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Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

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   Council,  Canon
1 Intro | can follow — through the canonical legislation of the Councils 2 Intro | synthesis.~ In considering the canonical legislation elaborated and 3 Intro | the existence of a body of canonical law.5 This evolution was 4 Intro | concrete adaptations of the old canonical regulations to meet new 5 Intro | to meet new situations. Canonical creativity was certainly 6 Intro | the serious exegesis of canonical texts.11 But we have to 7 Intro | Zonaras classified the canonical documents of the Syntagma 8 Intro | they have influenced the canonical praxis of the whole Orthodox 9 Intro | disgressions on different canonical or liturgical points among 10 Intro | as the father of Orthodox canonical studies in the modern period. 11 Intro | Orthodox canonists. As for canonical commentaries in Romanian, 12 Intro | one takes into account the canonical legislation of the local 13 Intro | Deuteronomy in the Torah to canonical rules: “To them nothing 14 Intro | historical context as with the canonical text itself; we must carefully 15 Intro | case, when dealing with the canonical stipulations of the first 16 Intro | innumerable manuscripts of these canonical collections to find a very 17 Intro | critical edition of ancient canonical collections. It is, of course, 18 1”,13| their exit, the old and canonical Law shall be kept even now, 19 1”,13| the benefit of the old and canonical law (which appears to be 20 1”,17| shall be estranged from the canonical order. Read also Ap. c. 21 2”,6 | congregations in opposition to our canonical Bishops. Further, as regarding 22 2”,6 | quarreling, they are liable to Canonical penances in case they leave 23 4”,9 | contrary hereto be liable to Canonical penalties. If, on the other 24 4”,9 | subjected by the bishops to canonical penalties. But when a clergyman 25 4”,9 | shall impose the proper Canonical penances (or penalties).” 26 4”,14| let him be liable to a Canonical penalty.~(Ap. c. XXVI; cc. 27 4”,25| respect, becomes liable to canonical penances. The income, however, 28 7”,3 | they are to be subjected to canonical deposition; but as for those 29 7”,20| who become responsible for canonical crimes, and on this account 30 7”,20| the laymen, on account of canonical crimes, such as fornication, 31 7”,25| person is not subjected to canonical penances, but is pardoned. 32 7”,32| unless he first receives the canonical seal of an anagnost from 33 7”,74| must chant in church but canonical chanters, or psalts, and 34 8”,1 | the representations of canonical ordinances amount to testimonies 35 8”,5 | failing to cling fast to His canonical ordinances. Among those 36 8”,6 | actually is a Canon which says canonical discussions must be held 37 8”,6 | been convoked in regard to canonical and evangelical matters, 38 8”,6 | regard to ecclesiastical canonical questions, as the Canons 39 8”,6 | investigate whether the canonical rules are being observed, 40 8”,10| Clergymen, flouting the canonical ordinance and leaving their 41 8”,23| resignation, in the Form of Canonical Resignation, at the end 42 8”,23| communion was not legal and canonical, but necessitous. Secondly, 43 8”,23| the ground that he had no canonical excuse for not doing so. 44 8”,23| prelacy who has committed canonical offenses and has been deprived 45 8”,23| only who is guilty of such canonical offenses, but also one who 46 8”,23| See also the form for a canonical resignation at the end of 47 8”,23| St. Nicephorus, and the Canonical Replies to Inquiries made 48 8”,23| being deposed on account of canonical crimes first put off the 49 8”,23| who have been deposed for canonical crimes, according to c. 50 8”,23| they can that is safer and canonical.~ ~ [155] Holy Communion 51 8”,23| penanced more lightly with a canonical penance, lest the Devil 52 8”,23| But inasmuch as they are canonical, they were renewed by many 53 8”,23| listeners. Wherefore we beseech canonical psalts to chant their songs 54 8”,23| and consequently also this canonical custom. In verification 55 8”,23| the Westerners, though a canonical custom, was abolished by 56 8”,23| practiced by the Latins is canonical, it was abolished by us; 57 8”,23| Tome of Love. And other canonical customs suffered the same

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