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Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

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   Council,  Canon
1 Intro | even possible that this definition has influenced the usage 2 1”,15| holy and great Council’s definition, anyone should attempt to 3 1”,17| after the adoption of this definition receiving interest for the 4 1”,19| catholic Church, it is made a definition that they be rebaptized 5 1”,19| present Canon: It is made a definition that Paulianists be rebaptized, 6 2”,5 | Westerners, that is to say, the definition confirming the holy Creed 7 2”,5 | contrary thereto, which definition the Western Fathers assembled 8 2”,5 | manner they accepted also the definition of the faith set forth by 9 3 | views, and drew up its own definition of faith,[72] wherein it 10 3 | this Third Council made a definition of its own (as Dositheus 11 4 | is the same as saying the definition laid down by the Third Council, 12 4 | and it made it its own definition of the Orthodox faith, which 13 4”,10| hereby prohibited, after the definition of this great and ecumenical 14 7”,1 | in accordance with the definition (or rule) already previously 15 7”,2 | Ecumenical, there was also a definition within which were comprised 16 7”,27| accordance with the divine definition, is enabled to grow and 17 7”,36| accordance with the same definition; and that any and all administration 18 7”,36| duly established. For the definition of economy shall not be 19 7”,36| accordance with the same definition, or, more plainly speaking, 20 7”,36| and of barbarians, yet the definition of economy, or more plainly 21 7”,39| life, but must observe the definition handed down to us by the 22 7”,39| time and in defiance of the definition prescribed by the divine 23 7”,39| XVIII and especially in his Definition 15 in extenso. So, in sum, 24 7”,80| still persist after this definition in allowing this utterance 25 7”,94| in the Catholic Church, a definition has been promulgated that 26 8 | 6) the falsely so-called definition of the pseudo-council held 27 8 | and Saints, it issued a definition in its Act 7 worded as follows: “ 28 8”,23| and other words composed a definition of faith wherein they appear 29 8”,23| same place. So it is this definition of faith that the present 30 8”,23| Council accepted (though this definition may have been first composed 31 8”,23| in the same place), which definition and Tome are mentioned also 32 8”,23| accepted, so too its above definition of faith has been accorded 33 8”,23| there. Having made a sole definition of their own, the Fathers 34 8”,23| imparted it as a dogmatic definition to the whole world and handed 35 8”,23| contented itself with making a definition of its own and extraneously 36 8”,23| Nicene Creed, and towards the definition of the Third Ec. C. which 37 8”,23| however, and this same definition of the Third Ec. C. ought, 38 8”,23| accepted that Council’s definition, which runs as follows: “ 39 8”,23| say, having accepted this definition, condemned the addition 40 8”,23| Easterners was called a definition of Orthodoxy (Act fourth 41 8”,23| a column of piety, and a definition of Orthodoxy are simply 42 8”,23| Tarasius was called simply a definition of Orthodoxy; and the letters 43 8”,23| s letter to Nestorius a definition of its own; and see in the 44 8”,23| not make Leo’s letter a definition of its own, in spite of 45 8”,23| there could be no other definition. The definition confirmed 46 8”,23| no other definition. The definition confirmed the letter. All 47 8”,23| All that was added to the definition from the letter was merely 48 8”,23| unconfusable (explanation of the definition). The expressiontwo natures’ 49 8”,23| conformity with the essential definition and discourse.” Hence from 50 8”,23| Council asserted in its definition above that Christ is of 51 8”,23| ought, according to this definition, to be of the same religion. 52 8”,23| actually ratified the Council’s Definition with the seal of his imperial 53 8”,23| and deacons had to make a definition, or, in other words, a definite 54 8”,23| the Great (in Epitome by Definition What) one must neither eat 55 8”,23| faculty. For divine Basil (in Definition 15 in extenso) says that “ 56 8”,23| to St. Basil the Great (Definition 15 in extenso). “For,” says 57 8”,23| because in its present definition this Council says for images 58 8”,23| it may be said that this definition of this Council is antagonistic 59 8”,23| are acting contrary to the definition of this holy and Ecumenical 60 8”,23| is expressed in its above definition by the words “and to bestow 61 8”,23| this Council said in its definition: “Accordingly, such persons

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