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Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

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   Council,  Canon
1 7 | inscriptions of the venerable icons is to be found added also 2 7”,81| paintings of the venerable icons, a lamb is inscribed as 3 7”,81| be inscribed even in the icons instead of the ancient lamb: 4 8 | adoration before the holy icons, but they even called them 5 8 | that the venerable and holy icons, painted or mosaic, or made 6 8 | the persons beholding the icons. Accordingly, such persons 7 8”,7 | the face in the venerable icons from the Church, they have 8 8”,7 | deprived the Church of the holy icons, also flouted some other 9 8”,9 | forth against the venerable icons, must be turned in to the 10 8”,9 | composed against the holy icons and which are flimsy as 11 8”,13| them on account of the holy icons from their bishoprics and 12 8”,16| besides rejecting holy icons, rejected also everything 13 8”,23| the adoration of the holy icons (i.e., pictures of the saints, 14 8”,23| favor of adoration of the icons, were accusing them of being 15 8”,23| boat separated with holy icons, as also the priests of 16 8”,23| as is to be seen in many icons representing the Nativity 17 8”,23| Christ or in any other holy icons the four animals alone which 18 8”,23| roast meat, before the holy icons. They dedicate the skin 19 8”,23| writing against the holy icons, mention oil paintings and 20 8”,23| recounts the fact that the icons of the Apostles Peter and 21 8”,23| or figure, of Christ in icons instead of the olden lamb 22 8”,23| instead, they are called holy icons (or, if they are not holy, 23 8”,23| any right to be called, icons or pictures, but, on the 24 8”,23| ought to be depicted (in icons) as they have many times 25 8”,23| angels can be depicted in icons is that they really possess 26 8”,23| explains). In the case of holy icons adoration and salutation ( 27 8”,23| recognize the venerable icons, and to adore them, or, 28 8”,23| homage that is done to holy icons, as St. John Damascene said 29 8”,23| his discourse concerning icons. Most especially to be noted 30 8”,23| Nor do we worship the holy icons as gods, or as Gods, as 31 8”,23| adoration is not paid to holy icons. Because in this way there 32 8”,23| which is paid to the holy icons. It is called relative because 33 8”,23| as for their pictures, or icons, we adore these only relatively, 34 8”,23| Records) that the precious icons are equivalent to the Gospel 35 8”,23| to be honored. The holy icons are not adored on account 36 8”,23| outlines of the pictures in the icons become utterly effaced — 37 8”,23| persons, however, bury such icons out of reverence. It is 38 8”,23| necessary to anoint the holy icons with myron (or chrism oil), 39 8”,23| we do not adore the holy icons because they are anointed 40 8”,23| Copronymus disparaged the holy icons by asserting that the name 41 8”,23| prayer is said over the icons, but said that like many 42 8”,23| to regard the venerable icons as holy and precious and 43 8”,23| Conciliar Records). The holy icons do not need any special 44 8”,23| becomes evident that holy icons do not need any special 45 8”,23| recently produced that the holy icons do not need any anointing 46 8”,23| be painted or depicted in icons and other pictures in the 47 8”,23| Dodecabiblus) that the holy icons perform miracles either 48 8”,23| engrave the frames of holy icons, or to hollow out the gold 49 8”,23| conjointly and on a par with the icons, that is not prohibited. 50 8”,23| pay adoration to the holy icons with trembling, and ought 51 8”,23| paying adoration to the holy icons, by keeping our five senses 52 8”,23| those who only have the holy icons in order to enjoy the contemplation 53 8”,23| paying adoration to holy icons: 1) the fact that they adorn 54 8”,23| have forgotten. Hence the icons are called books of the 55 8”,23| Saints upon their images (or icons), since according to the 56 8”,23| those who carry the holy icons of certain Saintsfeasts 57 8”,23| has written about the holy icons, extant in manuscripts) 58 8”,23| represents by means of the icons: on this account painters 59 8”,23| say, and then paint their icons in accordance with the Gospel 60 8”,23| are ones which painters of icons are prone to commit as a 61 8”,23| painters, in order that the icons they paint may resemble

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