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Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

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   Council,  Canon
1 Intro | practical interest for the clergy. This recension of the canons 2 1 | Canon 3: All members of the clergy are forbidden to dwell with 3 1”,1 | barbarians, let him remain in the clergy. But if anyone has excised 4 1”,1 | examined after being in the clergy. And henceforth no such 5 1”,1 | admits such persons to the clergy.~(Ap. cc. XXI, XXII, XXIII; 6 1”,1 | perform the functions of the clergy. But whoever while in good 7 1”,1 | from the activities of the clergy. And of as many such persons 8 1”,1 | them to be admitted to the clergy. Read also the Interpretation 9 1”,2 | person be dismissed from the clergy. As for anyone acting contrary 10 1”,2 | losing his standing in the clergy.~(Ap. c. LXXX; c. XVII of 11 1”,3 | at all among those in the clergy, the privilege of having 12 1”,5 | whether they be members of the clergy or belong to a lay order, 13 1”,5 | made in dealing with the clergy and the laity, or, conversely, 14 1”,5 | or, conversely, that the clergy and the laity have shown 15 1”,8 | to let them remain in the clergy. Above all, that it is fitting 16 1”,8 | seem to be wholly in the clergy, lest there should be two 17 1”,8 | allowed to remain in their clergy, those, that is to say, 18 1”,8 | they shall be left in the clergy and rank in which each of 19 1”,8 | be wholly deprived of the clergy.~ ~ ~ 20 1”,16| persons, and listed among the clergy,[31] without fearing God 21 1”,17| shall be deposed from the clergy and shall be an alien to 22 1”,17| shall be deposed from the clergy and shall be estranged from 23 1”,19| have been covered in the clergy under examination as to 24 1”,19| had been ordained in the clergy according to the Paulianists; 25 1”,19| must be ousted from the clergy. For the word depose was 26 1”,19| of holy orders and of the clergy, is said to be deposed. 27 1”,19| of the) holy orders and clergy claimed by the Paulianists. 28 1”,19| called what they had proposed clergy, and by the same token deposition, 29 1”,19| set up by the Montanists clergy. But this which we have 30 2”,6 | whether they belong to the clergy or to the ranks of laymen, 31 4”,2 | any one on the roll of the Clergy, with a view to gain; or 32 4”,3 | listed in the roll of the Clergy hire other men’s estates 33 4”,7 | once been enrolled in the Clergy or who have become Monks 34 4”,7 | wearing the habit of the clergy; whereas the present Canon 35 4”,10| perform the functions of the clergy there only. But if anyone 36 4”,26| Steward selected from its own Clergy to manage the ecclesiastical 37 7”,3 | that those enlisted the Clergy and conveying to others 38 7”,6 | those being promoted to the Clergy only Anagnosts and Psalts 39 7”,6 | before being admitted to the Clergy as a Subdeacon, or a Deacon, 40 7”,19| Sundays, must teach all the Clergy and the laity words of truth 41 7”,19| Presbyters, must teach all the Clergy and the laity every day 42 7”,22| any person enrolled in the Clergy should be found to be demanding 43 7”,26| who are enrolled in the Clergy. If anyone should commit 44 7”,32| lineage are eligible to the clergy, pursuantly to Jewish customs, 45 7”,32| promote certain persons to the clergy are not allowed to pay any 46 7”,32| Canons to be enrolled in the clergy, they shall ordain them 47 7”,32| order of enrollment in the clergy, unless such person has 48 7”,32| to become a member of the clergy, the Fathers of this Council 49 7”,34| the safe keeping of the Clergy of the church of which the 50 7”,79| else on the list of the Clergy, or any layman, without 51 7”,80| here be a member of the Clergy, we command that he be shorn 52 8”,2 | able to admonish all the clergy about him to become initiated; 53 8”,4 | as domineering over the clergy, but as furnishing models 54 8”,5 | anyone on the roll of the Clergy, with a view to gain; or 55 8”,5 | let him too, if he be a clergy­man, forfeit his office; 56 8”,5 | themselves enrolled in the clergy of a certain church, offered 57 8”,5 | life, were enrolled in the clergy without giving any money. 58 8”,14| receiving the tonsure of the Clergy from infancy and without 59 8”,15| of any clergyman in the clergy of two churches situated 60 8”,23| him be dismissed from the clergy, perhaps in order that he 61 8”,23| confiscated the property of the clergy. In fact, not only these 62 8”,23| admitted to be enrolled in the clergy after becoming a defender 63 8”,23| of Cyril addressed to the clergy of Alexandria, and in the 64 8”,23| reinstated in the habit of the clergy or monks again even against 65 8”,23| privilege of conceding to the clergy of his Church, as well as 66 8”,23| put off the guise of the Clergy, and thus dropped into the 67 8”,23| laymen with the guise of the Clergy). That is why Balsamon, 68 8”,23| regain the guise of the Clergy which they lost. If this 69 8”,23| Basil (in his letter to the clergy of the church in Neocaesarea) 70 8”,23| who admit others to the clergy, which is tantamount to 71 8”,23| consent to enroll among the clergy of any particular church

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