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Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

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   Council,  Canon
1 1”,2 | X of Sardican; c. III of Laodicea; c. IV of Cyril.)~ ~Interpretation.~ 2 1”,4 | VI of Sardican; c. XII of Laodicea; and cc. XII, LVIII, LIX 3 1”,6 | XXXVI of the 6th; c. XIX of Laodicea; c. XIII of Carthage.)~ ~ 4 1”,8 | the 6th; cc. VII, VIII of Laodicea; c. LXVI of Carthage; cc. 5 1”,12| of Ancyra; cc. I, II of Laodicea; cc. II, III, LXIV, LXXXIV 6 1”,12| Ancyra, and cc. I and II of Laodicea agree that penances ought 7 1”,14| according to c. XIX of Laodicea, and after they had said 8 1”,18| his diaconate.~ (c. XX of Laodicea; c. VII of the 6th Ecum. 9 1”,18| presbyters. But even c. XX of Laodicea says that a deacon must 10 1”,19| the 6th; cc. VII, VIII of Laodicea; c. LXVI of Carth.; c. XV 11 1”,19| the same way as c. VIII of Laodicea calls the ones set up by 12 2”,7 | them.[68]~ Canon VII of Laodicea too would have Novatians 13 4”,2 | XCI of Basil; c. XII of Laodicea; the letters of Gennadius 14 4”,11| Antioch; cc. XLI, XLII of Laodicea; cc. VII, VIII of Sardica; 15 4”,14| the 6th; cc. X and XXXI of Laodicea; cc. XIX, XXIX, XXXIII of 16 4”,14| similar manner c. XXXI of Laodicea commands Christians not 17 4”,14| Christians. In addition, c. X of Laodicea, i.e., of the same Council, 18 7”,2 | those who held a Council in Laodicea; further, again, the one 19 7”,7 | XVIII of the 1st; c. XX of Laodicea.)~ ~Interpretation.~The 20 7”,9 | XXII of the 7th; c. XXIV of Laodicea; cc. XVIII, XLVII, and LXIX 21 7”,10| XVII of the 1st; c. IV of Laodicea; cc. V, XX of Carthage; 22 7”,17| Antioch; cc. XLI, XLII of Laodicea; cc. VII, VIII, XV, XVI, 23 7”,19| XVI of the 1st; c. XIX of Laodicea; cc. LXXIX, CXXXI, CXXXII, 24 7”,19| this, however, c. XIX of Laodicea says that the Bishop must 25 7”,23| LIV of the Council held in Laodicea (though that Canon adds 26 7”,28| cc. XLIX, L, LI, LII of Laodicea; cc. XLVIII, LVI of Carthage; 27 7”,28| in c. L of the Fathers of Laodicea, which decrees that no one 28 7”,30| of Antioch; c. LVIII of Laodicea; cc. X, LXII of Carthage.)~ ~ 29 7”,30| excommunicated. Canon LVIII of Laodicea, on the other hand, which 30 7”,32| of the 4th; c. XXIII of Laodicea; c. XXII of Carthage.)~ ~ 31 7”,51| c. LXIX; cc. XLIX:LI of Laodicea).~ ~Interpretation.~The 32 7”,51| Concord.~Canon XLIX of Laodicea is in agreement with the 33 7”,51| Interpretation of c. LI of this C. of Laodicea, and, above all, Blastaris, 34 7”,60| in Ancyra. Canon XXXVI of Laodicea expressly throws out of 35 7”,68| explains why c. XLIV of Laodicea forbids women to enter the 36 7”,73| the same as c. XXVIII of Laodicea, which prohibits Christian 37 7”,73| XXVII of the same Council of Laodicea commands that those in holy 38 7”,74| that is to say. Canon XV of Laodicea, on the other hand, commands 39 7”,76| XXX of the Council held in Laodicea, except only for the penance. 40 7”,77| word for word c. XLVI of Laodicea, which says that those who 41 7”,77| XLVII of the same Council of Laodicea says that those who are 42 8”,3 | the 1st; cc. V, XIII of Laodicea; c. LIX of Carthage; c. 43 8”,3 | the Footnote to c. V of Laodicea.~ ~ ~ 44 8”,9 | LXIII of the 6th; c. LI of Laodicea.)~ ~Interpretation.~The 45 8”,23| inferring this from c. XLV of Laodicea, and from Jerome’s letter 46 8”,23| Neocaesarea, c. XLVII of Laodicea, c. LII of Carthage, c. 47 8”,23| the footnote to c. XXI of Laodicea. If anyone fond of learning 48 8”,23| this see also c. VII of Laodicea.~ ~ [49] Apollinaris, who 49 8”,23| who became a bishop of Laodicea, Syria, embraced the heresy 50 8”,23| those of the Council held in Laodicea in their c. I.~ ~ [63] 51 8”,23| Fourth Council, the Bishop of Laodicea, Nounechius, said, when 52 8”,23| statement the Council held in Laodicea, which forbids a servant 53 8”,23| according to c. XXI of Laodicea. Secondly, because a servant 54 8”,23| according to c. XXII of Laodicea, when he is the doorkeeper; 55 8”,23| interpretation of c. XXII of Laodicea, were wont to call out “ 56 8”,23| forbidden to wear by c. XXII of Laodicea (though as regards the orarion 57 8”,23| the Footnote to c. XXII of Laodicea, and that to c. XXIII of 58 8”,23| of Basil, and c. XXIV of Laodicea, but especially c. XX of 59 8”,23| Council which was held in Laodicea before the Second Ecumenical 60 8”,23| corroborated by c. L of Laodicea and c. XXIX of the 6th, 61 8”,23| the Footnote to c. XII of Laodicea. But we mention Dialogus 62 8”,23| the Footnote to c. XIV of Laodicea. Presanctified wine, too, 63 8”,23| the Footnote to c. XLIX of Laodicea.~ ~ [178] Since we here 64 8”,23| birthday, according to c. LI of Laodicea. The Apostolic Injunctions, 65 8”,23| the Footnote to c. XIV of Laodicea. Any anagnost or layman 66 8”,23| agreement with c. XXVIII of Laodicea, that is to say, and with 67 8”,23| XLV of the same Council in Laodicea, where it is speaking of

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