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Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

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   Council,  Canon
1 Intro | completely exceptional in earlier times, became more numerous; this 2 Intro | as it may, in Byzantine times and even later on no doubts 3 1”,2 | ordains. For it says: Since in times past many things have occurred 4 1”,7 | one, even in subsequent times, yet only honor without 5 1”,8 | them, according to fixed times, with the Canon of repentance 6 2”,7 | same time blowing three times into their face and into 7 4”,16| Basil.)~ ~Interpretation.~In times of old some women wearing 8 4”,23| permission, and even at times in spite of the fact that 9 7”,1 | said holy Councils, and the times and places, and above all 10 7”,13| and continued from ancient times in force, well knowing that 11 7”,19| discourses of their own, lest, at times, being resourceless, they 12 7”,36| 37.~ Since at various times there have been inroads 13 7”,50| were Armenians, at other times slaves, sometimes even slapping 14 7”,50| are called actors who at times pretend that they are masters 15 7”,50| masters or lords, and at other times that they are slaves or 16 7”,59| such persons at various times were actually chained and 17 7”,94| them by breathing three times into their faces and into 18 8”,23| he has wounded her many times without even knowing it.” 19 8”,23| concerned about how many times the wound has been bandaged, 20 8”,23| sign of the cross three times, and repeating some prayers 21 8”,23| had a free hand in their times, while the Orthodox Christians 22 8”,23| that person was called at times the Father, and at times 23 8”,23| times the Father, and at times the Son, and at oth3r times 24 8”,23| times the Son, and at oth3r times the Holy Spirit according 25 8”,23| Athanasius and Epiphanius, at times he used to say that the 26 8”,23| without a soul, while at other times, being ashamed of his ignorance 27 8”,23| Nicaea, composed at various times. In fact, we will not allow 28 8”,23| nose cut off). For in the times of Zeno, when the Monphysites 29 8”,23| with us, while at other times he used to say that before 30 8”,23| Balsamon says, that in those times the Exarchs of dioceses 31 8”,23| Gregoras assert that in their times the Bishop of Constantinople 32 8”,23| reprimanded, and must pass three times forty days of penance, and 33 8”,23| various persons and at various times, yet, in spite of this, 34 8”,23| being called such. Hence in times subsequent to the Cappadocian 35 8”,23| someone else before the times of these interpreters recapitulated 36 8”,23| an Ecumenical Council, at times the audacious and impudent 37 8”,23| investigation; while at other times they allege that Honorius 38 8”,23| men); and again at other times they assert many other driveling 39 8”,23| purity, but that in those times for the Greeks who were 40 8”,23| womankind, and not at all times, according to this Council, 41 8”,23| not, let it occur at all times. The same Chrysostom calls 42 8”,23| only in some places at some times. Balsamon, however, though 43 8”,23| been disregarded by many at times. But inasmuch as they are 44 8”,23| renewed by many at various times. Thus, for instance, Dioscorus 45 8”,23| be on their guard at all times.~ ~ [171] By tonsure here 46 8”,23| afterwards, at different times, those persons, nevertheless, 47 8”,23| ought always and at all times to be engaged in uttering 48 8”,23| fitness, and that in those times monks and nuns were wont 49 8”,23| contrary, it dates from the times of the successors of the 50 8”,23| commandments — for four times ten make forty.~ ~ [179] 51 8”,23| incense, and bowing three times in adoration, thus may they 52 8”,23| stich. 5); just as in olden times sanctification used to be 53 8”,23| the Christians of olden times used to carry one round 54 8”,23| the church in Apostolic times. When they were going to 55 8”,23| other musicians of olden times such meaningless words and 56 8”,23| who was living in those times, had died in the city called 57 8”,23| oaths were ten thousand times wonderful and great, he 58 8”,23| in order to appear at all times like beardless young men; 59 8”,23| administration, because in olden times nearly every church had 60 8”,23| matter of compromise with the times; 2) that statues ought not 61 8”,23| icons) as they have many times been sensually seen by many 62 8”,23| became such in the immediate times of the iconomachic emperors, 63 8”,23| been formulated at various times by our sacred Fathers, accepting 64 8”,23| had himself baptized many times as a trade, so that in this

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