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Alphabetical    [«  »]
presbyter-abbot 1
presbyter-monk 1
presbyteresses 2
presbyters 63
presbytery 4
presbytidas 1
presbytides 1
Frequency    [«  »]
63 baptism
63 hands
63 jerusalem
63 presbyters
62 6
62 decreed
62 husband

Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

IntraText - Concordances


   Council,  Canon
1 1”,2 | say, they ordained them presbyters or bishops; since, I say, 2 1”,3 | power of the divine Canons presbyters and deacons and subdeacons 3 1”,9 | persons have been promoted to Presbyters without due examination, 4 1”,9 | some persons have been made presbyters without being examined, 5 1”,15| not only bishops but also presbyters and deacons must be ordained 6 1”,16| 16.~ Any Presbyters or Deacons, or other persons 7 1”,16| preceding this one ordains for presbyters and deacons to be reinstated 8 1”,16| return, by decreeing that any presbyters or deacons, or others enumerated 9 1”,16| but with their fellow presbyters and deacons in the same 10 1”,18| giving the Eucharist to Presbyters, which is something that 11 1”,18| that they are inferior to Presbyters. Let them take the Eucharist 12 1”,18| Eucharist in due order after the Presbyters, with either the Bishop 13 1”,18| either the Bishop or the Presbyters administering it to them. 14 1”,18| for Deacons to sit among Presbyters, for to do so is contrary 15 1”,18| the divine Eucharist to presbyters, a thing which neither any 16 1”,18| are communing before the presbyters have done so. So let all 17 1”,18| inferior to and lower than presbyters; and what is inferior must 18 1”,18| Eucharist in due order after the presbyters have partaken thereof, letting 19 1”,18| deacons any right to sit among presbyters, since this too is disorderly 20 1”,18| that deacons are peers of presbyters, which is not really so. 21 1”,18| to take a seat before the presbyters (have done so) is to be 22 1”,18| be honored more than the presbyters. But even c. XX of Laodicea 23 1”,18| Bema sit down before the presbyters have done so, and on this 24 1”,18| who sit down before the presbyters do, not in church, but in 25 4 | with Boniface and Basil presbyters, and with these were also 26 4”,2 | According to Zonaras, Bishops, Presbyters, and Deacons are ordained 27 4”,9 | Carthage prescribes that if presbyters and deacons are accused, 28 6 | Constantinople; Theodore and Sergius, presbyters, together with John, a deacon, 29 7”,3 | whether they happen to be Presbyters or Deacons — it has seemed 30 7”,3 | marriage,[135] that is to say, Presbyters and Deacons and Subdeacons, 31 7”,3 | bigamists in holy ordersPresbyters, that is to say, or Deacons — 32 7”,3 | the Great says. All those Presbyters, again, Deacons, and Subdeacons, 33 7”,7 | to sit down ahead of the Presbyters, we decree that no matter 34 7”,7 | audacious and sit down ahead of Presbyters, henceforth no deacon, in 35 7”,7 | and precedence over all Presbyters, not because he is a deacon, 36 7”,7 | deacons not take precedence of Presbyters and sit down ahead of them, 37 7”,12| saying: “Ordain elders (or presbyters) in every city, as I have 38 7”,13| Subdeacons and Deacons and Presbyters, busying themselves as they 39 7”,13| about to become deacons and presbyters must promise and agree at 40 7”,13| subdeacons, deacons, and presbyters who come in contact with 41 7”,13| subdeacons, deacons, and presbyters from lawfully mingling with 42 7”,14| ought to be imitated by presbyters, who are ordained through 43 7”,16| was the arrangement one of Presbyters? So far, though there had 44 7”,16| name of Deacons nor that of Presbyters is appropriate.” Resting 45 7”,16| office of either deacons or presbyters of the Mysteries, since 46 7”,19| but secondarily also the Presbyters, must teach all the Clergy 47 7”,77| to the bishop, or to the presbyters who are catechizing them, 48 8”,3 | that the fact that both presbyters and deacons are elected 49 8”,4 | laying down a Canon to the presbyters of the Ephesians, but rather 50 8”,23| have no right to ordain presbyters and deacons either in their 51 8”,23| appear to be in some cases presbyters only, and in other cases 52 8”,23| receive theirs) through the Presbyters.” And again: “Since they ( 53 8”,23| holy gates and serving the presbyters when they were baptizing 54 8”,23| bless nor do anything that presbyters and deacons do.” In addition 55 8”,23| which decreed that bishops, presbyters, and deacons had to make 56 8”,23| as for the principle that presbyters and deacons should be obliged 57 8”,23| classed with bishops and presbyters and numbers with them, one 58 8”,23| good works.” But that the Presbyters were also deans of the churches 59 8”,23| 226) where he calls the Presbyters “Pastors” (or shepherds), 60 8”,23| the outward guise of the presbyters, which they wear; e) the 61 8”,23| commune in company with presbyters and deacons when they have 62 8”,23| they are to be retained by presbyters who have confessed their 63 8”,23| of Leo the Wise says for presbyters, deacons, and subdeacons

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