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adopted 19
adoption 3
adopts 1
adoration 59
adore 15
adored 9
adorer 1
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60 became
60 fourth
60 nevertheless
59 adoration
59 alone
59 keep
59 latter

Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

IntraText - Concordances


   Council,  Canon
1 2 | correcting the glorification and adoration of the Holy Trinity which 2 7”,1 | the Holy Spirit with one adoration, and deposed and denounced 3 7”,72| and in sentiment paying it adoration, we by all means command 4 7”,72| to render due honor and adoration to it, both with the mind, 5 7”,78| the pretense of offering adoration to Mary the Theotoke, and 6 8 | to kiss and bow down in adoration before the holy icons, but 7 8 | and to pay them honorary adoration, what is more important, 8 8 | and whoever bows down in adoration before the icon, is at the 9 8 | same time bowing down in adoration to the substance (or hypostasis) 10 8”,23| approbation of the doctrine of the adoration of the holy icons (i.e., 11 8”,23| Fathers) were in favor of adoration of the icons, were accusing 12 8”,23| and bowing three times in adoration, thus may they partake thence, 13 8”,23| discarded every trace of adoration of the Saints, keep in their 14 8”,23| respect bow down to it in adoration. What am I saying, emperors 15 8”,23| the Testimony, and by this adoration separated the Israelites 16 8”,23| also says: “Whosoever pays adoration to the icon, is thereby 17 8”,23| icon, is thereby paying adoration also to the King.” Likewise 18 8”,23| In the case of holy icons adoration and salutation (commonly 19 8”,23| embrace and kiss and honorary adoration.” But the word adoration 20 8”,23| adoration.” But the word adoration may be taken in a broader 21 8”,23| distinguished as “worshiping adoration” is a quite different matter 22 8”,23| which is termed irrelative adoration and that which is termed 23 8”,23| which is termed relative adoration. Worshipping adoration is 24 8”,23| relative adoration. Worshipping adoration is rendered only to God 25 8”,23| Eucharist. For whoever pays adoration to Christ, according to 26 8”,23| conjointly therewith paying adoration to the Father and the Holy 27 8”,23| Trinity; and whoever pays adoration to Christ is paying adoration 28 8”,23| adoration to Christ is paying adoration to Him as a God and Lord 29 8”,23| and to pay them honorary adoration, but, what is more important, 30 8”,23| 8). You see that He let adoration be paid also to others, 31 8”,23| For this reason also the adoration which rendered at the divine 32 8”,23| out differently from that adoration which is paid to them before 33 8”,23| prostration.) As for irrelative adoration, that is what is done when 34 8”,23| pictured. But this kind of adoration is not paid to holy icons. 35 8”,23| their Creator). Relative adoration, on the other hand, standing 36 8”,23| midway between worshiping adoration and irrelative adoration, 37 8”,23| adoration and irrelative adoration, is that which is paid to 38 8”,23| pictured, with a single act of adoration, true enough, yet homonymically 39 8”,23| by paying Him worshiping adoration as Christ, but we adore 40 8”,23| slaves of Christ with servile adoration, that is to say, with slavish 41 8”,23| is to say, with slavish adoration, or adoration befitting 42 8”,23| with slavish adoration, or adoration befitting a slave (as adorer), 43 8”,23| picture, we accord it relative adoration (and see Dositheus, page 44 8”,23| are adored with relative adoration, that is to say, yet, in 45 8”,23| spite of this, in order of adoration, the holy Gospel is the 46 8”,23| generally speaking, the order of adoration of their pictures follows 47 8”,23| we at once proceed to pay adoration to it both on account of 48 8”,23| entitled to veneration and adoration among us in spite of the 49 8”,23| acquire sanctity, and with the adoration which we pay to it, and 50 8”,23| embracing and paying honorary adoration to a holy icon that has 51 8”,23| and yet, in spite of this, adoration is paid to them relatively 52 8”,23| of the persons paying it adoration) and divine economy; and 53 8”,23| prohibited. We ought to pay adoration to the holy icons with trembling, 54 8”,23| the privilege of paying adoration to the holy icons, by keeping 55 8”,23| acquire the right to pay adoration to them, according to Act 56 8”,23| practice of painting and paying adoration to holy icons: 1) the fact 57 8”,23| of Christ we are paying adoration to Christ Himself, on the 58 8”,23| crucifix we are not paying adoration to Christ, but to that original 59 8”,23| the crucifix we are paying adoration to the Cross. And we add

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