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Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

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   Council,  Canon
1 Intro | placed the Canons of the Holy Apostles first; then came those of 2 1”,1 | Interpretation.~Various Canons of the Apostles include decrees concerning 3 1”,7 | therefrom through the sacred Apostles into all the world, let 4 1”,20| customs handed down by the Apostles and the Fathers ought all 5 3”,8 | and the Canons of the Holy Apostles, and one which touches the 6 4”,18| Luke in the Acts of the Apostles (Acts 23:21) wherein the 7 7”,1 | word of the God-approved Apostles, and further by the three 8 7”,1 | handed down both by the Holy Apostles[129] and by the Fathers 9 7”,2 | of the holy and glorious Apostles, and as a matter of fact 10 7”,2 | Injunctions of the same holy Apostles (as transmitted) through 11 7”,2 | didache (or teaching) of the Apostles. On the other hand, we ratify 12 7”,2 | the Canons of the Holy Apostles, numbering eighty-five in 13 7”,3 | XVII and XVIII of the Holy Apostles, that is to say, those which 14 7”,6 | Since Canon XXVI of the Holy Apostles decrees that only Anagnosts 15 7”,12| the common Canon of the Apostles, their c. V, that is to 16 7”,13| handed down through the Apostles, and continued from ancient 17 7”,13| the old Canon of the Holy Apostles, Ap. c. V, that is to say, 18 7”,13| handed down through the Apostles from antiquity, in accordance 19 7”,16| in the Book of Acts the Apostles instruct us to appoint seven 20 7”,16| all they set before the Apostles” (Acts 6:16). In the course 21 7”,16| choosing the men! that the Apostles were not frowned upon by 22 7”,16| been no Bishop, but only Apostles. Hence, I opine, it is plain 23 7”,16| contained in the Acts of the Apostles, they found that these deacons 24 7”,16| At the suggestion of the Apostles, therefore, the multitude 25 7”,16| serve at table, while the Apostles busied themselves in prayer 26 7”,28| to the traditions of the Apostles and of the Fathers, that 27 7”,28| divine mysteries to the Apostles, in the same manner it may 28 7”,28| instructions handed down by the Apostles, in their c. LXIX, that 29 7”,28| gave the Communion to the Apostles right after supper.” Hence 30 7”,31| procedure taught by the Apostles, and, mixing water with 31 7”,54| that c. LXIV of the Holy Apostles must be kept rigorously 32 7”,63| saying: “Let us not all be Apostles; let us not all be Prophets; 33 7”,63| nor must all of them be Apostles, nor all of them Prophets. 34 7”,95| Hence it is that all the Apostles in common in their Injunctions, 35 8”,1 | set forth by the renowned Apostles, who were and are trumpets 36 8”,1 | them. The Coryphaeus of Apostles, St. Peter, exulting in 37 8”,1 | those things, viz. which the apostles preaching the gospel in 38 8”,1 | those set forth by the holy apostles, as well as those of the 39 8”,4 | coryphaean summit of the Apostles, also commands: “Tend the 40 8”,4 | Patriarch. For the Coryphaeus of Apostles St. Peter gives the following 41 8”,23| Listen also to what the Apostles say in their Injunctions ( 42 8”,23| of types of the seventy Apostles, officiate as assistant 43 8”,23| Book III, says that the Apostles had women with them as sisters 44 8”,23| in the tombs of the holy Apostles Peter and Paul, and placed 45 8”,23| that is the Faith of the Apostles. St. Peter uttered these 46 8”,23| 1) Since c. XXXIV of the Apostles commands that the bishops 47 8”,23| would have it that when the Apostles were about to separate and 48 8”,23| which originated with the Apostles (just as some of our own 49 8”,23| been handed down by the Apostles. But inasmuch as most holy 50 8”,23| even seen a Symbol of the Apostles, as the great ecclesiarch 51 8”,23| faith handed down by the Apostles’ is either a summary of 52 8”,23| handed down orally by the Apostles, or else the faith — that 53 8”,23| just as Canon VI of the Apostles says this very same thing. 54 8”,23| because although the divine Apostles merely allowed prelates 55 8”,23| be in conflict with the Apostles, and even with the very 56 8”,23| of these seven whom the Apostles selected, which is attested 57 8”,23| of the feast of the Holy Apostles, and of that of the Theotoke), 58 8”,23| the Injunctions of the Apostles (book V, ch. 18) expressly 59 8”,23| the law. For the divine Apostles in their Injunctions (book 60 8”,23| of the successors of the Apostles, according to Reply 56 of 61 8”,23| accusation animadverts upon the Apostles themselves, following whose 62 8”,23| hand the Lord commanded the Apostles to teach the faithful to 63 8”,23| Patriarchs and Prophets and Apostles all wore beards, as is plainly 64 8”,23| distinguished from woman. The Apostles in their Injunctions, Book 65 8”,23| fact that the icons of the Apostles Peter and Paul, painted 66 8”,23| human being underneath the Apostles and inscribeWorld” on 67 8”,23| coryphaean summit, of the Apostles,” a phrase of the same Dionysius, 68 8”,23| from the Injunctions of the Apostles. For this saying is found

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