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logos 38
logothete 3
lone 3
long 54
longer 35
longing 5
longingly 1
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54 death
54 grace
54 itself
54 long
54 part
54 single
53 apostolic

Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

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   Council,  Canon
1 Intro | and logothete.”12 Not very long after 1159, no doubt, John 2 Intro | in that milieu.24~ For a long time, the Orthodox Slavs 3 Intro | extensive,” is not arbitrary as long as it conforms to the general 4 Intro | in the first place. But a long tradition expressing a consensus 5 Intro | even though this city has long since ceased to be “honored 6 1 | Gelasius of Cyzicus. There has long existed a dispute as to 7 1”,2 | again needs to undergo a long trial as a test of his worthiness. 8 1”,4 | necessity, or because of the long distance of travel involved, 9 1”,11| obligation to remain all his life long with the “weepers” (called 10 1”,13| in what way, and for how long a time Christ-deniers ought 11 2”,6 | anathematized by the Church long ago and those who have but 12 2”,7 | make them stay in church a long time[67] and listen to the 13 3”,8 | and far from home for a long time, we have deemed just 14 4”,23| Constantinople, and stay there a long time, causing disturbances 15 4”,23| stay in that city for a long time, disturb the conditions 16 7”,2 | piety have been interpolated long ago by the heterodox to 17 7”,3 | Deacons and Subdeacons, not long ago excluded from the sacred 18 7”,18| stay away from them for a long time without a good excuse. 19 7”,38| who convened in Ephesus long ago shall be preserved without 20 7”,39| prevent him from lingering too long, and urging him forward 21 7”,39| business of virtue for a long time, but rather to choose 22 7”,40| good itself. When such a long time has been completed, 23 7”,79| his own church for a very long time, fails to attend church 24 7”,79| leave their eparchy for a long time, whereas the present 25 7”,82| excommunicates from the Church for a long time as an idolater any 26 7”,87| if anyone be engaged in a long journey, and there arise 27 7”,92| does not come back for a long time, and she, before hearing 28 7”,92| that man who was left a long time before by his wife, 29 7”,94| and make them stay for a long time in church and listen 30 7”,95| Epiphanius, too, said that long hair is a thing that is 31 8”,18| to any part of them, as long as these men are there the 32 8”,23| Canon, it is better to let a long time pass that is sufficient 33 8”,23| passionate craving remains for a long time at its prime and strongly 34 8”,23| tolerate any imposition. But as long as we are sitting on this 35 8”,23| sitting on this throne, as long as we have the presidency, 36 8”,23| everything is finished. But as long as this is not so, no benefit 37 8”,23| prevailed as a custom for a long time: since this excuse 38 8”,23| even in civil matters, and long custom is recognized as 39 8”,23| hand.~ ~ [67] As for how long a time is required for catechization 40 8”,23| without a protector for a long time (that the time was 41 8”,23| time (that the time was long is evident from the use 42 8”,23| nevertheless a shepherd as long as he occupies the position 43 8”,23| either immediately or not long after this Fourth Ec. Council 44 8”,23| mentioned by the Canon were long ago displumed, those who 45 8”,23| honor as something holy as long as it serves the purpose 46 8”,23| Moreover, even Leo II not long after the Sixth Ec. C. admitted 47 8”,23| much as they do with their long combed hair. Against these 48 8”,23| for one thing, because as long as a monk is in the flesh 49 8”,23| because, though in existence long before, it was afterwards 50 8”,23| to eradicate an evil of long standing which has been 51 8”,23| served as a slave for a long time, received the appellation 52 8”,23| their head, but let it grow long enough to reach to the belt 53 8”,23| should stay there for a long time, let him be ousted 54 8”,23| Orthodoxy, but only after a long time and trial; or else

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