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karai 1
karl-joseph 1
keeners 1
keep 59
keeping 36
keeps 7
kept 31
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60 nevertheless
59 adoration
59 alone
59 keep
59 latter
59 receive
59 viii

Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

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   Council,  Canon
1 1”,3 | that have no lawful wife to keep any strange woman in their 2 1”,3 | house. Except that they may keep a mother, a daughter, and 3 1”,8 | Bishop of the Church will keep the dignity of bishop, the 4 1”,8 | writing that they have to keep all dogmas of the catholic 5 7”,1 | preserve and safeguard and keep inviolable the faith declared 6 7”,1 | for anyone who fails to keep the aforesaid Holy Fathers’ 7 7”,5 | sister and an aunt; so as to keep himself from becoming liable 8 7”,5 | Likewise eunuchs, too, must keep themselves safe from any 9 7”,12| even after being ordained, keep on living with their wives, 10 7”,13| order that we may likewise keep the injunction handed down 11 7”,13| XXXIII, in order that we may keep likewise ourselves the tradition 12 7”,34| Metropolitan shall safely keep all such things undiminished 13 7”,34| take charge of them and keep them safe and nothing missing 14 7”,39| tendency of the faithful to keep the divine commandments 15 7”,55| As for those who fail to keep this rule, if they are clergymen, 16 7”,58| for anyone that fails to keep this rule, if he is a clergyman, 17 7”,67| give them away to others to keep, but who attempts to destroy 18 7”,69| means that women should keep silent in church, and out 19 7”,75| and Churches, in order to keep up respect for them. For 20 7”,89| commence the festival, and keep it up until the light of 21 7”,99| thine eyes look aright, and keep thy heart with all diligence” ( 22 7”,99| and that everyone of us keep his mind and heart away 23 8”,1 | prophetic voice commands us to keep the testimonies of God, 24 8”,1 | Thou hast commanded me to keep Thy testimonies forever, 25 8”,1 | prophet’s commands us to keep the testimonies of God forever, 26 8”,2 | behooves all Christians to keep this for their own salvation, 27 8”,2 | to fear the Lord, and to keep all His commandments, but 28 8”,10| point, therefore, let him keep re-reading the divine Scriptures 29 8”,11| All of us being obliged to keep the divine Canons, we ought 30 8”,18| during that time, but let her keep to herself in a different 31 8”,18| act of service, but are to keep away until they depart, 32 8”,23| whom to class those who keep women in their house or 33 8”,23| allow them a marriage, or to keep them with the unmarried.~ 34 8”,23| apply also to those who keep beardless young men in their 35 8”,23| are suffered by those who keep subintroductae women. “For 36 8”,23| contrary, they were ordered to keep all the years. For this 37 8”,23| ought to sentence them to keep the forms of repentance 38 8”,23| during persecution, and would keep aloof from the uncleanness, 39 8”,23| The (sacred) monks are to keep within their monasteries, 40 8”,23| cenobites that monk who can keep himself uninjured and unharmed 41 8”,23| priests worshiping Him therein keep His will. One could not 42 8”,23| imperative that men should keep these days who are about 43 8”,23| guard the sacred doors to keep anyone from entering the 44 8”,23| willingly and spontaneously, and keep away from it altogether, 45 8”,23| penanced because they failed to keep them safe and in a secure 46 8”,23| hand, her husband does not keep silent, but, on the contrary, 47 8”,23| Euchologion, and who neither keep it prepared to serve in 48 8”,23| Thessalonica says (Reply 41), to keep presanctified elements in 49 8”,23| names, in order that we may keep from sinning gravely by 50 8”,23| adoration of the Saints, keep in their churches on a high 51 8”,23| pardoned and allowed to keep the second man, since both 52 8”,23| whether it is possible to keep His commandment. It is more 53 8”,23| is more impossible not to keep His commandment than to 54 8”,23| His commandment than to keep it.” And again he says ( 55 8”,23| following him, be ashamed and keep their mouth shut, instead 56 8”,23| to teach the faithful to keep not some of the commandments, 57 8”,23| to ignore others, but to keep all commandments without 58 8”,23| Himself has commanded us to keep all His commandments. For 59 8”,23| promising to recognize and keep the Canons decreed by them,

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