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Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

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   Council,  Canon
1 Intro | also formed an important part of the Western Church's 2 Intro | norms of Church order were part and parcel of Holy Tradition. 3 1”,5 | some other grudge on the part of the bishop. Hence, in 4 1”,6 | any one of those who took part in the voting and signed 5 1”,17| he too is to receive some part of the interest and profit 6 4”,4 | monasteries.~(Regarding this first part of this Canon, cf. c. XXIV 7 4”,4 | 2nd. Regarding the second part, Ap. c. LXXXII; cc. XL, 8 4”,11| to be given for the most part to those persons whose reputation, 9 4”,17| incorporated in its own c. XXV that part of this present canon which 10 4”,29| by way of reply, on the part of the legates of the Pope 11 7”,24| not all of it, but only a part of it; wherefore see also 12 7”,85| chastisement, since for the most part deposition alone suffices 13 7”,88| past as well as a large part of the night after the Sabbath; 14 7”,88| there still remained a large part of the night until Sunday 15 7”,92| an adulteress[232]; (the part following this is word for 16 7”,92| the other hand, who (this part of the Canon is word for 17 7”,97| exchange of kisses on the part of the engaged — such an 18 7”,98| breast or a leg or some other part of the animals being sacrificed 19 8”,5 | of two parts. The first part forbids them to give money, 20 8”,5 | on to present the second part, by saying that if they 21 8”,10| parish, and for the most part into this God-guarded and 22 8”,18| abbot should go there to any part of them, as long as these 23 8”,23| the last and more accurate part of catechization was completed, 24 8”,23| faith-deniers for the most part considerately, in accordance 25 8”,23| made. The Bishop, on his part, offered in witness the 26 8”,23| laywomen live for the most part according to laws of their 27 8”,23| three parts. Thus, the first part contains various homilies 28 8”,23| and letters. The second part contains its acts, which 29 8”,23| John of Antioch. The third part embraces St. Cyril’s interpretation 30 8”,23| viciousness or negligence on his part, but solely because of his 31 8”,23| opinions have surrounded this part of the present Canon. For 32 8”,23| reference to an appeal on the part of the whole Church (which 33 8”,23| being seized for the most part, and because after such 34 8”,23| else it denotes a major part of the inhabited earth — 35 8”,23| authority extends over a major part of the inhabited portion 36 8”,23| exercise authority over a major part of the inhabited surface 37 8”,23| he has under him a major part of the inhabited earth, 38 8”,23| authority over the greater part of the inhabited earth, 39 8”,23| relating, not to any one part of the inhabited earth, 40 8”,23| result of any promise on the part of those in holy orders 41 8”,23| cutting off the central part entirely and making it unlike 42 8”,23| needs to have an active part in the exploitation of holy 43 8”,23| did not actually become a part of the Lord’s body.~ ~ [ 44 8”,23| elements were spilled, but a part of them remained, he must 45 8”,23| transessentiation, that part of the raiment on which 46 8”,23| occur then for the most part because of the hot weather, 47 8”,23| celebrated at them for the most part on Sundays (called in Greek “ 48 8”,23| adequate translation of this part of the book is impossible. 49 8”,23| the prophet heard it. The part consisting of the words 50 8”,23| customarily and for the most part take sinners to task and 51 8”,23| that in the glorificative part of the vespers of the Sunday 52 8”,23| not in any other place or part of the temple, in order 53 8”,23| them in any other place or part of the building, are sinning 54 8”,23| the fact that he kept back part of the price for which he

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