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Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

IntraText - Concordances


   Council,  Canon
1 1”,8 | hold communion with persons married a second time, and with 2 1”,8 | communion to persons that had married twice. He had also declared 3 1”,8 | will accept those who have married twice, and those who were 4 1”,19| liturgy[37] she later gets married. Canon XLIV of St. Basil 5 4”,15| together with the man who has married her. Armenopoulos, moreover, 6 7”,3 | those in holy orders who had married a second time and had remained 7 7”,3 | who, after being ordained, married likewise too, after being 8 7”,13| 141] So that whoever is married with a lawful wife and is 9 7”,71| let any Orthodox woman be married to a heretical man. But 10 7”,71| an Orthodox woman to get married to a heretical man. But 11 7”,71| however, both parties were married while infidels in infidelity 12 7”,76| to desire. But not even married couples ought to bathe together, 13 7”,92| husbands have disappeared, get married (again), are subject to 14 7”,92| hand, who has unwittingly married a man who has been temporarily 15 7”,92| the wives of soldiers get married a second time, on account 16 7”,92| of non-soldiers who have married a second time) inasmuch 17 7”,92| without knowing that he was married, and who afterwards lets 18 7”,92| safer for her not to get married. The rest of the Canon is 19 7”,92| years whose wife has got married a second time because of 20 7”,92| second husband because they married without knowing that he 21 7”,97| who takes to wife a woman married to another. That is why 22 8”,23| would commune with persons married twice. Some authorities, 23 8”,23| ought to class them among married men, or among unmarried 24 8”,23| in a middle group between married men and virgin men; on which 25 8”,23| as to whether they were married or were widows: and after 26 8”,23| accept persons who had been married twice or who had lapsed 27 8”,23| declares that a monk who has married and fails to repent must 28 8”,23| and subdeacons who have married after ordination are not 29 8”,23| Paul says, “he that is married careth for the things of 30 8”,23| prelacy; it does not want the married men, not because it has 31 8”,23| even those who have been married, but have separated from 32 8”,23| were men in holy orders or married worldlings. For if God commanded 33 8”,23| priests in Lechia who have married twice to remain in holy 34 8”,23| tantamount to a maxim that one married a second time cannot become 35 8”,23| deacons, and subdeacons married and on this account deposed 36 8”,23| the one baptized to get married. Both the foregoing possibilities 37 8”,23| anathematizes any deaconess that has married together with the man who 38 8”,23| together with the man who married her; while the latter, of 39 8”,23| excommunicates any widow that has married by denying her Communion 40 8”,23| solemnly undertake not to get married a second time, just as did 41 8”,23| view of the fact that a married monk is “canonized” by the 42 8”,23| because the Apostle tells married couples: “Deprive ye not 43 8”,23| For when he was asked how married persons ought to be treated 44 8”,23| her husband liveth, she be married to another man, she is acting 45 8”,23| happen that divorces of married couples occurred, it were 46 8”,23| better that they had not married to begin with; but that, 47 8”,23| to refrain from getting married thereafter and to remain 48 8”,23| Wise decreed concerning married couples, in his Novel 20, 49 8”,23| merely is it a fact that a married couple may adopt the monastic 50 8”,23| and note that he wants married couples to become monks 51 8”,23| bestowed upon those who bind married couples with diabolic art 52 8”,23| being dishonored, and of a married couple hating each other 53 8”,23| Mysteries, and afterwards get married, as we have said. Some order 54 8”,23| Gospels when they are being married. And experience has shown 55 8”,23| died, she shall not get married unless she herself or her 56 8”,23| from them shall not get married for a year thereafter. If, 57 8”,23| other hand, she does not get married in this manner, she shall

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