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Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

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   Council,  Canon
1 Intro | problems in regard to their meaning and applicability. Given 2 Intro | concerned to set out the exact meaning of the texts, also giving 3 Intro | obviously to determine the exact meaning of each canon. We must, 4 Intro | punctuation.50 The exact meaning of terms must be determined 5 Intro | Investigation into the meaning and extent of a canon requires, 6 1”,4 | Balsamon, explain the text as meaning to be appointed, instead 7 1”,4 | be appointed, instead of meaning to be voted for; and others 8 1”,12| beneficia (a Latin word meaning much the same as the English 9 1”,14| English), which is defined as meaning to teach beginners the faith 10 1”,17| his money at interest,” meaning the righteous man who is 11 1”,19| to understand, yet their meaning is this: We have referred 12 2 | 41] and by developing the meaning of Article 8 in reference 13 2”,1 | that the Orthodox faith, meaning the creed adopted by the 14 2”,6 | hyperhorial” (a Greek word meaning about the same thing as 15 2”,7 | the Greek word aristos, meaningbest,” though as a word 16 2”,7 | Note of Translator. — The meaning of this word here is more 17 2”,7 | according to Zonaras, as meaningpublication or issue”)[ 18 3 | a Theotoke (a Greek word meaning “she who has given birth 19 7 | Rhinotmetus (a Greek word meaning “with the nose cut off”), 20 7”,1 | Translator. — Lest the exact meaning of this exceedingly important 21 7”,31| proceed to reveal the father’s meaning Orthodoxically. For, in 22 7”,31| are making known the true meaning of the saint’s words, which 23 7”,36| 166] For although rigor, meaning the theoretical possibility 24 7”,41| in question is eremites, meaning “(a monk) inhabiting the 25 7”,50| but two words in Greek, meaning, approximately, “hunting 26 7”,98| error. Such was not the meaning intended. For the phrase “ 27 8”,23| indulging in adultery (probably meaning fornication), and being 28 8”,23| not scandalized (probably meaning tantalized)? You are a man 29 8”,23| Thessalonica, is interpreted as meaning that the synod (or council) 30 8”,23| Egypt, etc. And this was the meaning attached to the present 31 8”,23| every council, as the Canon (meaning the present one) of the 32 8”,23| we can ascertain the true meaning of this Council by considering 33 8”,23| latter. That this is the meaning of the Canon is attested 34 8”,23| Note of Translator. — The meaning of this observation is that 35 8”,23| here to present the exact meaning of the original.) Read also 36 8”,23| ibid.). But what is the meaning of the expression “something 37 8”,23| just as the (the Greek word meaning the same thing as the English) 38 8”,23| the expression Filioque (meaning “and out of the Son”), which 39 8”,23| and in illustration of his meaning he cited that Apostolic 40 8”,23| world. For according to the meaning of their name monks they 41 8”,23| represents the Canon as meaning the Bishop of Rome by the 42 8”,23| be taken to have a plural meaning of “dioceses,” just as, 43 8”,23| asserted that He was a ctisma (meaning something built, i.e., a 44 8”,23| of the Greek word Kyrios, meaning, approximately, Lord, Sir, 45 8”,23| liturgy in a private place (meaning a common place, and not 46 8”,23| in accordance with the meaning of their name as being employed 47 8”,23| indicate this to be the meaning of his words. Or it may 48 8”,23| are inconsistent with the meaning and acceptation of the present 49 8”,23| eminently consistent with its meaning. For it compares deaconesses 50 8”,23| the Greek word “apalabon,” meaning “who has taken up”) the 51 8”,23| derived from the noun oionos, meaning a raven or vulture). In 52 8”,23| Epilochia of the Theotoke” (meaning the Puerperium of the Woman 53 8”,23| from the Greek eoikenai, meaning to “look like,” or, in other 54 8”,23| compound verb proskyno, meaning to adore) means “to embrace 55 8”,23| an intensification of the meaningembrace and kiss” and implies 56 8”,23| order to express the full meaning of the Greek word in English 57 8”,23| were only guessing at its meaning. The Douay Version of the

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