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Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

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   Council,  Canon
1 Intro | quote the statement of Metropolitan Zachary of Chalcedon at 2 Intro | can mention the works of Metropolitan Andrew Saguna, N. Popovici, 3 1”,4 | in each province to the Metropolitan.~(Ap. c. I; c. III of the 4 1”,4 | left and referred to the metropolitan of each province as the 5 1”,6 | made a bishop without the Metropolitan’s approval, the great Council 6 1”,6 | the approval of his own metropolitan, as this great Council has 7 1”,6 | election had to be made by the Metropolitan, and whoever was approved 8 1”,6 | whoever was approved by the Metropolitan had to be made a bishop ( 9 1”,7 | sequence of honor, with the Metropolitan having his own dignity preserved.~( 10 1”,7 | ought to be preserved to the Metropolitan of Palestine whose seat 11 1”,18| of his own Patriarch, or Metropolitan, he is then to be honored 12 2”,2 | without the consent of the metropolitan, and in which the present 13 2”,2 | of each province (of the metropolitan, that is to say) shall govern 14 3”,1 | holiness and love that if any Metropolitan of the province has apostatized 15 3”,1 | your loving group that any metropolitan that has separated from 16 3”,1 | because he (sc. any such metropolitan) has been deprived of every 17 3”,8 | prevailed of yore; each Metropolitan having permission to take 18 3”,8 | entitled to. Accordingly, each Metropolitan shall have permission to 19 4”,9 | Clergyman has a dispute with the Metropolitan of the same province, let 20 4”,9 | clergyman has a dispute with the Metropolitan, let him go to the Exarch 21 4”,9 | accused one is a bishop, his Metropolitan shall examine into the facts 22 4”,9 | accused one himself is a Metropolitan, the Archbishop to whom 23 4”,12| without allowing the new Metropolitan, who bears this title only 24 4”,12| its being the one whose Metropolitan ordains the Bishop of the 25 4”,12| consent and approval of the Metropolitan is not a bishop. Read also 26 4”,17| unjustly treated by his own Metropolitan, let him complain to the 27 4”,17| in regard thereto by his Metropolitan, let him refer his case 28 4”,19| each province wherever the Metropolitan may deem fit, and adjust 29 4”,25| no one can go there). Any Metropolitan that is remiss in this respect, 30 4”,28| that is to say, that each Metropolitan of the aforesaid dioceses, 31 4”,28| these is ordained by his own Metropolitan together with the bishops 32 7”,7 | of his own Patriarch or Metropolitan and has come to another 33 7”,7 | representative of a Patriarch or Metropolitan, sent to another region, 34 7”,7 | place of a Patriarch or Metropolitan, as we have said. Any deacon 35 7”,8 | the place, wherever the Metropolitan of each province (or eparchy) 36 7”,34| the same church. For the Metropolitan shall safely keep all such 37 7”,34| Carthage.)~ ~Interpretation.~No Metropolitan, says the present Canon, 38 7”,34| that bishopric, then the Metropolitan shall take charge of them 39 7”,38| ancient custom. So that the Metropolitan of the city of Cyzicus shall 40 8”,2 | scrupulously examined by the metropolitan as to whether he is cheerfully 41 8”,2 | must be examined by the metropolitan scrupulously as to whether 42 8”,3 | in each province to the Metropolitan.”~(Ap. cc. I, II, XXX, LXI; 43 8”,4 | if he is a bishop by his Metropolitan, or if he is a Metropolitan 44 8”,4 | Metropolitan, or if he is a Metropolitan by his Patriarch. For the 45 8”,6 | eyes” (Ps. 19:8). But no Metropolitan shall have any right to 46 8”,6 | excommunicated; and that any Metropolitan that is remiss in regard 47 8”,6 | Book of Proverbs. But no Metropolitan has any permission to demand 48 8”,11| church. Accordingly if each Metropolitan appoints a Steward in his 49 8”,11| that one, adds that if any Metropolitan appoints a steward of his 50 8”,11| for their bishoprics their Metropolitan is to be allowed to appoint 51 8”,11| one in this event by the Metropolitan, or if even the Metropolitan 52 8”,11| Metropolitan, or if even the Metropolitan neglects to take care of 53 8”,23| province must be left to the Metropolitan, and the latter must ordain 54 8”,23| are to be referred to the Metropolitan or to the Patriarch; one 55 8”,23| here are not those of a metropolitan, as certain writers have 56 8”,23| bishop is appointed by the metropolitan. Accordingly, the chorepiscopus 57 8”,23| ch. 44). Elias, too, the Metropolitan of Crete, in writing to 58 8”,23| Carth. B) the province of a Metropolitan, according to c. XXVIII 59 8”,23| he says: “For whether a metropolitan alone or together with his 60 8”,23| bring his case up before the metropolitan. If the latter too is open 61 8”,23| having a dispute with the Metropolitan ought to have it tried first 62 8”,23| one. even though he be a Metropolitan or a Patriarch, has any 63 8”,23| to Balsamon, is not the Metropolitan of the province (since a 64 8”,23| and metropolis), but the Metropolitan of the Diocese; nor the 65 8”,23| Exarch of a diocese is the Metropolitan of the diocese who has some 66 8”,23| dispute or difference with the Metropolitan of an exarchy, let him apply 67 8”,23| dispute or difference with the Metropolitan of some other diocese, or 68 8”,23| some other diocese, or if a Metropolitan has a dispute or difference 69 8”,23| dispute or difference with the Metropolitan of any diocese or parish 70 8”,23| Bishop Elias to Peter the Metropolitan of Damascus.)~ ~ [122] 71 8”,23| the latter asked the then Metropolitan of Corinth whether one who 72 8”,23| to Theophanes, became the Metropolitan of Thessalonica and the

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