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Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

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   Council,  Canon
1 4”,4 | undertaking to build themselves monasteries, it is decreed that no one 2 4”,4 | affairs, nor leaving their own monasteries, unless at any time they 3 4”,4 | receive a slave into the monasteries to become a monk, without 4 4”,4 | make proper provision for monasteries.~(Regarding this first part 5 4”,4 | their endeavor to build monasteries of their own, therefore 6 4”,4 | and shall remain in those monasteries wherein they were shorn, 7 4”,4 | foresight in providing for their monasteries, by protecting the monks 8 4”,4 | monks from leaving their monasteries, and from undertaking to 9 4”,8 | attached to poor houses or monasteries or martyries, let them remain 10 4”,8 | the aged, hospitals, or monasteries, or to churches of martyrs, 11 4”,24| 24.~ As for Monasteries which have once been consecrated 12 4”,24| Bishop, they are to remain Monasteries perpetually, and the property 13 4”,24| Canon prescribes that all monasteries that have once been established 14 4”,24| v.), they are to remain monasteries forever, and henceforth 15 4”,24| and monks who have seized monasteries and bishoprics, and have 16 4”,24| 6th not only commands that monasteries are not to be permitted 17 4”,24| abbot from alienating the monasteries’ own works and effects. 18 7”,41| rest of monks who live in monasteries,[170] and to be settled 19 7”,45| need, may go out from their monasteries only with the blessing of 20 7”,45| themselves stay inside their monasteries (in Photius, Title XI, ch. 21 7”,48| Canon too, we decree that Monasteries that have once been consecrated 22 7”,48| of a Bishop shall remain Monasteries unto perpetuity, and the 23 7”,48| this, that neither shall monasteries be let out by anybody (whether 24 8 | present as archimandrites of monasteries. This Council was assembled 25 8”,11| observed also in the case of Monasteries.~(Ap. cc. XXXVIII, XLI; 26 8”,11| done also in the case of monasteries that have no steward — that 27 8”,13| including both bishoprics and monasteries, and have been made into 28 8”,13| monks were ousted from their monasteries. These institutions being 29 8”,13| of these bishoprics and monasteries are willing to give them 30 8”,13| again as bishoprics and monasteries to their former condition, 31 8”,17| monks, after leaving their monasteries, having become imbued with 32 8”,17| others, having left their monasteries, attempt to build prayer-houses 33 8”,18| dwelling in bishoprics, or in monasteries, is a cause for everyone’ 34 8”,18| being within bishoprics and monasteries in prder to act as servants, 35 8”,19| priests, and for abbots of monasteries, since they have been appointed 36 8”,19| them be driven out of their monasteries and be put in other monasteries, 37 8”,19| monasteries and be put in other monasteries, in order to render them 38 8”,20| monastery was two neighboring monasteries so near together that voices 39 8”,20| Great, concerning double monasteries, proves the first opinion 40 8”,20| that henceforth such double monasteries are not to be made, on the 41 8”,20| let the men go apart to monasteries for men and let the women 42 8”,20| pleased. But as for all monasteries that have survived till 43 8”,21| monks must not leave their monasteries unless they be allowed to 44 8”,23| monastic retreats) and monasteries have been wiped out, and 45 8”,23| to abbots and exarchs of monasteries that the monks are not to 46 8”,23| ought to be ordained to monasteries, and to perform the functions 47 8”,23| are to keep within their monasteries, as Balsamon says (comment 48 8”,23| doing right who leave their monasteries, or their cells and hermitages, 49 8”,23| must not be admitted into monasteries and shorn.~ ~ [92] So that 50 8”,23| shall be turned over to the monasteries of the region in question 51 8”,23| the custom to do so in the monasteries of the Holy Mountain. For 52 8”,23| of the Imperial and great Monasteries of the Holy Mountain permit 53 8”,23| Canon that monks living in monasteries and coenobitic communities 54 8”,23| ought young monks living in monasteries or cells, and deacons, to 55 8”,23| prohibiting the letting out of monasteries to worldlings. But Patriarch 56 8”,23| another Tome ordering the monasteries to be turned over to worldly 57 8”,23| the present Canon add that monasteries must not be let out by anybody 58 8”,23| clergymen and superiors of monasteries shall be subject to the 59 8”,23| with the Tome of Sergius monasteries may be let out, it is an 60 8”,23| inconsistency that the superiors of monasteries ought to be subject both 61 8”,23| then, that neither ought monasteries to be turned over to worldlings 62 8”,23| of laymen who take over monasteries.~ ~ [176] From this Canon 63 8”,23| things of the churches or monasteries to be sold to civil rulers, 64 8”,23| belonging to churches or monasteries must not be alienated, Novel 65 8”,23| belonging to churches or monasteries may be sold when there happens 66 8”,23| must not make an Abbot in monasteries according to rank, but must 67 8”,23| govern the monks and the monasteries well. This same rule is 68 8”,23| be driven away from their monasteries who today are trying to 69 8”,23| he decrees that if two monasteries are closely adjacent to 70 8”,23| children of theirs away from monasteries who have chosen the monastic

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