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Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

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   Council,  Canon
1 Intro | invalidity of Roman Catholic baptism is particularily appreciated 2 1”,2 | and a longer trial after baptism. The Apostolical letter, 3 1”,2 | religion), and right after baptism they promoted them to an 4 1”,8 | also declared that after baptism a sinner could no longer 5 1”,10| would purify them as does baptism, in accordance with the 6 1”,10| the contrary, who before baptism sacrificed to idols are 7 1”,14| deferred only the rite of baptism. Wherefore they were allowed 8 1”,14| penanced for sinning before baptism. For in that case he would 9 1”,14| virtue of the rite of holy baptism. But the catechumens are 10 1”,14| yet been reborn through baptism (seeing that they are not 11 1”,19| improperly designates the baptism of Paulianists as a baptism, 12 1”,19| baptism of Paulianists as a baptism, and in comparing it with 13 1”,19| in comparing it with our baptism, and not with itself, it 14 1”,19| clergymen before their Orthodox baptism, because the prelates who 15 1”,19| rebaptized with an Orthodox baptism, if their life appears to 16 1”,19| called what they instituted baptism, it also called what they 17 1”,19| reckoned as laywomen after baptism, just as they were prior 18 2”,7 | Zonaras, in respect of holy baptism they nowise differ from 19 2”,7 | other hand, who practiced baptism with a single immersion, 20 4”,14| baptized a child with the baptism of heretics, in case that 21 4”,14| in case that heretical baptism with which the child has 22 4”,14| differ from the Orthodox baptism so far as concerns the matter 23 4”,14| baptized, seeing that the baptism of all heretics !s in the 24 4”,14| of a pollution, and not a baptism; read also the Interpretations 25 4”,14| and LXVIII). But if that baptism was not acceptable the child 26 4”,14| longer with the heretical baptism, nor are they to join them 27 7”,3 | involved in two marriages after baptism, or has acquired a concubine, “ 28 7”,30| residences, or who carry out a baptism therein, without having 29 7”,52| of a holy and salvatory baptism, have entered into a marriage 30 7”,52| stood sponsor for at holy baptism, since this relationship 31 7”,58| 59.~ Let no Baptism be performed for anyone 32 7”,58| present Canon commands that no baptism is to be carried out in 33 7”,58| who concerned in such a baptism, let him be excommunicated. 34 7”,63| fact that he only knew the baptism of the Lord (Acts 28:25), 35 7”,77| being enlightened (through baptism) must learn all about the 36 7”,77| prepared for enlightenment and baptism as catechumens (see the 37 7”,95| have put on Christ through baptism have solemnly promised to 38 7”,95| have renounced through holy baptism.~ ~Concord.~It is on this 39 8”,23| hands serves him in lieu of baptism, since by imposition of 40 8”,23| persons, and the grace of baptism is in no respect injuriously 41 8”,23| connection with rite of baptism, say, or in connection with 42 8”,23| through and by virtue of baptism. But the Holy Virgin is 43 8”,23| a liturgy or performs a baptism with an antimension in a 44 8”,23| in this c. XXXI allows a baptism to be performed in a prayerhouse 45 8”,23| altogether any performing of a baptism within a prayerhouse, just 46 8”,23| stand as witnesses to the baptism on every occasion and in 47 8”,23| Perhaps, however, it prohibits baptism in oratories (only) when 48 8”,23| also a third reason why baptism should be performed in churches, 49 8”,23| the child, and after the baptism must commence the divine 50 8”,23| reborn spiritually through baptism. If, however, the infant 51 8”,23| precisely as there is but one baptism, in the sense in which the 52 8”,23| ch. 20) says that just as baptism is one and one only, so 53 8”,23| its c. XXXI permitted a baptism to be performed in an oratory, 54 8”,23| completely permissible for a baptism to be performed in an oratory 55 8”,23| given in the type of the baptism of John, according to Paisius 56 8”,23| given in the type of the baptism of the Lord, according to 57 8”,23| until the time came for baptism is plainly evident from 58 8”,23| about to be enlightened [by baptism]): “I wish to eradicate 59 8”,23| you want to learn that the baptism of all heretics in general 60 8”,23| baptize him in the Orthodox baptism and saying that the baptism 61 8”,23| baptism and saying that the baptism which he had received was 62 8”,23| full-grown man perfected after baptism. For them to paint Paul 63 8”,23| unlawful multiplication of baptism.~ ~ [275] It is found worded

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