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Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

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   Council,  Canon
1 Intro | Trullo decided in favor of a single annual session.60 It is 2 1”,7 | the metropolis, not of a single land of Judea, but also 3 2 | and Second Councils as a single Creed. As to why this Council 4 2”,5 | in Antioch who confess a single divinity of Father and of 5 2”,7 | who are baptized with a single immersion, and Montanists, 6 2”,7 | practiced baptism with a single immersion, and the Montanists, 7 4 | conflated them into one single nature, the fools failing 8 4”,9 | local bishop alone. But a single bishop cannot decide the 9 6 | dogmatize by attributing a single will and predicating a single 10 6 | single will and predicating a single energy to and of Christ, 11 7 | the will of Christ to be a single energy and a single will, 12 7 | be a single energy and a single will, and that the bishops 13 7”,1 | outright the doctrine of a single will and of a single energy 14 7”,1 | of a single will and of a single energy inherent in our one 15 7”,17| fourth induction, not a single one of all the clergymen, 16 7”,55| earth, carefully following a single procedure, shall carry out 17 7”,65| Novation week is reckoned as a single day devoted to the name 18 7”,94| however, who baptize with a single immersion, and Montanists 19 8”,20| monks and nuns dwell in a single monastery. For adultery 20 8”,23| possible, if one repent in a single moment of time, and change 21 8”,23| joining his cacodoxy with a single immersion, holding their 22 8”,23| they appear to confess a single divinity of the Father and 23 8”,23| of the metropolitans of a single diocese together with their 24 8”,23| the Holy Trinity into a single person; and mixing with 25 8”,23| been baptized with only a single immersion how can it be 26 8”,23| natures unconflated and the single substance with respect to 27 8”,23| holy Creed, not merely a single word, but even a single 28 8”,23| single word, but even a single syllable. And that this 29 8”,23| or even to transgress a single syllable of it.” But, if 30 8”,23| is permitted to change a single syllable, much less is anyone 31 8”,23| that of the Second as one single Creed, called only the Nicene 32 8”,23| resulted from the two natures a single composite nature, which 33 8”,23| matter of course that this single nature had but a single 34 8”,23| single nature had but a single will too. From them arose 35 8”,23| believed that there was a single will only in connection 36 8”,23| it is to be said that a single Ecumenical Council like 37 8”,23| But what am I saying “a single” for? Even two or three 38 8”,23| three Councils, and not a single one only; and two or three 39 8”,23| wherein he says: “Being a single hypostasis with two natures, 40 8”,23| believing and teaching that a single nature inhered in Christ 41 8”,23| fashion, to wit, — with a single piece, not of bread, indefinitely, 42 8”,23| they again restore it to a single habit.” And Symeon of Thessalonica ( 43 8”,23| this once for all and on a single occasion, they are proving 44 8”,23| and the same liturgy by a singleold man,” but that they 45 8”,23| entire week is counted as a single day of Easter devoted to 46 8”,23| Then in the course of a single day it came to pass that 47 8”,23| mercy upon us) signifies the single Lordship and Godship) of 48 8”,23| parties ought either to remain single or become reconciliated 49 8”,23| wont to baptize not with a single immersion, but with three 50 8”,23| according to the latter but a single will. In order, therefore, 51 8”,23| who is pictured, with a single act of adoration, true enough, 52 8”,23| this, yet the opinion of a single Ecumenical Council attended 53 8”,23| preferred to the opinion of a single individual man. Then again, 54 8”,23| Table is supported by a single post or pedestal, the case

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