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Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

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   Council,  Canon
1 7”,12| bishops, according to St. Chrysostom, since a bishop also takes 2 7”,16| interpreting this passage, John Chrysostom, the teacher of the Church, 3 7”,16| wanting that man, divine Chrysostom goes on to say that those 4 7”,16| agreement with divine St. Chrysostom, hereby proclaim that these 5 7”,26| scorn him outright. And St. Chrysostom, too, in his Homily 12 on 6 7”,28| of Nicephorus. When St. Chrysostom was blamed for having administered 7 7”,31| teacher of the Church John Chrysostom said in his commentary of 8 7”,31| the explanation which John Chrysostom gives to the Gospel according 9 7”,31| celebration, and not wine, divine Chrysostom, in refuting this heresy, 10 7”,31| Aquarians, since the same Chrysostom himself in his divine Liturgy 11 7”,31| 161] But not only St. Chrysostom, but also James the brother 12 7”,82| c. XXV of Carthage. St. Chrysostom, in his homily on the Epistle 13 8”,23| together a fraternity.” Divine Chrysostom (discourse on those having 14 8”,23| men. According to the same Chrysostom (discourse on the fact that 15 8”,23| applied the term to St. Chrysostom, according to what is stated 16 8”,23| council. Because, as divine Chrysostom says, “God does not ordain 17 8”,23| See also the testimony of Chrysostom concerning resignation, 18 8”,23| sinners.~ ~ [23] Hence divine Chrysostom (in his Discourse 2 concerning 19 8”,23| For this reason divine Chrysostom, in his Homily 14 on the 20 8”,23| mentioned also by divine Chrysostom, in his 56th homily on the 21 8”,23| is another (says divine Chrysostom in his Second Discourse 22 8”,23| according to the assertion of Chrysostom this Canon demands that 23 8”,23| irreprehensible, which word Chrysostom himself interprets by asserting 24 8”,23| unjust. Because according to Chrysostom (in his discourse on the 25 8”,23| consider their case; and Chrysostom and Innocent appealed to 26 8”,23| to consider the case of Chrysostom, though, I say, these saints 27 8”,23| and those about to judge Chrysostom, were manifest enemies.~ ~ [ 28 8”,23| expresses it, and as divine Chrysostom says in his liturgies, in 29 8”,23| Cyril, and the testimony of Chrysostom contained in the footnote; 30 8”,23| the penalty. For divine Chrysostom says the following: “For 31 8”,23| again into the Church.” St. Chrysostom says in his letter to Theodore 32 8”,23| 139] That is why St. Chrysostom says in agreement herewith 33 8”,23| have wives. Hence divine Chrysostom (in the same Discourse) 34 8”,23| That, too, is why divine Chrysostom says, in interpreting the 35 8”,23| service mentioned by St. Chrysostom in his commentary on the 36 8”,23| Bema (or Sanctuary). St. Chrysostom, too, says that they have 37 8”,23| also the testimony of St. Chrysostom in the Footnote to Ap. c. 38 8”,23| concerning duties; and by John Chrysostom, in his Homily 83 on St. 39 8”,23| really demonish works. St. Chrysostom, too, says (Horn. 12 on 40 8”,23| occur at all times. The same Chrysostom calls theaters and circuses 41 8”,23| in question. For divine Chrysostom says, in his Homily on the 42 8”,23| sacred, according to St. Chrysostom, than a stone table and 43 8”,23| tempt God, according to St. Chrysostom (Homily 26 on the Epistle 44 8”,23| of their works.” Divine Chrysostom, too, would have it (in 45 8”,23| monks, according to divine Chrysostom (Homily on the Gospel of 46 8”,23| black and white. That is why Chrysostom, in his discourse concerning 47 8”,23| the life lived by a monk. Chrysostom (Horn. 19 on the seventh 48 8”,23| churches, as is attested by St. Chrysostom in his first letter to Pope 49 8”,23| those enchanters divine Chrysostom says that even though they 50 8”,23| Christ. Note that divine Chrysostom (Homily 3 on 1 Thess.) says “ 51 8”,23| For, according to divine Chrysostom, wherever there is (an Orthodox 52 8”,23| 206] That is why divine Chrysostom also says: “Woman taught 53 8”,23| concerning the Cross divine Chrysostom says: “let us hang it (sc. 54 8”,23| Zonaras says, and as St. Chrysostom does too in his 27th Homily 55 8”,23| XLVIII of Carthage. St. Chrysostom, on the other hand, thought 56 8”,23| 212] That is why divine Chrysostom (Hom. on “I saw the Lord 57 8”,23| 235] That is why divine Chrysostom, in opposition to those 58 8”,23| any such oath. But even Chrysostom himself (Hom. 15 on statues, 59 8”,23| and murderers. The same Chrysostom (Hom. 5 and 14 and 15 on 60 8”,23| for the best, according to Chrysostom, and that, according to 61 8”,23| Creator, according to St. Chrysostom. The expression, on the 62 8”,23| a veritable oath, as St. Chrysostom says. (It may be that St. 63 8”,23| all that has been said, Chrysostom adds this brief and remarkable 64 8”,23| those who assert that divine Chrysostom invented the tongs. For 65 8”,23| obtained among Christians after Chrysostom, at least four hundred years, 66 8”,23| 14). But then again St. Chrysostom himself also describes and 67 8”,23| concerning which divine Chrysostom (in his Discourse wherein 68 8”,23| 647 of the sixth vol. of Chrysostom). Oecumenius, too, accepts 69 8”,23| the King.” Likewise St. Chrysostom: “Knowest thou not that 70 8”,23| adored (perhaps, as St. Chrysostom says, because the things 71 8”,23| which fact is stated by St. Chrysostom in one of his discourses; 72 8”,23| also the testimony of St. Chrysostom in the Footnote to c. XV

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