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permanent 5
permanently 3
permissible 21
permission 55
permit 14
permits 3
permitted 47
Frequency    [«  »]
55 accepted
55 apostle
55 indeed
55 permission
55 unless
54 death
54 grace

Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

IntraText - Concordances


   Council,  Canon
1 1”,5 | should die in the meantime, permission is given to the synod to 2 3”,8 | each Metropolitan having permission to take copies of the proceedings 3 3”,8 | Metropolitan shall have permission to receive a transcript 4 3”,8 | accord, but only with the permission of the local bishop. In 5 4”,4 | of the lst-&-2nd refuses permission to anyone to build a monastery 6 4”,9 | bishop, or else, with the permission and consent of his bishop, 7 4”,17| regard thereto are given permission to have their dispute considered 8 4”,23| without being handed any permission by their own bishop, and 9 4”,23| judged them worthy of such permission, and even at times in spite 10 4”,24| consecrated with the consent and permission and approval of the Bishop 11 4”,24| of their property, give permission to others to do so, are 12 7”,2 | on to add that no one has permission or any right whatever to 13 7”,6 | ordination bestowed upon him, has permission to contract a matrimonial 14 7”,17| he happens to be in, has permission, unless furnished by a written 15 7”,28| are about to commune have permission up to midnight to drink 16 7”,29| we have given them this permission, not for any other reason, 17 7”,30| Orthodox manner, without the permission and consent of the local 18 7”,30| this with his consent and permission. Anyone who fails to abide 19 7”,34| Canon, has any right or permission, when any bishop dies, to 20 7”,40| and are no longer to have permission to get out when they wish, 21 7”,40| out with the blessing and permission of the local bishop. But 22 7”,45| so with the blessing and permission of the abbess. Even then 23 7”,45| forth with the blessing and permission of the Abbess; even then, 24 7”,45| monk go to no place without permission of the prior. As for any 25 7”,98| neither are priests to have permission to take those parts of an 26 8”,6 | no Metropolitan has any permission to demand of any bishop 27 8”,10| house or church without the permission of their own bishop and 28 8”,10| prayer-houses without the permission both of their own bishop, 29 8”,10| deposed from office if without permission of the above he comes to 30 8”,10| been admitted with their permission must not undertake secular 31 8”,11| Constantinople is given permission to appoint a Steward in 32 8”,11| church ex officio. Like permission is given also to Metropolitans 33 8”,11| manage its affairs with permission and approval of the bishop, 34 8”,14| hands, each Abbot is given permission to do this but only in his 35 8”,14| Bishops may only with the permission of the Bishop appoint Anagnosts ( 36 8”,23| the ceremony, or with his permission others may ordain him.~ ~ [ 37 8”,23| chorepiscopus has to get written permission from his bishop for every 38 8”,23| by the Synod that though permission was given, true enough, 39 8”,23| and episcopate if he gives permission to a subdeacon or deacon 40 8”,23| ordained; but if anyone gives permission for a deacon to marry after 41 8”,23| today undisguisedly and by permission), on this account the Council 42 8”,23| and who therefor give them permission, even though they be unworthy, 43 8”,23| receive at the same time also permission from them to celebrate the 44 8”,23| in a prayerhouse with the permission of the bishop, yet in its 45 8”,23| being priests present, have permission from the Bishop, as Symeon 46 8”,23| of a priest, he received permission from him to commune, in 47 8”,23| in an oratory, with the permission of the bishop, but in the 48 8”,23| conduct the ceremony with the permission of the bishop because of 49 8”,23| or he does this with the permission of the owner of the book. 50 8”,23| required by legislation. Permission is one thing, and legislation 51 8”,23| Any priests who without permission of their bishop receive 52 8”,23| even though he be given permission by his bishop, how much 53 8”,23| bishop or to the one having permission and the ministry of spiritual 54 8”,23| the instance and with the permission of a prelate. Balsamon, 55 8”,23| case he may leave with the permission of the abbot, in order that

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