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Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

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   Council,  Canon
1 1”,11| mournful, and after the divine liturgy is over the poor wretches, 2 1”,19| staying a short while in the liturgy[37] she later gets married. 3 4”,3 | the neglect of the Divine liturgy, and betake themselves to 4 7”,3 | excluded from the sacred liturgy and penanced, we order them 5 7”,19| or “teachment”) in the liturgy. Read also Ap. c. LVIII.~ ~ 6 7”,30| those Clergymen who hold a liturgy in oratories or prayerhouses 7 7”,30| holy orders to conduct a liturgy or to baptize inside a room 8 7”,31| water and wine in the Divine Liturgy. And the devout Fathers 9 7”,31| that of conducting the liturgy, that is to say, with wine 10 7”,31| Chrysostom himself in his divine Liturgy taught the church of Constantinople 11 7”,51| Annunciation, let the sacred liturgy of the presanetified be 12 7”,51| be a celebration of the liturgy of the presanetified,[177] 13 7”,51| a perfect sacrifice and liturgy to be celebrated.~ ~ ~Concord.~ 14 7”,51| in other words, a perfect liturgy, but only on Saturday and 15 7”,69| Lev. 15:31).~ The holy liturgy and sacred hymnody presented 16 7”,93| Bianor to celebrate the Liturgy notwithstanding that he 17 7”,93| sworn not to celebrate the Liturgy, the fact is that he did 18 7”,93| allowed him to conduct the Liturgy secretly and in another 19 8”,4 | to be excluding from the liturgy and excommunicating anyone 20 8”,23| services (i.e., celebrated liturgy) but thrice a year with 21 8”,23| authorized to officiate in the liturgy, according to c. XV of the 22 8”,23| deacon's service in the liturgy of the divine Mysteries 23 8”,23| they employed it in their liturgy, and partook thereof. These 24 8”,23| is needed for the sacred liturgy, for the food of prosmonarii ( 25 8”,23| all at the close of the Liturgy), and this is only done, 26 8”,23| ready, before the divine liturgy commences, to be nuptially 27 8”,23| crowned, let the divine liturgy commence; and when this 28 8”,23| performed a pure and faultless liturgy for James tne Brother of 29 8”,23| Testaments would be read in the liturgy, the Prelate would give 30 8”,23| priest has celebrated the liturgy, the deacon takes the mysteries 31 8”,23| persons who right after the liturgy of Great Saturday indulge 32 8”,23| anyone should celebrate a liturgy in a private place (meaning 33 8”,23| particular place in which the liturgy was held with the landlord’ 34 8”,23| from them to celebrate the liturgy with them in such prayerhouses. 35 8”,23| sinning who celebrates a liturgy or performs a baptism with 36 8”,23| and performed the divine liturgy upon them, because the breast 37 8”,23| must commence the divine liturgy, and at the end of it must 38 8”,23| presbyter must not conduct the liturgy without boiling hot water. 39 8”,23| prothesis, and thus finish the liturgy. But if he discovers it 40 8”,23| the present Canon that the Liturgy of the Brother of God is 41 8”,23| that the Church uscd the Liturgy of St. James down to the 42 8”,23| solemnized in one and the same liturgy by a singleold man,” but 43 8”,23| Note that the presanctified liturgy is not one of Gregory Dialogus, 44 8”,23| sixth book, and since this liturgy is not found in his written 45 8”,23| briefly speaking, were the liturgy of the presanctified then 46 8”,23| dismissal of the presanctified liturgy either because Dialogus, 47 8”,23| Dialogus, by communicating this liturgy to the Romans in the days 48 8”,23| seen. The presanctified liturgy was invented by the Fathers 49 8”,23| presanctified prayers of this very liturgy.” Note that the presanctified 50 8”,23| Note that the presanctified liturgy must be celebrated during 51 8”,23| Canon, the presanctified liturgy may be freely celebrated 52 8”,23| celebration of the presanctified liturgy, they are obviously Latin-minded. 53 8”,23| called because the divine liturgy was celebrated at them for 54 8”,23| plainly evident from the liturgy of the ones being enlightened, 55 8”,23| resurrection and wait till divine Liturgy has ended, and thereafter 56 8”,23| they say that first the Liturgy must be celebrated, and

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