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Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

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   Council,  Canon
1 1 | bishops to ordain for their diocese a cleric belonging to another 2 1 | cleric belonging to another diocese. ~Canon 17: Clerics are 3 1”,7 | provinces subject to it, and a diocese which belonged to the Patriarch. 4 2”,2 | must not leave their own diocese and go over to churches 5 2”,2 | the Bishops of the Asian diocese (or administrative domain) 6 2”,2 | let those of the Pontic diocese look after the affairs of 7 2”,2 | after the affairs of the diocese of Pontus only, and let 8 2”,2 | let those of the Thracian diocese manage the affairs of the 9 2”,2 | affairs of the Thracian diocese only. Let Bishops not go 10 2”,2 | boundaries of one’s own diocese was formerly a matter of 11 2”,2 | serve his own province and diocese, and not interfere in one 12 2”,2 | in spite of its being his diocese and parish). The metropolitans 13 2”,2 | regarding the affairs of each diocese of the patriarchs, the diocesan 14 2”,2 | govern such matters of the diocese in question, as the Nicene 15 2”,6 | synod of the Bishops of this diocese summoned to try this case. 16 2”,6 | of all the Bishops of the diocese, let no such person be allowed 17 2”,6 | synod of the bishops of the Diocese,[56] and have the case terminate 18 2”,6 | affronts all the bishops of the Diocese, and should dare to appeal 19 3”,8 | with regard to the other diocese and churches everywhere, 20 3”,8 | shall hold also in regard to diocese (or administrations) and 21 4”,9 | either to the Exarch of the diocese or to the throne of the 22 4”,9 | go to the Exarch of the diocese,[95] or to the throne of 23 4”,17| complain to the Exarch of the diocese, or let him have his case 24 4”,17| Exarch and chief head of the diocese (whose function, however, 25 4”,28| adjacent to and flank the diocese of Pontus, while the Russians 26 4”,30| that it is a custom in the diocese of Egypt to do nothing of 27 4”,30| that it was a custom in the diocese (or see) of Alexandria’s 28 8”,23| ordain other bishops in the diocese of Alexandria, this present 29 8”,23| truth of the matter, and the diocese of Rome is limited like 30 8”,23| Great.~ ~ [56] The noundiocese” in Greek is one of many 31 8”,23| Metropolitans lying in one diocese, according to this c. VI 32 8”,23| holy Synod of the Eastern diocese.” And E) the combined parishes 33 8”,23| the legates of the Eastern Diocese, or, more specifically, 34 8”,23| phrase “The Synod of the Diocese” is never used in the first 35 8”,23| case, the Patriarch of the diocese keeps his eye on it), whatever 36 8”,23| here calls a “synod of the diocese” is called the exarch of 37 8”,23| called the exarch of the diocese in cc. IX and XXVIII of 38 8”,23| Patriarchs exarchs of the diocese, because he mentions only 39 8”,23| province the Synod of the diocese, and the ecumenical Synod ( 40 8”,23| state that the Synod of a Diocese was the assembly, or convention, 41 8”,23| metropolitans of a single diocese together with their chief 42 8”,23| the metropolitans of the diocese subject to his jurisdiction, 43 8”,23| one than the synod of the diocese, since the Patriarchs received 44 8”,23| decided by the synod of the diocese, this Council has given 45 8”,23| understands by “exarchs of the diocese” the other Patriarchs, while 46 8”,23| the phraseExarch of the Diocese,” and that the word “Diocese” 47 8”,23| Diocese,” and that the wordDiocese” which it employs in the 48 8”,23| before the Exarch of the Diocese, that is to say, the Bishop 49 8”,23| let the Patriarch of the Diocese ordain or prescribe those 50 8”,23| this. The Exarch of the Diocese, according to Balsamon, 51 8”,23| of the province (since a Diocese comprises many provinces 52 8”,23| the Metropolitan of the Diocese; nor the Patriarch, for, 53 8”,23| dishonors all the Bishops of the Diocese, which is the same thing 54 8”,23| saying the Exarch of the Diocese, which indeed the present 55 8”,23| whereas a Synod of the Diocese and an Exarch of the Diocese 56 8”,23| Diocese and an Exarch of the Diocese occupies a different position 57 8”,23| him. So the Exarch of a diocese is the Metropolitan of the 58 8”,23| the Metropolitan of the diocese who has some privilege over 59 8”,23| Metropolitans of the same diocese. But this privilege of Exarchs 60 8”,23| apply to the Exarch of the diocese; which is the same thing 61 8”,23| before the Exarch of the diocese in which they are situated, 62 8”,23| Metropolitan of some other diocese, or if a Metropolitan has 63 8”,23| the Metropolitan of any diocese or parish whatever, they 64 8”,23| first to the Exarch of the diocese, or to the Bishop of Constantinople, 65 8”,23| go to the Exarch of the diocese or to the Bishop of Constantinople 66 8”,23| Synod and the Exarch of the diocese are no longer active or 67 8”,23| spoke about the matter of diocese at greater length.~ In view 68 8”,23| included in the see, or diocese, of Rome, so that he, together 69 8”,23| only in his own See (or Diocese), but also in all the rest

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