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childbedless 1
childbirth 8
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children 67
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68 vi
68 zonaras
67 accordingly
67 children
67 commands
67 ground
67 laodicea

Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

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   Council,  Canon
1 4”,3 | guardian of minors[88] (children are called minors from the 2 4”,14| those who have already had children as a result of such a marriage, 3 4”,14| who have already begotten children by such an unlawful marriage 4 4”,14| have not yet baptized the children, they are not to baptize 5 4”,14| Christians not to give their children (in marriage) to heretics, 6 4”,14| ecclesiastics from joining their children in marriage with heretics. 7 7”,52| after becoming sponsors to children subjected to the formalities 8 7”,52| widowed mothers of those children, we decree that henceforth 9 7”,64| s house, and passed his children through fire, and consulted 10 7”,64| temple, and he passed his children through the fire, and consulted 11 7”,64| expression “he passed his children through fire” is taken by 12 7”,64| mean that Manasseh made his children hop over or through the 13 7”,64| a burnt-offering of his children in the fire as a sacrifice 14 7”,69| Woman’s job is to bear children and rear them in the belief 15 7”,69| looks on in secret.” “The children of Israel shall be reverent,” 16 7”,69| of the Canons, says.~ The children of Israel after Christ are 17 7”,76| the purpose of procreating children, and not in order to strip 18 7”,78| women who gave birth to children in a natural manner). On 19 7”,95| while training them like children and teaching them how to 20 8”,4 | God” (1 Cor. 6:9), and “children ought not to lay up treasure 21 8”,4 | parents, but parents for their children” (2 Cor. 12:14). If, therefore, 22 8”,4 | to the Apostle; and since children are not obliged to amass 23 8”,4 | parents ought to give to their children. So any bishop who is found 24 8”,8 | that neither shall their children be baptized, nor shall they 25 8”,8 | shall be accepted and his children shall be baptized, and that 26 8”,8 | one shall baptize their children nor let them buy a slave 27 8”,8 | person, and baptize his children, ordering them persuasively 28 8”,9 | and which are flimsy as children’s toys, and as crazy as 29 8”,10| with the object of teaching children and servants and slaves. 30 8”,10| rather let them teach the children and slaves and servants 31 8”,14| consecrated, and these same children on coming to age have had 32 8”,19| given by parents to their children by way of dowry or personal 33 8”,23| life is one of marriage and children and popular amusement it 34 8”,23| sake of giving birth to children (since they claim not to 35 8”,23| inconveniences of giving birth to children, and bringing them up, and 36 8”,23| sinners as a father loves his children, and is sorry for them as 37 8”,23| and (we) were by nature children of wrath” (Eph. 2:3), instead 38 8”,23| saying “and we were truly children of wrath.” Some other theologians, 39 8”,23| not become godfathers to children being baptized (except in 40 8”,23| godfathers with the parents of children or to enter into any compact 41 8”,23| control who wants to make his children Orthodox. And again in ordinance 42 8”,23| other is a heretic, their children must become Orthodox. It 43 8”,23| chartularians, and their parents and children, are warned against giving 44 8”,23| of Title III decrees that children begotten by priests, deacons, 45 8”,23| as natural or as spurious children, but neither are they to 46 8”,23| possessed of a wife and children were wont to bequeath the 47 8”,23| the episcopate to their children at their own death as a 48 8”,23| taking care of a wife, of children oand of a whole household 49 8”,23| affairs of the Church to their children. But as regards priests 50 8”,23| his c. IV, says that male children ought to confess their sins 51 8”,23| age and up, whereas female children ought to do so beginning 52 8”,23| advancing years of our period, children constantly grow more and 53 8”,23| assistance) unless she had children or unless she had become 54 8”,23| s relief unless they had children and became over sixty years 55 8”,23| are worn also by innocent children, according to Sozomen and 56 8”,23| roads and having a wife and children, directly he became a Patriarch, 57 8”,23| mother, and wife, and his children, cannot be my disciple” ( 58 8”,23| Likewise those who pass their children through rigols. And, speaking 59 8”,23| custom for women and young children to hang Gospels round their 60 8”,23| takes to Orthodoxy, their children must all be brought up as 61 8”,23| consequence, neither ought the children of Christians bathe together 62 8”,23| the case of illegitimate children, and there is no knowing 63 8”,23| ought not to allow their children to become guilty of any 64 8”,23| blood be on us and on our children” (Matt. 27:25), everything 65 8”,23| parents may not take those children of theirs away from monasteries 66 8”,23| Nicephorus; 3) if worldly children are being taught letters 67 8”,23| monastery; since through these children whatever occurs in the monastery

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