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Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

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   Council,  Canon
1 Intro | possible to appeal solely to ancient customs; it was necessary 2 Intro | established by the end of the ancient period. Since the canons 3 Intro | their authors understood the ancient canons and also how they 4 Intro | Fathers who issued these ancient canons.~ We must not neglect 5 Intro | for the first time, the ancient and fundamental canons of 6 Intro | works which interpret the ancient canons. We can mention the 7 Intro | drawn from the works of ancient and modern canonists. However, 8 Intro | The understanding of the ancient canons does not interest 9 Intro | Church's general order. The ancient legal adage is applicable 10 Intro | categorically affirm that an ancient canon ought no longer to 11 Intro | are major obstacles.61~ An ancient canon can partially or fully 12 Intro | Alexandria and Antioch: “Let the ancient customs be maintained.”66 13 Intro | 69~ ~Let us add that the ancient canons and especially those 14 Intro | establishing a critical edition of ancient canonical collections. It 15 1 | convince that it contained the ancient faith of the Apostolic Church. 16 1”,6 | 6.~ Let the ancient customs prevail which were 17 1”,7 | custom has prevailed, and an ancient tradition, for the Bishop 18 1”,7 | mean that inasmuch as an ancient tradition and custom has 19 2”,3 | ordain them by virtue of an ancient custom; but its c. XXVIII ( 20 3”,8 | far from following the ancient custom, has been performing 21 3”,8 | of the Holy Fathers and ancient custom, whereby they shall 22 3”,8 | extra-territorially and not as a matter of ancient custom. This, however, was 23 3”,8 | Canons and in accordance with ancient custom,78 the Metropolitans 24 3”,8 | beginning as a matter of ancient custom each province has 25 7”,13| in conformity with the ancient canon of apostolic rigorism 26 7”,13| Apostles, and continued from ancient times in force, well knowing 27 7”,38| in accordance with the ancient custom. For our God-bearing 28 7”,38| in accordance with the ancient custom. So that the Metropolitan 29 7”,64| leap, in accordance with an ancient custom, it is babled, shall 30 7”,68| accordance with a certain most ancient tradition.~ ~Interpretation.~ 31 7”,68| in accordance with a most ancient tradition, whenever he wishes 32 7”,69| Christian women emulate her. The ancient idolaters had priestesses 33 7”,81| the icons instead of the ancient lamb: through Him being 34 8”,14| also in accordance with the ancient custom, Auxiliary Bishops 35 8”,14| Anagnosts, in accordance with an ancient custom[277] (respecting 36 8”,23| privileges also by virtue of an ancient custom (which, in fact, 37 8”,23| Nicene Council renewed the ancient custom by the terms of the 38 8”,23| had been preserved from an ancient custom, not only in connection 39 8”,23| the Canon says: Let the ancient customs prevail which were 40 8”,23| the same fact, who is an ancient annotator of the Canons 41 8”,23| 7th says that it was an ancient custom for chorepiscopi 42 8”,23| Pneumatomachs, had altered the ancient glorification (or doxology) 43 8”,23| had been in use among the ancient Fathers even before the 44 8”,23| beginning as a matter of ancient custom Cyprus had been autocephalous 45 8”,23| in confirmation of the ancient custom, Justinian prescribed 46 8”,23| consequently, because of the ancient custom which it followed, 47 8”,23| imperial capital, it became an ancient custom for the Bishop of 48 8”,23| Canons were adopted and the ancient custom was ratified. Note 49 8”,23| approach; accordingly, it is an ancient custom for women and young 50 8”,23| resorts to the Cross, and the ancient remedy, and with this he 51 8”,23| whiskers and beard as the Ancient of Days (Dan. 7:9); and 52 8”,23| plainly evident from the most ancient pictures of them wherein 53 8”,23| same thing. For, in the ancient Greek language, the main 54 8”,23| modern affair, and not an ancient one? For this reason no 55 8”,23| be found anywhere in the ancient manuscript Euchologia. In 56 8”,23| Daniel the prophet as the Ancient of Days. Even though it 57 8”,23| it be objected that the ancient Saints do not mention the

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