rendered at the divine Mysteries after the transessentiation, 72 8”,23| ought not to partake of the Mysteries from him, in order, as it

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