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Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

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   Council,  Canon
1 Intro | of church discipline, the work of the first four ecumenical 2 Intro | commentaries of Balsamon on this work.8~ In the Byzantine East, 3 Intro | see the first systematic work on this subject. Between 4 Intro | Exegesis) on the canons, a work which has always been well-received 5 Intro | with the main goal of his work.15~ In Byzantium, the interpretations 6 Intro | occupies a singular place. This work, written in Thessalonica 7 Intro | richness of its content, this work was a great success not 8 Intro | According to the title of the work, the editors were hieromonk 9 Intro | the essential parts of the work are the work of the latter. 10 Intro | parts of the work are the work of the latter.21 After some 11 Intro | proper to mention first the work of Archimandrite John Sokolov, 12 Intro | scientific value of this work; he wrote that “for the 13 Intro | doctrinal fashion.”27~ A work consisting of the canons 14 Intro | Bishop of Dalmatia;28 this work is still of great interest 15 Intro | explanations found in this work, although they must obviously 16 Intro | used today as a reference work by Orthodox canonists. As 17 Intro | this great scholar; in this work, his point was to make known 18 Intro | We should also note the work of William Bright, professor 19 Intro | was often inspired by this work. Karl-Joseph Hefele (1809- 20 Intro | author of a great scholarly work on The History of the Councils, 21 Intro | scientific studies, this work remains a classic reference 22 Intro | remains a classic reference work. In 1907 the Benedictine 23 Intro | of the German scholar's work.41~ Finally, we can mention 24 Intro | volume is not an original work, properly speaking, since 25 Intro | also have the monumental work of Edward Schwartz.72 With 26 Intro | Strewe77 and, above all, the work of Turner,78 as complete 27 Intro | already drawn attention to the work of Stephen of Ephesus, the 28 Intro | have, therefore, used the work of Rhalles and Potles. We 29 4”,3 | and to undertake outside work as contractors,[87] or, 30 7”,1 | commence any discourse or work to begin with God, and to 31 7”,19| impending punishments they work out their own salvation.~( 32 7”,19| to rest from their manual work, they congregate in the 33 7”,38| man-loving) God, and by the hard work of our Christ-loving and 34 7”,57| according to Zonaras), is a work of presumption, and whoever 35 8”,15| are many kinds of manual work in the world that are more 36 8”,15| decent; accordingly, let them work with their hands to obtain 37 8”,15| of those with him by the work of his own hands, as he 38 8”,17| let them undertake the work. This same rule applies 39 8”,23| lute, but regard not the work of the Lord, neither have 40 8”,23| in order to have them do work as servants, as was presbyter 41 8”,23| faith may be found in the work of Socrates in the same 42 8”,23| Second Ec. C. made to the work of the First were additions 43 8”,23| most theologically perfect work (Dositheus, p. 469 of the 44 8”,23| any way in doing parish work in connection with the churches 45 8”,23| Indiction and finished its work A.D. 681 in the first month 46 8”,23| any important discourse or work ought to begin first with 47 8”,23| abstains for a time, the work is acceptable. But to be 48 8”,23| that they were given the work of getting ready and furbishing 49 8”,23| afterwards, he ought to work them up with sweet wine 50 8”,23| Dionysius the Areopagite, in his work on the subject of monastic 51 8”,23| Translator. — The authors of this work call it “bread” here either 52 8”,23| with mosaic, or tesselated work, and with any other suitable 53 8”,23| as a matter of fact, that work of the woman who had an 54 8”,23| called statues and sculptured work and plaster of paris figures 55 8”,23| called statues or sculptured work or plaster of paris figures 56 8”,23| Metaphrastes, on page 720 of his work entitled Philocalia.~ ~ [

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