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Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

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   Council,  Canon
1 Intro | all sorts of new problems come up while others fade in 2 Intro | earlier than those which have come down to us. At least in 3 1”,2 | men who have but recently come to the faith from a heathen 4 1”,11| the words “All catechumens come forward”; thereupon they 5 1”,11| the words “all catechumens come forward.” And for two years 6 1”,14| Wherefore they were allowed to come to church and stay there 7 1”,14| the words “All catechumens come forward,” they had to leave 8 1”,18| 18.~ It has come to the notice of the holy 9 1”,18| For it says that it has come to the knowledge of this 10 2”,7 | here, especially such as come from the country of the 11 3”,8 | other hand, anyone should come out with a form, i.e., a 12 4”,3 | 3.~ It is come to the (knowledge of the) 13 4”,3 | that inasmuch as it has come to the ears of the Council 14 4”,12| 12.~ It has come to our knowledge that some 15 4”,19| 19.~ It has come to our ears that the canonically 16 4”,19| to be corrected that may come up. As for those Bishops, 17 4”,23| 23.~ It has come to the ears of the holy 18 7”,3 | sobriety, and have quickly come to forget their former misdeeds 19 7”,7 | or Metropolitan and has come to another city on some 20 7”,7 | invited both him and you come round and tell you unceremoniously, “ 21 7”,7 | seat, so that your host may come and say to you, “My friend, 22 7”,8 | ecclesiastical matters that come up. This synod, or council, 23 7”,12| 12.~ And this too has come to our knowledge, that both 24 7”,13| deacons, and presbyters who come in contact with the divine 25 7”,23| before the time has even come for the games). As for anyone 26 7”,31| 32.~ Since it has come to our knowledge that in 27 7”,35| of the Alexandrians shall come next, then that of Antioch, 28 7”,38| thence with his laity and has come to the eparchy of the Hellespont, 29 7”,40| cloister so that their aim may come to light more clearly. For 30 7”,40| Nevertheless even then they are to come out with the blessing and 31 7”,44| strict vows, and thus has come to the Monastery, once more 32 7”,58| intemerate illumination come to the catholic churches 33 7”,69| our wish that those who come to church to chant should 34 7”,81| realities themselves have come, we prefer it and accept 35 7”,92| woman departs and does not come back for a long time, and 36 7”,98| the custom, which had then come to prevail among the Armenians.[ 37 8”,10| deposed from office. To come at once to the point, therefore, 38 8”,23| that the Son of God had not come down out of heaven, but, 39 8”,23| St. John, they are not to come to pass after the second 40 8”,23| seen the kingdom of God come with power” (Mark 9:1).~ ~ [ 41 8”,23| consequently His kingdom will come to an end.~ ~ [48] Photinus, 42 8”,23| begotten out of the Father, come down (out of heaven), and 43 8”,23| philosophers, privations come second after habits. Wherefore 44 8”,23| worthy to approach and to come near, or to minister, unto 45 8”,23| the Pope of Rome Leo has come in order to meet him in 46 8”,23| simply as it happened to come to notice, but was first 47 8”,23| that the divinity had not come after it, but, on the contrary, 48 8”,23| religion, but one of them has come to be Orthodox in belief, 49 8”,23| some other way they have come to be consociated in a state 50 8”,23| chief and head, and ought to come under his jurisdiction, 51 8”,23| Patriarchs and Prelates used to come to the Emperor to beg for 52 8”,23| in his being entitled to come first in order among the 53 8”,23| ye ready: for three days come not at your wives” (Exod. 54 8”,23| that the subdeacon does not come into contact with the holy 55 8”,23| deposed themselves afterwards come to hate the sin willingly 56 8”,23| opposite opinions having come into vogue as respecting 57 8”,23| who said: “But days will come, when the bridegroom shall 58 8”,23| sacerdotal vestments, must come out and baptize the child, 59 8”,23| their life, i.e., when they come to be older. Hence God says 60 8”,23| life and of the grace which come from the holy Mysteries. 61 8”,23| admirably, to wit: “And it shall come to pass in that day, that . . . 62 8”,23| mean, of letting laymen come into the Holy Bema, which, 63 8”,23| prolongations; they appear to have come into existence about the 64 8”,23| the week which happened to come after the time they were 65 8”,23| and as all the magistrates come in each, even to the least 66 8”,23| This miracle, he says, has come down to us through a tradition 67 8”,23| return), and he fails to come back, her husband himself 68 8”,23| such things when He has come to resent them.~Who? Whence 69 8”,23| written: “And when Jehu was come to Jezreel, Jezebel heard

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