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Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

IntraText - Concordances


   Council,  Canon
1 1 | excommunicated persons in danger of death. ~Canon 14: Penance to be 2 4”,22| 22.~ Clergymen, after the death of their own Bishop, shall 3 4”,22| Interpretation.~Upon the death of their bishop, says the 4 4”,25| the contrary, after the death of the bishop who has passed 5 5 | records in writing upon their death (especially Theodore of 6 5 | 118] and that upon the death of one body they enter another; 7 6 | request that the cup of death might pass away from Him 8 7”,40| necessity forcing them towards death, and they are being drawn 9 7”,50| who have been condemned to death. For it is a piece of great 10 7”,81| passion and of His soterial death being led by the hand, as 11 7”,81| and His passion and His death, and the salvation of the 12 7”,87| himself to the danger of death. For we are taught that “ 13 7”,87| exposed to the danger of death, as not being able to make 14 7”,92| becoming convinced of his death, any woman that cohabits 15 7”,92| there is more suspicion of death. The woman, on the other 16 8”,23| who commit a sin involving death forfeit their rank, according 17 8”,23| persons at the point of death to commune, especially if 18 8”,23| Bishop of Antioch after the death of Demetrianus, the previous 19 8”,23| but hath passed out of death into life” (John 5:24); 20 8”,23| here shall not taste of death till they have seen the 21 8”,23| with a fearful and painful death, as told by St. Germanus 22 8”,23| that he met with such a death, similar to that of Arius, 23 8”,23| discomfort to the point of death, rather than for bodily 24 8”,23| ensued, where, upon the death of bishops, many disturbances 25 8”,23| their children at their own death as a legacy, and many of 26 8”,23| from their wives, either at death or by mutual agreement, 27 8”,23| that of rapine or danger of death. And, generally speaking, 28 8”,23| Himself our life. For the death of every Christian is called 29 8”,23| with piety, you preferred death with piety.” Novel 65 of 30 8”,23| of them surely be put to death. They shall stone them with 31 8”,23| order to put somebody to death or to muddle his brain or 32 8”,23| resistance and struggle unto death which the Saints showed 33 8”,23| those who approaching their death and in the process of dying, 34 8”,23| person be at the point of death, breathing his last gasps, 35 8”,23| more, but died a sudden death. Hear ye, O Prelates, hear 36 8”,23| in deeds and who, after death, have afterwards been buried 37 8”,23| advantage, both life and death? In addition, take those 38 8”,23| even understand that the death of Orthodox Christians is 39 8”,23| Orthodox Christians is not a death, but merely a sleep, from 40 8”,23| other assertions, that after death the souls of men enter birds 41 8”,23| General, says that a sin unto death, concerning which St. John 42 8”,23| says, “there is a sin unto death, and there is a sin not 43 8”,23| there is a sin not unto death,” (1 John 5:16), is every 44 8”,23| by the old Law with the death penalty, as was, for instance, 45 8”,23| felonies. A sin not unto death is one that was not punished 46 8”,23| was not punished with the death penalty, like involuntary 47 8”,23| 54) says that a sin unto death is one committed knowingly, 48 8”,23| knowingly, whereas one not unto death is one committed unwittingly. 49 8”,23| blasphemy against God is unto death, but so is also any great 50 8”,23| these crimes put the soul to death. But the present Council 51 8”,23| and impenitent a sin unto death. In agreement with this 52 8”,23| too says that a sin unto death is one that is not corrected 53 8”,23| the rancorous lead unto death” (Prov. 12:28). See also 54 8”,23| condemned to an exquisite death (Acts, ch. 5).~ ~ [284]

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