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hurling 1
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husband 62
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husbands 7
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63 presbyters
62 6
62 decreed
62 husband
62 very
61 7th
61 civil

Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

IntraText - Concordances


   Council,  Canon
1 7”,12| if any be blameless, the husband of one wife” (Titus 1:5– 2 7”,39| has been the wife of one husband” (1 Tim. 5:9). The sacred 3 7”,47| gets divorced from her own husband in advance after his ordination 4 7”,71| Apostle: “For the infidel husband is sanctified by the wife, 5 7”,71| the infidel wife by the husband” (1 Cor. 7:14).~(c. XIV 6 7”,71| thing, because the infidel husband becomes sanctified by living 7 7”,71| living with her believing husband. And for another thing, 8 7”,71| whether thou shalt save thy husband?” demands the same St. Paul, “ 9 7”,71| or how knowest thou, O husband, whether thou shalt save 10 7”,86| woman who has abandoned her husband is an adulteress if she 11 7”,86| shall not return to her husband, but by polluting herself 12 7”,86| to have departed from her husband without a good reason, the 13 7”,86| communion with the Church. Any husband, however, who abandons his 14 7”,86| any wife who leaves her husband and takes another is an 15 7”,86| longer return to her first husband (without his wanting her, 16 7”,86| wife has departed from her husband without a good reason and 17 7”,86| with good reason leave her husband: but no other occasion is 18 7”,86| fornication or adultery), the husband deserves to be pardoned 19 7”,86| departure. The pardon which the husband shall receive because thereof 20 7”,92| 93.~ After her husband’s departure and when he 21 7”,92| await the return of their husband when he has left home. Nevertheless, 22 7”,92| absence has taken another husband, he shall have the right, 23 7”,92| XXXI) saying that if the husband of a woman departs and does 24 7”,92| being informed that her husband has died, takes another 25 7”,92| XLVI of Basil) takes to husband that man who was left a 26 7”,92| prevented from taking a lawful husband if she wish to do so. It 27 7”,92| both her and her second husband because they married without 28 7”,97| called in the Gospels the husband of the holy Virgin, and 29 8”,23| If any be blameless, the husband of one wife” (Titus 1:6) 30 8”,23| account that he said, ‘the husband of one wife,’ not that nowadays 31 8”,23| deemed a great thing for a husband to have but one wife” (Discourse 32 8”,23| if any be blameless, the husband of one wife”: not that he 33 8”,23| sensual kind) afforded by her husband, needs all the sixty years 34 8”,23| must be divorced from her husband by mutual consent, and not 35 8”,23| over her own body, but her husband has it; and likewise also 36 8”,23| it; and likewise also a husband hath not control over his 37 8”,23| party of the couple, the husband, that is to say, or the 38 8”,23| nun without obtaining her husband’s consent. So much for the 39 8”,23| So then if, while her husband liveth, she be married to 40 8”,23| let the wife stay with her husband, if not for the sake of 41 8”,23| agreement she made with her husband that he might become a monk 42 8”,23| become a nun even without her husband being willing. As for those, 43 8”,23| Basilica, does say that the husband and the wife may, after 44 8”,23| under the control of her husband (as well as vice versa) 45 8”,23| promise to God, and her husband happens to hear her and 46 8”,23| on the other hand, her husband does not keep silent, but, 47 8”,23| nun herself or to have her husband become a monk; and if after 48 8”,23| take an Orthodox man to husband. For what communion can 49 8”,23| is also applicable to any husband who knows that his wife 50 8”,23| 225] I said that the husband can marry a second time 51 8”,23| adultery the wife deserts her husband and takes another. If, however, 52 8”,23| wife merely deserts her husband without grounds of adultery 53 8”,23| not take another man as husband, but remains as she is, 54 8”,23| remains as she is, then her husband is not allowed to take another 55 8”,23| Melchol took that second husband against her will (II Sam. 56 8”,23| fails to come back, her husband himself shall be separated 57 8”,23| hand, cannot take another husband, but must remain as she 58 8”,23| second marriage only when her husband dies, according to the Apostle ( 59 8”,23| that battalion to which her husband belonged, who shall affirm 60 8”,23| Gospels as witnesses that her husband actually died; then, after 61 8”,23| soldier who was her real husband when he returns from war; 62 8”,23| ready to let their second husband go and who do not insist

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