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monasticism 1
monastics 3
monday 1
money 65
money-changers 2
mongus 1
monk 104
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67 priest
66 heresy
66 year
65 money
64 4
64 else
64 gregory

Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

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   Council,  Canon
1 1”,12| some of them even wasted money in an effort to re-establish 2 1”,12| some of them even spent money and by means of beneficia, 3 1”,17| who hath not lent out his money at interest” (Ps. 15:5), 4 1”,17| interest for the use of money, or otherwise exploiting 5 1”,17| charging of interest on money, but the present one expressly 6 1”,17| who hath not lent out his money at interest,” meaning the 7 1”,17| kingdom, and in lending money have been exacting a percentage 8 1”,17| to say, when lending his money to those in need of it, 9 1”,17| profit accruing from the money, thus calling himself, not 10 4”,2 | Bishop ordain anyone for money, and make merchandise of 11 4”,2 | belongs to the canon, for money, with the object of making 12 4”,2 | thus obtained by means of money. If, in fact, anyone even 13 4”,2 | these or other clergymen for money, and out of greed sells 14 4”,3 | to manage out of love of money. Therefore the holy and 15 4”,4 | pocket or out of the poor money of the church, in accordance 16 7”,10| called a percentage, on money either cease doing so or 17 7”,10| that charges interest on money which he has lent, or takes 18 7”,10| cent, say, for the use of money, let him either cease doing 19 7”,21| or are being ordained for money, and not in accordance with 20 7”,21| are ordained for giving money, and not for their worthiness 21 7”,22| influence of the Holy Spirit for money; but, on the contrary, it 22 7”,22| deacon[150] shall demand money of those to whom he imparts 23 7”,22| sanctification of the Holy Spirit for money, but, on the contrary, we 24 7”,22| Spirit could be sold for money.[151] Read also Ap. c. XXIX.~ ~ ~ 25 7”,60| they wish (in order to find money or other things they have 26 7”,75| and He even dumped out the money of the money-changers, or, 27 7”,87| grieved because he has no money wherewith to buy another. 28 8”,1 | are content with whatever money they have at hand, as St. 29 8”,4 | church in order to obtain money or on account of any other 30 8”,5 | without the giving of any money, those who have been doing 31 8”,5 | this dignity by means of money, let both him and the one 32 8”,5 | bishop ordain anyone for money, and make merchandise of 33 8”,5 | belongs to the canon, for money, with the object of making 34 8”,5 | thus obtained by means of money. If, in fact, anyone even 35 8”,5 | certain church, offered money to it of their own free 36 8”,5 | devoting or consecrating the money to God, according to Balsamon. 37 8”,5 | boasting of giving the money, and preferring mammon and 38 8”,5 | clergy without giving any money. So for this reason the 39 8”,5 | those who boast of this money and reproach the others 40 8”,5 | such clergymen[271] about money a deadly sin; and they call 41 8”,5 | they call their giving of money lawless, not in itself — 42 8”,5 | not to take this gift of money for ordination, since this 43 8”,5 | part forbids them to give money, not to be ordained, for 44 8”,5 | if they should offer such money for ordination they must 45 8”,5 | that whoever should give money to be ordained a clergyman 46 8”,19| allowing the admission for money of those joining the Sacerdotal 47 8”,19| overcome by avarice as to take money as an inducement to admit 48 8”,19| office who in exchange for money should nominate even a Prosmonarius.[ 49 8”,19| seeing that they demand money in advance in order to consent 50 8”,23| distributing among them the money collected in church. Moreover, 51 8”,23| Constantinople, he sent money to Peter the Bishop of Alexandria, 52 8”,23| greater profit and more money to be made, Synesius as 53 8”,23| mortgage or to pawn, and taking money in consideration thereof; 54 8”,23| pledge will lose it and the money which they gave therefor, 55 8”,23| he shall pay damages in money; but if he is a poor man, 56 8”,23| traffickers in Christ, demand money from the Christians who 57 8”,23| Bishop of that city took money from his relatives and gave 58 8”,23| this way he made a lot of money. But, while going from one 59 8”,23| or nominates a person for money shall be deposed from office, 60 8”,23| those who ordain others for money; this canon, on the other 61 8”,23| saying, of those who for money consent to enroll among 62 8”,23| to possess themselves of money and who admit those persons 63 8”,23| persons who apply to them with money, but without money refuse 64 8”,23| with money, but without money refuse to admit them into 65 8”,23| in another if he accepts money for admitting those who

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