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Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

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   Council,  Canon
1 1”,9 | to holy orders, and the prelates who examined them, acting 2 1”,19| Orthodox baptism, because the prelates who ordained them were not 3 3”,8 | transgressed, and in order that prelates, under the pretext of sacerdotalism, 4 4”,30| consent and approval. Yet the prelates in the Council would not 5 7”,8 | year. But inasmuch as the prelates find it difficult to assemble 6 7”,12| and in other regions, the prelates there, even after being 7 7”,12| the prelacy. For though prelates may live with their wives 8 7”,12| of Christ.” If any of the prelates is living with his wife, 9 7”,36| decrees that inasmuch as some prelates after being duly ordained 10 7”,36| or, in other words, as prelates, is to be firm and legal.[ 11 8”,2 | does He the ecclesiastical prelates who are the shepherds of 12 8”,4 | the following orders to prelates: “Tend the flock of God, 13 8”,13| evils that occurred, many prelates were ousted by them on account 14 8”,18| brings great discredit upon prelates and monks both among secular 15 8”,19| Headman” is a designation for prelates and priests, and for abbots 16 8”,23| one chosen with the other prelates assisting in the ceremony, 17 8”,23| Bishop of Caesarea. These prelates were called Patriarchs not 18 8”,23| in them, whether they are prelates or priests, for the salvation 19 8”,23| was given, true enough, to prelates to augment or to reduce 20 8”,23| priests but even of the prelates themselves, in spite of 21 8”,23| sort actually disturbed the prelates of that time on account 22 8”,23| more must not it demand of prelates?~ ~ [37] Note that a Deaconess, 23 8”,23| concluded from this letter that prelates are permitted to resign 24 8”,23| Church, that is to say, for prelates to offer written resignations. 25 8”,23| therewith was it signed by the prelates in the fourth act of the 26 8”,23| sent to Tarasius by the prelates of the East were described 27 8”,23| Hence it is evident that prelates are violating the Canons 28 8”,23| desires of the world, the prelates who ordain have to pay the 29 8”,23| because various Patriarchs and Prelates used to come to the Emperor 30 8”,23| the present Council, the prelates who convoked the Sixth Ecumenical 31 8”,23| prohibited by an Ecumenical Canon prelates from having a wife: 1) Because 32 8”,23| in view of the fact that prelates belong to the consumate 33 8”,23| strict sobriety. 2) Because prelates possessed of a wife and 34 8”,23| Council prohibited marriage to prelates by means of this Canon. 35 8”,23| marriage was forbidden to prelates, but by a local, and not 36 8”,23| Apostles merely allowed prelates to have wives, but did not 37 8”,23| Jews and Gentiles: for the prelates of both Jews and Gentiles 38 8”,23| so that the republic of prelates might flourish with celibacy 39 8”,23| that is to say, and virgin prelates. Secondly, the fact that 40 8”,23| For it had to prohibit prelates from marrying, for the reasons 41 8”,23| Most all-sacred and holy prelates, take care, for the love 42 8”,23| Hence both priests and prelates must employ some shift in 43 8”,23| priests who receive these from prelates, it would appear, by implication 44 8”,23| given by Emperor Alexius for prelates to be elected by vote in 45 8”,23| Note that although the prelates of thrones captured by barbarians 46 8”,23| Christians, and the holy prelates ought to put forth every 47 8”,23| lottery.~ ~ [208] Let those prelates fear the penance of the 48 8”,23| sudden death. Hear ye, O Prelates, hear ye, O Priests, hear 49 8”,23| them buried there, and the Prelates and Priests, who permit 50 8”,23| For the love of God, holy Prelates, prevent this dire evil 51 8”,23| sensible leaders and rulers and prelates, and they are well aware 52 8”,23| contracts.~ ~ [251] Hence prelates ought to apply very severe 53 8”,23| though in many regions the prelates allow others to perform 54 8”,23| in fact, in Moscow the prelates allow archimandrites to 55 8”,23| the Holy Table. Hence all prelates who perform great dedications, 56 8”,23| great dedications, and all prelates who perform so called small 57 8”,23| Christians, and especially to His Prelates and Priests! But if these 58 8”,23| things are forbidden to Prelates and Priests and Clerics,

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